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Imaginary celebrations continue this Wednesday at Moe Bar

Math and Physics Club photo by Steve Louie

{MAPC photo by Steve Louie}

We had such a blast at the Croc on Saturday! We hope you did too! Big thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated with us!

We just can't stop celebrating, and we're continuing on with a super fun bash at Moe Bar this Wednesday night! You'll find imaginary folk behind the bar and behind the decks blasting our favorite tunes. Please join us as we raise many glasses to our dear ChrisB who will be moving on to his new blog Another Rainy Saturday. We'll be raging from 8-11pm, and we hope you can join us! The night has no cover, but tip your *ahem* imaginary bartenders! See you Wednesday!

Recommended show: Fishboy returns to Seattle this Friday at the Mars Bar

photo by steve louieLucky us! It's been less than a year since Fishboy's last stop in our fair city, and now, he's back for more! This time, he'll be solo, accompanied by only his fantastic songs and his wit. Lead Fish-dude Eric Michener writes insanely catchy and clever albums, such as 2007's rock opera Albatross: How We Failed To Save the Lone Star State with the Power of Rock and Roll about trying (and failing) to save the state of Texas with the ghost of Buddy Holly (one of my favorite albums of the last decade). It's like if Neutral Milk Hotel wrote fun songs all in the vein of "Holland 1945" instead of heartbreaking ones. You can stream the entire album here.

Rumor has it Fishboy is working on a new album right now. We got a bit of a taste the last time they were in town at Vera, though I've heard most of those songs have been scrapped. Michener always has a way of keeping his fans on their toes, so you never know what to expect, except a great time filled with fantastic songs. Stop into the Mars Bar on Friday to check out someone we can truly call a Three Imaginary Girls favorite. Show starts at 8:30 (Fishboy's on first) and also playing are the Terrordactyls, the Heligoats, and ten speed.

{Fishboy photo by Steve Louie}

Brand new Darren Hanlon video

How exactly is it Memorial Day weekend? It's super gross outside. Lots of you are probably headed to Sasquatch, where the weather will hopefully be nicer, but those of us staying in Seattle are probably going to have soggy grill-outs. But, we're headed into a 3-day weekend, and here's a bit of cheer to help you get there faster! It's a brand new Darren Hanlon video!

I've often waxed on about how much I love his wonderfully honest and beautiful pop songs that always through in a joke right after the most heart wrenching thing you've ever heard. Plus, he really is just one of the most charming men ever. Check out this adorable video for a brand new song called "All These Things". It warms my musical-loving heart. Enjoy!

Math and Physics Club — I Shouldn't Look As Good As I Do

{Join us at the Math & Physics Club album release show on Saturday, June 12 at the Crocodile with Aqueduct and Skeletons with Flesh on Them!}

Ethan, Charles, and James started playing together in Seattle in 2004, after the latter two had grown up in and inspired by the Olympia scene, tumbling about the spreading evergreen branches and primitivist punk pine cones from the shakin' Beat Happening family tree, and its simple, playful underground pop aesthetic. M&PC also shared love for bands like Seattle's power pop princes The Posies and UK positive energy-priests The Housemartins. This led to kinship with The Lucksmiths from Australia, and KEXP DJ John Richards getting excited about them, and a signing to the irrepressible Matinee label. Adding drummer Kevin and violinist Saundrah to their sound had helped them make a candy store of EPs filled with songs shimmering autumn sunshine, effervescent anthems with a hint of sadness.

After four years, Math and Physics Club release its long-awaited latest album, I Shouldn't Look As Good As I Do. The band has wondered if people are just polite in Seattle about bands, but a few listens of the short ten tracks on their second full length unveils a band that has absorbed their influences and come up with songs as huggable as anything Camera Obscura has ever recorded. If you doubt the strength of the rating with this review, bear in mind that I am far from an expert in "twee." That genre term means nothing to me here; these songs pulse and bounce and zip along as magically as if I hadn't grown up with The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death and Hatful of Hollow. I will be playing all ten tracks here over and over as much as I ever listened to Jonathan Sings! Check back with me in six months and my iPod "Most Played" list will prove it.


Latest comment by: thom : "I want to buy this cd for friends who have ipods. But I"m a clueless senior -- do people of the age who commit crimes and make babies (under 40) still listen to cd's?"

Imaginary Mixtape: NYC and SF Popfest edition {May 2010}

2010 Popfest

May is a magical month here in Seattle. We've got spots of sun teasing us with summer promises, Sasquatch anticipation running rampant, and the warm glows of SIFF oozing with the best international indie films. There's only one reason we'd ever want to leave our emerald city bubble during this sweet spot of the year... a good ole fashioned PopFest!

This year, the month of May brought with it two very enticing reasons to head elsewhere: The New York City Popfest {May 20-23, 2010} and the San Francisco Popfest {May 27-30, 2010}. To mark these special events, we've gathered up some of our favorite songs by folks playing these festivals which includes a couple cover songs, a not-yet-released Math & Physics Club song and some rarities to up the popfest ante.  If you were one of the lucky folks that caught any of the NYC or SF Popfest shows, let us know how it went!

