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The five hottest indie women

The Pipettes are HOT. Photo by Kaley has posted an article about the five hottest indie women, and I'm sure you're shocked to hear that Three Imaginary Girls don't get a mention. (I kid! I kid!)

Their picks are decent, but their top choice -- while very hot -- doesn't really count, does she, as a super model supporting band member? And is Annie really indie? I'm not sure she counts either.

I can think of tons more hotter indie girls than the ones they picked: Rachel Flotard. PJ Harvey. Kathy Foster. Neko Case. Andrea Zollo. Emily Haines. All three Pipettes. And tons more.

So the question we pose to our imaginary readers this fine Tuesday: Who do you think are the hottest indie women?

{Hat tip to Large Hearted Boy on this one.}


Oh! As soon as I posted this, KEXP started playing Marnie Stern. While her music kinda scares the crap outta me in the best of ways, she is hot like fire. Add Marnie to the list!

Gay boys are naturally the best judge of hot chicks, so on this authority I loud and proud second the Flotard. Nothing is hotter than humor and a nice rack.

And I have to add Ms. Aimee Mann who gets hotter by the minute.

Jenny Lewis is gross-e-o and is even out hotted by those lanky creepy Watson Twins.

Take that!

Yes, I agree with you on Marnie Stern. She is Hot Hot Heat. And I met her at SXSW.

I'm not sure if most of the list counts (Jenny Lewis, Lily Allen, and Annie are all on major labels) but since they are on that list, I'll put two on my Top 5 Indie Rock Girls That Do Irrational Things To My Pulse - in alphabetical order):

Lily Allen
Cat Power
Riot Becki of the Pipettes
Marnie Stern

Drats! I couldn't find room for Emily Haines, Analee Fery (from Monsters Are Waiting), Kathleen Hanna, and many others.

Jesse! I wholeheartedly agree with your Jenny Lewis vote. Even the sound of her voice makes me go frigid.

I also second the vote for Kathy Foster being uber-sexy indie lady. And also super fly (and from Portland), is the girl drummer from Eux Autres.

Is it me, or is there something a bit icky about a list of "hot indie women"? That said, Neko Case is a must, as well as Carla Kihlstedt (Tin Hat Trio, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, The Book of Knots).

*looks in the mirror*

I am. I am the hottest indie woman.
I'm beautiful enough, I'm smart enough, I rock enough
and doggone it, people like me!


But Jenny's hair does look fabulous in that shot...

You've got my vote, hotstuff!!

How bout the Three Imaginary Girls?

Oh and *Beth Ditto* of course!

Mad love for you ladies...

the entire barsuk recs staff gets my vote.

Aww shuckles, **blushing!**

And ditto for Ditto. Can't believe I forgot her!

It's not just you -- it's especially icky cause that site is covered in Girl's Gone Wild Stylee ads, and one of the commenters called Kim Gordon a cougar. As if!

are you calling the whole staff girls?


Nothing was hotter than her stripping down bare ass naked @ South By Southwest this year! Thats takes balls although it could be plainly seen that she doesn't have any.

I suppose Katrina Kerns, a supermodel/supporting band member, shouldn't count. But what about the most famous supermodel/supporting band member of all time: Warhol-hand-picked-hottiest-of-all-hotties, Nico? If Kerns doesn't count, then Nico doesn't count. And I sure as heck would never say Nico doesn't count.

That's all I have, except for one big, GIANT shout-out to my girlfriend (and the new face of Chanel) Cat Power. She trumps all those girls on that list.

They can call themselves whatever they want, I'm just calling them all hotttttt!

Id have to say id cast my vote for Karinna Alrid from Tilly And The Wall, She has a wonderful style, she is really down to earth and will chat with all her friends, I know its based on looks, but all those extra things do play a part. Plus she is just really adorable. :)

I think Anita Robinson from Viva Voce is pretty fine...

Inara George/ Bird and the Bee

Um, WOW. I'm sorry I missed that!

because her music is hot!!!

Also- Peaches

I think Emily Haines is so hot! And the even though they're on a major, the bassist for The Subways is hot too!

I have to admit, not a big fan of Neko Case or Lily Allen. However, why any, if not all, of the Pipettes aren't on the list is a travesty.

I do love Annie (*sigh*).

And as Betsy could attest to, I think Casey Deinel is, well, spectacular.

