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Angels in America, Big Fish, Mona Lisa Smile

Film reviews of Angels in America, Big Fish, and Mona Lisa Smile.


Over The Moon, Carlotta's Late Night Wing-Ding, The Crumple Zone

Over The Moon.

Over The Moon.

The new Stephen Dietz adaptation of P. G. Wodehouse's The Small Bachelor is theatrical candy: pretty and brightly-colored, and overflowing with broad, predictable, good-natured cornball confections.


The Twilight Singers

Twilight Singers. Photo by Sam Holden.

at Chop Suey

We learned immediately that while Dulli's vocals are not as pitch-perfect as they sound on the albums, his heart is every bit as into it as you might think.


Smoosh at the Showbox


at The Showbox

igDana's first Smoosh live show experience, when they opened for Death Cab and Nada Surf.


David Gedge of Cinerama

David Gedge

Photo: Imaginary Liz

"I poured coffee from a flask; it tasted funny"