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The Official Bright Eyes Countdown

Bright Eyes -- CassadagaOnly seven days until the official release of the new Bright Eyes' album (Cassadaga)!

Last week I explained why folks should pre-order the album from the Saddle Creek Cassadega webpage so that they can get a bonus cd/7", access some cool new mp3s and videos, and get the album early (since the label started mailing pre-orders out last week). Fingers crossed, mine should be here tomorrow!

Warning to those who cross paths with me: once Cassadaga arrives I'll be able to wax subjective about which song is the break out hit, which one should be on a mix tape to your childhood best friend and I'll quote lyrics in lieu of answering your questions.

Also of note: the countdown to the Bright Eyes show at the Paramount is now at 28 days. The last Bright Eyes show (in March) was one of my favorite nights of Q1, 2007. Get your tickets now!

And while we're talking about new releases... has anyone cracked open the new Jarvis Cocker album or the new Idlewild album? (It is Imaginary Idlewild Day after all!) They were released in the UK a while ago, but both of those albums are being released in the US today! The nerve of the universe releasing all these great albums within a week of each other. I guess there had to be some intervening force to break my Matt & Kim / Fratellis habit.

I didn't get the new Jarvis, but I did just get the Charlotte Gainsbourg disc handed to me, on which Air composed the music and, along with Jarvis and Neil Hannon (aka Divine Comedy), contributed lyrics.

Charlotte just sang. And she doesn't cover "Lemon Incest," in case anyone wonders.

Its an adorable 2am record, better than the new Air, even though that's pretty good. More of the same formula that's followed since the "Playground Love" single.

Ready for more Bright Eyes info?

Hark, the NME bell tolls with a track by track interview with Bright Eyes (available in written and video form) and you can hear the new album (after completing the annoying log in process--which I have yet to accomplish).

They also report that Cassadaga is going to have a 3D album cover. Intriguing...

I just hope we're all prepared to replace Modest Mouse at #1 with Bright Eyes. Is Conor on the cover of Teen Beat yet?

Not yet... but he has made out with Winona Ryder in the back seat of a car-- which I hope is his only foray into gaudy Hollywood behavior.

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