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Support Three Imaginary Girls

Our motivating force is simple: we heart Seattle and music and, most of all, the Pacific Northwest music & film scene. However, here in imaginary-land, the money is... well, imaginary. We have an extremely modest ad program exchange that makes a small dent in helping us cover our pesky operating costs (like web hosting, PO box rental, and a reserve for web developer time to fix things that break).  But regardless of the trickling flow of imaginary funds, we simply give energy to what we believe in, always without pay.  Like you, we think that the right mix tape with a good dose of twee-pop can fix anything.

That said, if you'd like to help us cover our costs in a more tangible matter, we'd jump for joy and bestow buckets of thankfulness on you. Here's a few ways you can lend a hand:

- Donate a couple dollars via our paypal account.

- Tell the world about your awesome thing by placing an ad.

- Promote an upcoming show by submitting a poster graphic to our calendar page up to a month in advance

- Ever shop on Click this link instead of going direct and a wee portion of the price of your purchase will get kicked back to us.

We absolutely adore you for helping to further our cause by just being a part of the website. Your support, be it by pocket change or simply by presence, is what keeps us going. We can't thank you enough for being a part of such a kind and amazing arts community.