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Prince 1, Music Industry 0

Prince must really love the UK these days. Not only is he playing a long residency in London, but now he's giving away his new album Planet Earth for FREE in The Mail on Sunday.

No, this isn't a sampler or live disc, this is the honest-to-goodness album. Yes, he's just giving away his album and apparently this has royally ticked off the music industry. They claim "it would be an insult to all those record stores who have supported Prince throughout his career" to give away HIS OWN MUSIC. So, what's the deal? Can a musician not give away his/her own creations? Has Prince gone insane yet again?

The music INDUSTRY is so full of themselves these days. It has gotten to the point that it is a bunch of defeated old men and folks with MBAs who think that Dave Matthews is 'alternative' (after all, he recycles right?)... let him give it away for pete's sake! To claim that he 'owes the record stores for being so supportive all these years' is such a lame guilt trip to pull. The record stores they are referring to (the ones that would be offended he's giving away the record) only support people who pay the bills anyway. They're just upset they're losing an easy buck.

I wish someone relevant and even marginally talented was giving away a record...

Prince? Meh.

Prince, not talented??!?! C'mon now....

Preach it, Liz! The industry argument here holds zero water, and the only "insult" is to the fatcats scared of anything that might threaten revenue. I'd love to see Planet Earth go multi-platinum on top of the giveaways. (I haven't owned a Prince album since the Batman soundtrack [on cassette!] but now I'm tempted to buy it my damn self.)

And, please, Prince is talented. Not my cuppa, but he undeniably has skillz.

Oh, and "royally", London, Prince -- love it Erik!

Music industry = capitalistic pigs.
I think they're forgetting who's making the music here.

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