Tonight in Seattle:  

"Let Me Borrow that Top"

I'm madly in love with Kelly, Kelly of "Shoes" and "Text Message Breakup" fame. These videos have brought me endless hours of giggling joy.

Now Kelly has a brand new video, featuring a guest appearance from her large-breasted, lesbian, folk-singing Aunt. The song is called "Let Me Borrow That Top" and, well, it's been cracking me up for the past 24 hours.

Some lines you may hear me spewing in the coming weeks...

"I'm gonna betch-slap the dumb outta you!"

 "You're thinking of 'masterbate' Mom, extrapolate's different."

"She got a boca on her, don't she?"

And my favorite...

"'Fuck you with something hard and sandpapery!"

Watch the video.... and give me that fucking top, betch!!!!

ohmahgosh, I love Kelly too :D Anytime anyone says shoes in class, everyone breaks out into "OH MY GOD shoes"

also, I just watched that whole thing with my mom in the room

not smart :o

"That's such a cute top!"

My sister is gonna LOVE this. We've been saying that line to each other for years, and now Kelly has made it infamous!

Thanks for the Friday laughs!

eduardo showed me this a long long time ago, when i was talking about dr. fun and the siq beats...who he seemed to think was kelly...but wasn't. i still crack up everytime i hear this line:

"I've already been to heaven...after five minutes, I was like...LET'S GO!"

and the best: "you're not my friend! betch!"

Wow Dana.


I LOVE Kelly!

She's a true inspiration. :D

Was that a Margaret Cho cameo toward the end?

Yep, she was in the last video too ("Text Message Breakup").

I've already been to the mall...and it sucked!

Where's the hat tip, Dana? You know I found this first. Just kidding.

P.S. There's a treasure chest of Kelly vids on Youtube. I was gonna post one here, but I recommend a search on your own...too much to pick from.

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