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Hard Rock Cafe

Let your inner nerd out for the Emerald City Comicon this weekend {3/4-3/6}

Photo by Jim Berry

{Photo by Jim Berry from the ECCC web site}

If you're headed downtown this weekend, you should be aware that you're going to run into lots and lots and LOTS of people in crazy costumes, because it is time once again for the great gathering of all things comic, sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk, alien, Star Wars, Star Trek, BSG, Whedon, and more (AKA: nerd heaven) - The Emerald City Comicon. By the way, when I say nerd, I in no way mean it as an insult, as I don't think it's any secret that I am huge nerd about many things, and it just so happens that almost all of them will be contained within the Washington State Convention Center this weekend.

There are so many things to do at ECCC that I have to recommend you attend all three days. I have spent hours just wandering around the booths, perusing row after row of awesome books and merch - not to mention getting in line to meet a few of my idols: Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton (just to name a few). This year in addition to photo ops, the infamous Masquerade costume party, and a Buffy Sing-Along, James Marsters (Spike from BtVS) will be rockin' the stage at The Hard Rock Cafe. *swoon*

Even if you're not all that interested in comics, art, or drooling over meeting celebs, the sheer amount of choice people-watching is entertainment enough. Find yourself a friend who's going (I guarantee you have at least one, you just might not know it), and have them take you on a tour of one of the greatest events in Seattle.

9th Annual Emerald City Comicon
March 4-6 @WA State Convention Center
Check the site for hours & ticket prices!


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FREE Head Like A Kite show this Thursday, Nov. 18 at Hard Rock Cafe

ESPN's Gridiron Concert series has asked Seattle semi-cyborg crash-rock band Head Like A Kite to goose their after-party for the University of Washington versus UCLA game. The FREE bash starts at 8 pm (HLAK starts at 9:30 pm), and would be a good time for indie kids to come downtown to check out the Hard Rock Cafe if they haven't yet. (Some of us are slow getting out of our 'hoods, *cough* finger pointing at my own lazy self.)

Everyone around here knows that the recent world-traveling and still picking up bums for chats on the every rose has its thorn road HLAK -- headed by snake-fingered ring-leader Dave Einmo, humping on the bad-ass beatz of Trent Moorman, fuzzed up by bass and vox from lanky-gregarious Graig Markel and his ever-effervescent wife Zera Marvel, and featuring the fine mug and voice and charms of Tilson! Tilson! Tilson! -- is THE party band. Seeing them do that show at the thing back when reminded me of the last night of the Stiff Records Live! tour mixed with the Hacienda on a night when Lee Harvey Oswald brought in the first batch of "rum" raisin cookies. (Ref.: Free KEXP-sponsored Concert at the Mural Amphitheatre at Seattle Center, just this past summer, damn it's football season already!)