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SIFFlog, days 16-20: the century mark

Joan Crawford in 'The Damned Don't Cry'Whoa.

I just updated my SIFF '07 scorecard and realized that I passed the 100-film mark last night! If my calculations are correct, my hundredth was the trashy-licious 1950 Joan Crawford flick The Damned Don't Cry, part of an excellent (and surprisingly well-attended) evening of archival films noirs at SIFF Cinema.

Quoting Joan's character, who skips out of her drab housewife existence and ends up being a ruthless, stop-at-nothing gangster moll:

"Don't talk to me about self-respect. Self-respect is what you tell yourself you got when you got nothing else."

Wisdom for the ages. Damn, I love me some noir.

Anyway, If I'd realized I was approaching the century mark, I'd've sneaked in a flask of hooch to celebrate. Which would have been highly appropriate given the genre and subject matter.

There's less than a week to go. My recommendations and warnings for the final days can be found here.

Who else is SIFFing? What are your faves (or not-so-faves) so far?

My least favorite so far was About a Son (the Kurt Cobain film). The Seattle scenery was cool, but listening to Kurt whine for nearly 2 hours was too much.

I LOVED Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap Box and In the Shadow of the Moon (partially because one of the astronauts was there to answer questions and he was really charming).

I also loved Broken English mostly because of Parker Posey. She makes the world go 'round.

I haven't hit the century mark, but I did hit the baker's dozen mark on Sunday.

100 films?!??! Embracey, you are AMAZING.

I regret missing the lone Seattle screening of Broken English and I totally share your sentiments on La Posey. Hopefully it'll screen here again during its limited theatrical release (late June).

Oh, I also forgot to say that I loved my burrito. Thanks Chipotle!

emmas bliss was great, thx for recommending

wow you see alot of movies

Oh yeah, the tasty burritos! Good of McPotle's to give 'em away to SIFF passholders and ticketholders last weekend!

I saw Goya's Ghost with Natalie Portman. It was good, though the accents were inconsistent (I have a weird thing about that). It might have been better in Spanish. It did feel a little long and seemed to try to weave multiple historical events of Spain within it. I think I was a little disappointed that it was less a story about the art of Goya and more a story about the Inquisition and the power of the Church. I wouldn't have strongly recommended it.

However, I throughly enjoyed 2 Days in Paris with Julie Delpy. It was better than I thought. And, having a French brother-in-law that I tease often, I found it particularly entertaining. Only the French can make fun of the French well. Delpy was positively entertaining and adorable in her quirky, intelligent way. I patricularly appreciated the fact that the movie had a good amount of unpredictable, non-formulaic humor that was still laugh-out-loud funny. I'm not known for cackling throughout movies, but my face was a little sore at the end of this one.

Oh, sorry about the misspelling of "thoroughly." (I have a thing about spelling, too.... I think I have too many "things".....)

I did like 2 Days in Paris. I didn't realize until the end that the man that played her father (Albert Delpy) is her father in real life.

Yes, 2 Days in Paris is great, and very funny, and that's totally her dad. I wonder if he keys random cars like that in real life?

The thing about Goya's Ghosts is that it's not to be taken seriously. It's good trash. A Swede playing Goya? I hate to think Milos Forman was seriously going for an international feel.

And I was stifling howls at Natalie Portman when she got out of jail all jibbering and crazy, then again at her double-role as the first character's dentally-challenged prostitute daughter. She had to know she was camping. Much fun.

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