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CONTEST: Make the best interview question for Betsy to ask the rockers at CMJ

Next week I'm off to NYC for CMJ Music Marathon, the East Coast answer to SXSW. As usual, all the bands I really really want to see will be playing at the exact same time in different venues, but with the multitude of bands rocking all week long I will surely not go empty-handed. Empty-eared? Hmm.

I'll also be asking anyone who'll give me the time a series of interview questions, which will culminate in an editorial piece for my day job. I was thinking, what if I snuck in one extra *imaginary* question? Then I can assemble all the answers to that question and post the whole thing back on here when I come back up for air next Sunday, or soon thereafter.

So, your mission: Come up with the best question for me to ask. No requirements or restrictions; silly, serious, existential, whatever. We'll pick our collective favorite, and I'll ask it of all the smalltime, mediumtime, and bigtime (if I meet any) rockers I can.

I guess there isn't really a prize for the person who wins this "contest," other than the warm feeling you get from having your question answered by some dude who plays drums for some band. Is that not enough?

Fire away! You have until Monday.

Here's a pretty simple one: Beatles or Stones?

You could do the battle of CMJ vs SXSW - which one do they like better and why... OR what is their craziest NYC story (i.e. lost the bassist in the subway - distracted by shiny things), favorite NYC band, would they rather be in the studio audience for the View or Ellen D show? Favorite NYC delicacy? If they had to write a song about NYC, what would they focus on (Coney Island? Hunter College? Letterman?).

Hmmm.. I like this game!

If you were on Jeopardy, what would be your ideal 6 question categories?

What do you call a drummer without a girlfriend...?






OK, that's not an interview question, it's a joke. But it would be funny to ask as if it were an interview question! At least, I would think it funny.

ooh which shows are you seeing? I was thinking of checking out the showcase at the Bowery on Wednesday, or Thursday or whenever it is.

Dana, that's not funny.

Any pre-show superstitions or rituals?
(i.e. visit the local strip club, eat an entire 1 lb bag of M&Ms, etch the venue into your skin......I dunno...)

Rick, it's *totally* funny.

Mary, that's a good question!

What does [insert band name here] really need right now?

"Why? Why? For the love of God, why??"

Whitey tighties or boxers?

White chocolate mocha or machiatto?

heres one i've always wanted to say: indie rockstar, are you indie becuase you a complete pseudoist who believe the indie is better than all other genres and trains of thought in music or is it because you are pretty much an egotystical spawn of the andy warholism that destroyed our museums in the thirty-fourty years?"

oh yeah, i went there

What are your thoughts about artists like Radiohead self-releasing music?

What do you you mean, destroy our museums??? Warhol used his art to archive the scene around him...

Ok, here I am to collect my winning question. Any thoughts before I pick a winner?

And Diana, I'm gonna be everywhere. I mean everywhere. Wanna rock with me? My not-humanly-possible schedule:


Arlene's Grocery
11:30pm Aloud

Bowery Ballroom
10:00pm Dean & Britta
11:00pm The Rosebuds

Lit Lounge
9:00pm 13ghosts
10:00pm Through the Sparks
11:00pm Von Iva
12:00am Lismore

Living Room
9:30pm Hotel Lights
10:30pm Choo Choo La Rouge

Luna Lounge
9:45pm The Hollow Sound


Alphabet Lounge
8:45pm Two Loons For Tea
10:15pm Summerbirds in the Cellar

Blender Theater at Gramercy
7:00pm Mika Miko

Bowery Ballroom
10:00pm No Age
11:00pm Dan Deacon
12:00am Deerhunter

Cake Shop
9:40pm HO-AG
12:10am We Versus the Shark

Canal Room
10:45pm Division Day

Luna Lounge
10:00pm Jason Anderson

Mercury Lounge
11:00pm The Little Ones
12:00am Robbers on High Street


Ace of Clubs
7:30pm Blammos
8:20pm Minipop
9:20pm Scissors for Lefty

The Annex
10:00pm Black Kids

Arlene's Grocery
9:00pm Hallelujah the Hills

Blender Theater at Gramercy
10:00pm Datarock

Day Stage - Puck Building
3:00pm Wild Light

Highline Ballroom
8:45pm Yo Majesty

Joe's Pub
11:30pm Elk City

11:00pm Imperial Teen

Union Hall
11:00pm Division Day

Union Pool
11:00pm The Everyday Visuals
12:00am Neptune


Ace of Clubs
10:00pm The Houstons
11:00pm The Sammies

Alphabet Lounge
7:30pm Age Rings

Bowery Ballroom
7:00pm Drug Rug

Crash Mansion
7:00pm This Car Up
10:00pm Wild Light

Day Stage - Puck Building
12:00pm Moros Eros
1:00pm Bowerbirds

Fat Baby
6:00pm Ezra Furman
8:30pm SPOUSE

10:00pm Oliver Future

Mercury Lounge
7:00pm Bon Savants
8:00pm The Shaky Hands
10:00pm The Dead Trees
11:00pm The Walkmen
12:00am The Broken West
1:00am White Denim

10:00pm Tulsa


Ace of Clubs
2:20pm Via Audio
2:55pm Elizabeth & The Catapult

Bowery Ballroom
9:00pm Le Loup
10:00pm Foals
11:00pm The Brunettes
12:00am Band of Horses

Crash Mansion
7:00pm Eli Paperboy Reed

Fat Baby
9:00pm The Sterns

Magnetic Field
9:30pm Muck and the Mires
10:30pm The Ettes

Mercury Lounge
1:00am Tigercity

10:45pm Great Northern

That's not including all the parties and events. I'm already exhausted.

I think it's too late, but I have a suggestion!

Do you make music for yourself or for others? Do you write introspectively in hopes a very specific type of people will feel an attachment to you, or do you generalize themes/ideas in hopes to connect with a larger audience? Which is more important?

Now somehow sandwhich all that into 5 or 6 words.

Betsy -- OMG. I can't wait to hear/read about what you actually see/hear!

Go with the Fight Club standby:
If you could fight anyone - alive or dead - you want who would it be and why?

Ok guys, I'm going out there and I'm gonna do my best. I've decided that I like all the questions, so I'll try to get as many answered as possible!

Betsy (who loves the CSS video you posted, Erik)

The communality of living ensures that citizens cannot secretly deflect.

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