Tonight in Seattle:  

My birthday + YACHT ROCK + secret password = BIG FUN at Neumo's

Tonight's the night! Come to Neumos for a YACHT ROCK extravaganza to celebrate my birthday (and the birthday of our good pal Saundrah Humphrey from Math and Physics Club) with a load of smooth music that RAWKS!! The lineup tonight is fantastic, and we can't wait to hear who's gonna cover Hall & Oates.

The show is a benefit for People for Puget Sound, and while the cover is $8, we have a special secret password: Just say "Fuck you, Loggins!" to the door guy, and the cover drops to a mere $5. Seriously, so smooth and awesome!

We will also have free Top Pot Doughnuts while supplies last, and if you get there early (from 8-9p, you can watch all 10 Yacht Rock videos with your imaginary friends on the Neumo's big screen!!!

And just check out this lineup! (This is in order of appearance, and the bands start at 9p):

  • Ships
  • The Small Change
  • Young Sportsmen
  • Burning Rivers
  • Aaron Mannino
  • Tim Seely
  • Junkmail
  • Megasapien
  • Cantona
  • The Dusty 45s
  • The Leisure Suits (members of Central Services & Math and Physics Club)
  • The Dudley Manlove Quartet

To get you all fired up, here is my favorite Yacht Rock episode (#4, Rosanna). Listen carefully for the password during the episode.

We can't wait to see you there!!


I know who's going to cover Hall and Oates.

oh noes! I hope "fuck you, Loggins!" is the password in the episode and there isn't a second secret password embedded in the video. My company blocks embedded videos and my internet at home suddenly stopped working. I'm becoming paranoid that I'll make the 3/4 mile trek down to Neumos tonight just to get turned away:

"Wait, pal, you don't have the internet? You're definitely not cool to hang. Why don't you go home and transcribe 19th century translations of Japanese haikus onto homemade papyrus by candlelight, or whatever it is you *freaks* do in all your spare time without the web... I bet you try to call sex chat-lines from your rotary phone too, loser."

I mean, what a jerk!

Not to toot my own horn, but I can't help but feel I played an integral role in this Yacht Rock thing. I feel pretty important over here.

Happy b-day Dana.

Really? Do tell, Elliot...

Oh, and to Shane -- the password is just "Fuck you, Loggins!" No secrets embedded in the video. :D

hooray! I was starting to get concerned... I mean, I don't even know *how* to make homemade papyrus, let alone know how I would've handled such bizarre inults.

I think Elliot is referring to his comment to a 7/17 post which intro'd me to the web series. For that he can take credit.

(Though I got called out by a former member of Argo over the weekend who claims he told me about Yacht Rock long ago. Oops.)

Can't wait for tonight's big event!

wait, is this show all-ages? and if not will the secret password let me in anyway?

Oh my did those bands last night rock!

Where are the pictures? There were some yacht rock outfits that have to be shown off in photo form! Any quick youtubers? FOOTAGE please! Megasapian, I think I love you.

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