***Listen to the Imaginary Popfest Podcast MP3***
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Latest comment by: d-bee: "A collection of videos I found from the NYC Popfest 2010 - Tender ...

New band crush: Pet Milk

So, call me a luddite or whatever, I'm always a bit behind the times on technology crazes. I didn't get a facebook or a twitter til last year, and though I have an iphone, I use it for very simple tasks, like checking my e-mail. So, I may sound a bit like a certain local NPR host when I say that I love Band Camp. If you haven't seen it, it's basically the new best way for bands to share music.

Case in point, yesterday I came across this, Pet Milk, a brand new band out of Philadelphia, featuring Herbie from Brown Recluse. Looking at their Band Camp page, you can stream their entire demo cassette, see the full artwork, download the entire thing for free, buy a copy if you really like it, and easily post a link to any of your social networking sites. It's like myspace on steroids for its music sharing capabilities.


Athens Popfest 2010 lineup announced

Today is like Christmas morning for indie pop nerds. Today, I am giddy as hell because THE ATHENS POPFEST LINEUP HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED! I've compared Athens Popfest before to indie pop summer camp, but basically, it's the best week out of the year for anyone who loves indie pop. And this year, I think they've really done it with the lineup:

The Wedding Present, Mission of Burma, Apples In Stereo, Go Sailor, Circulatory System, Oh-OK (early Athens greatness), Joe Jack Talcum (Dead Milkmen), Nana Grizol, BOAT, Cars Can Be Blue, Poison Control Center, Gold-Bears, Dream Diary, Eux Autres, Afternoon Naps, World Atlas, Your Heart Breaks and more. Complete lineup after the jump. Commence freaking out and immediately buying plane tickets now. Check out complete band bios here.


TIG presents: Aqueduct, Math & Physics Club {album release}, and Skeletons with Flesh on Them at the Crocodile on June 12

Aqueduct Math and Physics Club Skeletons with Flesh on Them

Join us as we celebrate our EIGHTH imaginary birthday and the release of Math & Physics Club's new album with a showcase of a few of Seattle's best indie bands at the Crocodile on Saturday, June 12!

Here's the info with which to mark your calendars:

Math & Physics Club {album release show!}
Skeletons with Flesh on Them

Tickets are $10 in advance {buy}, doors at 8p and it's 21+.

If you're under 21 or just want to get a sneak listen to the new Math & Physics Club album, join us at our Crafty Imaginary Listening Party on Sunday, May 23, 2010 at Neptune Coffee.


Crafts + New Indie-Pop = The Imaginary Crafty Listening Party with Math & Physics Club

Math and Physics Club Craft Party


It doesn't take a lot make us smile. Just sprinkle us with indie-pop, new records, tasty beverages (caffeinated and otherwise), and time with friends and we'll grin from ear to ear. Add in hot glue guns, crochet needles and glitter and we're over the moon!

That's why we here at Three Imaginary Girls have put together a new imaginary affair that combines all of these loves into one monthly get together: The Imaginary Crafty Listening Party!

{We're working on a snazzier name, so feel free to suggest below or chew it over with us at the meet up.}

Join us Sunday, May 23 from 1p-3p at Neptune Coffee as we debut the brand new Math and Physics Club record, I Shouldn't Look As Good As I Do (it doesn't release until June!). Bring your bag of crafty projects to work on (or just crafty ideas to mull over with our craftier friends/experts) and we'll sip, listen to one of our favorite records (we've had a sneak listen and it's pretty magical) and get our inner Martha on.

We'll have a couple Math and Physics Club-inspired giveaways up for grabs and a beverage special thanks to Neptune Coffee. It's all ages, but Neptune does offer wine and beer for sale to those of us with IDs.


Latest comment by: Kelly: "Sounds like a perfect combination. Looking forward to it!"

The Joy Formidable finally releases A Balloon Called Moaning in the US


The Welsh, indie, noise-pop band The Joy Formidable released their fantastic EP A Balloon Called Moaning in the US last week. It’s been available in the UK for the better part of 2009 and is finally making its way stateside after building considerable buzz on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Joy Formidable is a power trio that meshes a lot of noise (loud drums, louder guitars) with lush but delicate harmonies. It’s often quite joyous to listen to how all of the instruments mesh together and form something so cohesive and beautifully messy at the same time. At the beginning of the year when the band was in New York to play a couple of shows, I spoke with singer/guitarist Ritzy Bryan for a brief phone interview and she said that after a few months of working together “we eventually found a sound where we all said ‘yeah, that’s what we want to sound like’ but that came from quite a bit of experimentation and going outside of the box quite a bit as well.” She went on to say that “when we started writing together we set out to be quite experimental but we try to be as expressive as we can with the sonics and the sound. We all had different styles but we just threw it out there and after about six months of writing together we found a way to not be shy and be truthful with it and it locked.”