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imaginary ash

Imaginary Ash (who previously wrote as Betsy Boston) lives in Boston and is a bona fide audiophile. She came to TIG via a lifelong friendship with Imaginary Boy Erik Gonzales, whom she highly recommends. You can email her at

And now, here's a list of bands she wants you to know about, straight off her iPod:

Age Rings (Boston)
Antiques (Boston)
Bang Camaro (Boston)
The Beatings (Boston)
Big Digits (Boston)
Birdmonster (SF)
Bon Savants (Boston)
The Brunettes (New Zealand)
Campaign for Real-Time (Boston)
Cary Ann Hearst (Charleston, SC)
Cities (Chapel Hill, NC)
De Novo Dahl (Nashville)
Dengue Fever (L.A.)
Elk City (NY)
E.R. and the New Jerseys (Boston)
Hey Willpower (SF)
How I Became the Bomb (Murfreesboro, TN)
Irving (L.A.)
The Julius Airwave (Jacksonville)
The Kingdom (Portland)
Lycaon Pictus (Brooklyn)
Nicole Atkins and the Sea (NJ)
Our Lady of Bells (Western MA)
The Sammies (Charlotte, NC)
The Scourge of the Sea (Lexington, KY)
Swan Island (Portland)
Thee More Shallows (SF)
Tiger Saw (Boston)
Township (Boston)
Uni and Her Ukelele (SF)
The Vinyl Skyway (Boston)
Wild Light (Boston)
Yo Majesty (Tampa)


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