Tonight in Seattle:  

Recommended shows TONIGHT and TOMORROW: the premiere of NEW Ken Stringfellow music with FM Collective!

FM Collective

Did I tell you guys about how this has been the best summer EVER? And the fall is looking pretty boss too. There are several reasons that my summer has been so rockin', but a lot of it has been the music -- in large part due to my beloved Posies returning to the PNW and giving me a ton of oppotunuties to see them play live {in various incarnations}. 

And so, my imaginary friends, it is with great pleasure that I gift you the first listen to this lush new tune from Mr. Ken Stringfellow in collaboration with FM Collective, "The One That Matters." This is the kind of song that sighs are meant for. I'm probably being a little dramatic -- but I swear to you, this track is simply beautiful.


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Bumbershoot 2014: Best single Bumbershoot day ever?

No need for a loping intro to this one. For future reference, this is what happened on Sunday, August 31st at the Seattle Center. For a slobbering, no-good-for-shore music fan of many decades like me, it gives full on braingasm to try to wrap my skull walnut around it. These blurbs will be reasonably tight (save for those evoking unrestrained fanboy blather), because there is no need to elaborate much on how incredibly awesome the line up was in the apex day of Bumbershoot 2014. Bravo, B-shoot!

Poot Bam, Wig Wam Bam! Sunday, August 31, 2014


Bumbershoot 2014: the Saturday of your life

{Bumbershoot 2014}

“It's never too late to have a happy childhood.”  ― Tom Robbins


I am looking at the Bumbershoot 2014 schedule for the first time today. Just two days before it all comes down. It's not because I'm lazy, though I am that (sometimes). Or a procrastinator (all the damned time). I prefer to walk into Bumbershoot blind, peroxide-clean, wet eyes stinging from smoke like a resurrected bird from some trickster's ashes. To play. Not music. I'm not a musician. (I may have been, once.) But I play with what I want to experience. So to do a preview for you takes great pains, as I would much rather love experiencing every Bumbershoot like adolescence the first time through; scared deathless. 

So this is what I would do if I were you when you get there. But I refuse to be strapped into time constraints. I want to construct this schemata out of need -- out of greatness expected from previous experience and performance and recordings -- out of play. There's a general schedule, but I fully intend to throw us into every ditch by the side of the clock on the way. 

What Goes On: Saturday, August 30th

11:45 AM, Fisher Green Stage - Fly Moon Royalty

Never seen 'em live. They tend to play all those hippie festivals, right? I have the feeling this will be a great way to wake up though. I loved The Gossip! I wonder if that skinny little girl I danced with at CHBP to The Gossip remembers that we were the only two people dancing that afternoon. Swarms of Seattle statues standing statue-like still. Hey, do people dance in Seattle yet again?

12:00 PM, Words & Ideas Stage (this just in! DON'T MISS THIS!)

“Why This? Why That? Why Now?”
Moderated by John Roderick. Subject experts now confirmed:

Saturday: Why Beards? Why Twerking? Why Now?
Beard Expert: Elan Gale (Television Producer)
Twerking Expert: Skip (dancer for Big Freedia)

Roderick has a beard? Really? They couldn't get anyone beardier than him? *Ahem.* Peronally, I hope he changes it up with "Skip" -- I'd have my sticky tip money ready if Roderick would do the twerking instruction instead. Come on. Roderick. Twerking. Possum-slaw! Anyways, spending time with John Roderick is like hanging out with Bob Dylan-at-his-coolest-and-most-funny in the doc Don't Look Back, except he's picking mostly on himself. This makes me very happy. [Editor's note: A++++.]


Bumbershoot 2014 music picks: Monday music loungin’

Monday is my day for lining up at Bumbershoot to try and get a seat in the sweet air-conditioned KEXP Music Lounge. There are a few things I’d like to hit Saturday and Sunday, but I’m planning to spend almost all day Monday in there, seeing: 

Hurray for the Riff Raff

The Reverend Horton Heat

Nada Surf

Rose Windows



Bumbershoot 2014 music picks: Sunday’s cloud 9 list

Sunday at Bumbershoot means catching some longtime favorites, as well as some bands I've heard about but haven't yet seen live! The problem I'm having is that it's all SOCLOSE together! Still, everything should work out just fine ... as long as I can either figure out a) how to be in three places at once, or, b) how to get a jet pack by this weekend.

Here are my must-sees for Sunday:

Manatee Commune
Pavilion Stage

This kid. I just. I MEAN. Full disclosure: I saw him compete in my workplace’s Sound Off! competition earlier this year and was just COMPLTELY MINDBLOWN AWAY by his amazing melodies.