**Late edit: OH YES EMILY HAINES too!** (thanks CHRIS)

I'm second to your super babeness! xox

Sooo..what is the official age that makes you a 'cougar'?? And can *I* help it if the younger boys go for me.. What is an old lady to do...???

I concur - my top picks are:

Joanna Newson (she plays a mean harp!), and a tie between Lily Allen and Jenny Lewis. I love them both too much to choose just one!

What about Nikki Monninger from Silversun Pickups? Bass players are hotter than harp players.

Oooh yes, I agree about Nikki. Hot and sweet.

Even though you can't spell her last name?


Ah ha hah! That was a wicked burn!

Who cares? Indie rock is dead. Lame, boring, uninspired music sung by androgynous posers. Asking who is the hottest indie rock chick is like asking who is the smartest retard. Short hair and tattos and baggy clothes and all the other hallmarks of indie fashion make indie women look like men, which is the opposite of "hot".

Liz, I'm not talking to you for the rest of the day. And Jesse, I don't know you, but I'm not talking to you either. Jenny Lewis has been my idol since Troop Beverly Hills and you people just better leave her alone.

Dad, is that you??

Why? Does your dad give you tips on how to be "hot"? Sounds like you two have a very close relationship.

I thought you were "working"...

No, you just sound like a scornful old man. And I can just hear old Pops saying "How are you gonna find and marry a nice man dressed like *that!??*" embedded in the tone of your comment...

Good thing my Dad doesn't actually understand blogs or we all might be in real trouble!

I'm easily distracted!!!

I deliver scorn when it is deserved, and both "indie-style-music" and "indie-fashion" are both so rediculously lame that they qualify. I used to like indie back when it meant "independent", but now that it has been twisted to mean "lame, boring, folky, soft, non-melodic music and uniform, drab, androgynous dress with pretentious attitude" it has drawn my ire. Perhaps the TIG should start to focus on music rather than fashion and gossip. Also, perhaps TIG should expand their coverage to include independent bands of a wider subset of rock genres, not just the aforementioned boring as hell variety.

Sounds like someone could use a free ice cream cone!!

I think my higher brain functions have ceased.

Oh and PJ Harvey is awesome. Please don't degrade her by calling her "indie".

Not that she's indie by any stretch, but I think Karen O tries to be indie and she has a decent voice, but her lyrics suck and so does her new haircut.

I think this whole "indie is dead" crap negates the whole idea that "indie" isn't a thing anyway. It is what you make of it, but if you want to go from "indie" website to website making blanket statements, you must be on the forefront of whatever you're describing (which you do a good job of not describing anyway). That you for your scorn delivery, scornmaster.

However, ice cream cones are spectacular!

It's a well known fact that Indie-Haters also hate Ice Cream. And bunnies.

Thanks Dana. It just frustrates me being a rocker and living in a town where such rockin music has originated and then realizing that the dominant scene here is this very boring and soft music. If you take requests, I humbly request you start reviewing heavier bands featuring a greater level of musicianship. But hey if you don't like heavy prog, rock and metal bands with lots of chops and energy then that's your choice. But, there are a ton of brand spanking new, independent and ground breaking bands who make such music, even right here in Seattle. You'd never know it reading TIG, The Stranger or listening to KEXP, but they are here. I know because I go to their shows, which are usually packed. Just seems like you guys are missing out on some scenes that you deem "not indie enough" and it's a shame.

I know I should stop, but I can't resist sharing that allmusic also thinks PJ is "indie" too.

See, I liked indie before it was "a thing" but now, thanks in large part to organizations like TIG, it is "a thing" and it means a specific style of music and fashion that, in my opinion, is very lame, boring, limited and conformist.

See! That's better, and thats a sentiment I can agree with wholeheartedly. There are vast armadas of good bands that don't get cred on most websites because they are not perceived to be "indie" and that posturing is bulls&*t. It is a major reason I got out of radio in the first place. I'm all for expanding the audioscape as wide as it can go ...

Well, she didn't start off that way. Dry and Rid of Me were hard rock through and through. Too bad she got old and insecure and decided to "sell out" to gain favor of indie music snobs and fashionistas. No wonder I don't like her newer albums.

Well, thanks Erik, glad we could get on the same page. I'm just really sick of hearing indie this and indie that and oh.. that's so indie and oh... that's not indie enough and wait, is that haircut indie? Come on people. People have been overusing and abusing this freakin term for like 8 years now.

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