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Sasquatch 2015 - Sunday: James Blake, St Paul and the Broken Bones, St. Vincent, Temples

at The Gorge

Sasquatch Music Festival 2015

One of the pleasant surprises (at least for me) was the late afternoon Bigfoot stage performance from the Birmingham soul septet St Paul and the Broken Bones. Front man Paul Janeway sang with a ton of energy. He’s got a voice that seems to have an Otis Redding tone to it, with some occasional touches of Al Green. Backed by a pretty solid backing band, he worked the crowd with his pipes and energetic dance moves and spent most of his time on the catwalk at the front of the stage. Towards the end of the set they performed a couple covers of some soul classics; Sam Cooke’s “Shake” and Otis Redding’s “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long”.

Following St Paul on the Bigfoot stage, Temples brought their 70’s influenced psych rock and huge, chugging guitar sound in all its glory. The quartet broke out a new song titled “Henry’s Cake”, and although it started out soft and melodic, it didn’t take long to get loud and heavy. Watching this set I couldn’t help but imagine the band walking around in the artist areas trying to meet Robert Plant.


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SIFF Take: The Dark Horse

The Dark Horse is based on the true story of Genesis Potini, a bipolar Maori former chess champion. His older brother, the only one who can secure his release from the mental hospital, has had his own choices whittled away by extreme poverty until only compromise remains. The outside, then, offers Genesis liberty, but no haven. So he looks for purpose, something to help him focus his attention as he gingerly protects his fragile sanity, like an easily distracted hen corralling her chick. He seizes on a scheme to teach a group of cast-off kids to play chess. To bring them to a tournament in Aukland. To find an outlet for the bounty of knowledge and compassion that’s been tangled in the chemistry of his brain. And to try to offer some sanctuary to his nephew (Boy’s James Rolleston in a heartbreaking performance), who’s set to inherit his father’s all-but-optionless life.

After it screened on Saturday night at SIFF Cinema Uptown, the film and its star Cliff Curtis received a several-minute standing ovation from the crowd, and who knows how long we would have stayed standing had Curtis not finally shushed us. Every performance defies superlatives. It’s an extraordinary, tremendous film. 

{The Dark Horse screens at SIFF 6/3, 4:00 at The Harvard Exit} 


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So sorry to've missed this. Fingers crossed for a proper release (or inclusion in the Best of SIFF program)!


Sasquatch 2015 - Saturday: Father John Misty, Modest Mouse, The Budos Band, Vox Mod

at The Gorge

Sasquatch 2015 Music Festival

The Budos Band came ready to rock the mid-afternoon crowd on the main stage. One member of the band played the biggest saxophone I’ve ever seen. A quick Internet search tells me it’s a sax called a “contrabass saxophone”; pretty good low-end sound coming from that thing. Their sound has grown a little more rock oriented over the years, but that didn’t stop a group of young men in the crowd from throwing down a mat and break dancing to their set. I didn’t see the break dancing crew for the rest of the weekend, which is a shame because there were a lot of shows that could have used some break dancers in the crowd!

Over in the El Chupacabra tent, local beat maker Vox Mod energetically rocked a modest-sized but enthusiastic crowd. Accompanied by Ben Van Citter’s visuals which included some sci-fi movie scenes and neon graphics, Vox Mod twitched and jerked his way through the 45-minute set. He was about as energetic a man behind a computer and some electronics (his set up wasn’t visible so I’m guessing here) can be.


Sasquatch 2015 - Friday: Action Bronson, Flume, Little Dragon, Sleater-Kinney

at The Gorge

Sasquatch Music Festival 2015 - Washington

Starting things off on the right foot Friday evening, Queens rapper Action Bronson rocked a large crowd on the Bigfoot stage as big drops of rain came down. The crowd seemed to actually gain energy once the rain started to fall. Bronson rapped over some crowd favorite beats like Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend” before departing the stage eating a plate of food. It takes a lot of swagger to bring your dinner up on stage with you.

Later on the Bigfoot stage Little Dragon brought their dancey jams. The drumming was on point, and lead singer Yukimi Nagano kept everyone engaged by bouncing around the stage, occasionally banging on a drum or shaking a tambourine.

Friday’s headliner Sleater-Kinney played a shockingly under attended set on the main stage. Maybe the younger crowd wasn’t that familiar with them? Sleater-Kinney still put on a great show for those in attendance. Corin Tucker’s voice sounded great bellowing up the hillside.


SIFF Take: Chatty Catties

Chatty Catties SIFF 2015

After watching Chatty Catties with me, my cat, Frankie, insisted on writing this review. He says that I can’t possibly understand the film’s real meaning since I’m a human and not an oppressed feline like the star, Leonard. So, friends—here we go. It's an imaginary cat takeover! 

Frankie’s Review (as dictated to imaginary amie):
What a masterpiece! I’ve never seen a film so succinctly sum up the struggles of our kind before. Sure, there’s been some talking cat movies, but nothing that even comes close to the truth of this. Watching the real desires and thoughts of cats realized on screen via amazing voice actors filled me with hope that our days of being misunderstood by humans might be coming to an end.

Chatty Catties is primarily the story of Leonard, a beautiful striped tabby who has THE WORST HUMAN EVER.


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Rock on, Frankie!