Tonight in Seattle:  

The Funhouse

Paul Collins Beat!, Seattle legends F-Holes, Rod Moody's The Fuzz & Garbo's Daughter this Sat {7/9} at the Funhouse

The Beat

This upcoming Saturday night at The Funhouse {7/9} will be a four-stacked band-nanza of different types of punk or buzz-pop bands. Though they span a few different sub-genres and generational influences, all these groups have one thing in common: FUN. They all play their riffs like they're tickling your the soles of your feet with flames from Bic lighters to get you on the dance floor, where they'll be doused in spilt beer and forgotten about in the cavalcade of crush-candy crunch-rock.

Paul Collins Beat is the headlining band, which is aces: the recent garage scene kids have been coming along with their resurrection, which shows great taste. Collins was in the truly timeless andcrucially inspired early new wave band The Nerves back in the late 70s, which also featured folk singer-songwriter Peter Case and Jack Lee (who wrote "Hangin' On The Telephone" covered by Blondie) on Bomp! Records. Talk about a start! The first LP for split-off band for Collins was The Beat, produced by Bruce Botnick (who previously engineered everyone from Tim Buckley to the Doors), twelve tracks of some of the best American power pop ever crafted: "Walking Out On Love" and "Different Kind Of Girl" being highlights. Due to the rise of the English Beat, their legend was a bit shadowed in the new wave scene; but their sound thrives again on turntables and the guitar-strangling basement bop of bands in thrift store ties and black slacks and riding scooters to this day.



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Don't Miss Shows Thru The Weekend! Eighteen Individual Eyes, Can You Imagine?, The Tripwires, and Bat Country

Bat Country!My ass is sore from SIFF, damn it! I need to get up and move around a bit! And not just between theaters either. Hmm, maybe I'll go see a show or two this weekend. You know, live music! Cold whiskey in hand and a bunch of ragamuffins caterwauling on the bandstand action. It's been a little while.

Last week, I saw the ecstasy-inducing super-boss musicians for the Winter's Bone OST at the plush Triple Door, and that was regally rustic and rootsy divine. But now I'm hankering on some more contemporary sounds, if you will. Let's check the trusty TIG calendar and-- OH MY GOD! So many great groups are playing this weekend! I am going to list my very favorites and I hope to see 'em all. (Wish me luck.)

Empty Space Orchestra, Gun Runner, Eighteen Individual Eyes, Maps on Fire are playing The Funhouse on Thursday, June 6, starting at 9 p.m., for six bucks. I will be there to see EIE mostly though, as these four women know how to create strong tendrils of sound to drill straight into the nervous system, creating both suspense and pleasure in the way only dangerous, driven rock and roll can. Rumor has it they're recording with Matt ("Botch") Bayles for their next record, and that is gonna be some heavy, beautiful shit.


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Steel Tigers of Death! 2 Shows: a benefit for Japanese Red Cross (4/22) & w/punk legends OFF! (4/24)

This week, Seattle's Steel Tigers of Death! are playing two very noteworthy shows, both official album release parties: one is a band-stacked-for-a-great-cause Funhouse extravaganza, and the other a Neumos-hosted history-making punk rock event!

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NighTrain will bust your you-know-what on Friday {11/19}

Hello. Two of my favorite Seattle bands are sharing a bill at the Funhouse on Friday the 19th. NighTrain brings the filth with soul, funk, rock & roll and feminism. You'll be ready to start a fire or a riot grrrl band after watching them play. Seriously.

Pony Time is awesome. Stacy Peck is a crazy good drummer, and singer Luke Beetham has this "love child of Buddy Holly and Gary Numan" vibe to his vocals which is fantastic. Not to be missed is bratty 70's style pop punk group Jaguar Paw and Dan Dan MacInTire's comedy - I am assuming it will be hilarious. With the Funhouse's famed Jell-O shots and cheap beer, how could it not?

This also happens to be Funhouse booker Brian Foss' wife's birthday show. Don't be lame, put your dancing shoes on and come buy the birthday girl a shot!

Show at 9:30, $6 at the door. See you there!

Partman Parthorse / Mash Hall at the Funhouse tonight {6/11}

June 11th 9pm

The first 15 people to buy tapes at this show will get a free split 7 inch with side A featuring Partman Parthorse- "Hardcore Fucking" and Side B, SPURM- "Making Love." Just think you get the best of both worlds for free with Emerald City Dummies, PMPH's new release. Kicking off the whole dang music orgy are Scraps, fellow ggnzla artists, and Mash Hall, previously They Live! Don't be fooled by “Dollar Bin,” PMPH's release from the new album, with such an awesome array of musical talents at their record release show, it's pretty clear that they don't hate all of Seattle's music scene. And let's say you DO hate on Seattle's music scene, well, where else can you drink, play basketball (the finals are on), and cheer along when one of your friend's bands get dissed on stage? Funhouse. Friday night.

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World Extreme Pencil Fighting Championship... now with music

This Thursday, May 20 Seattle fans of music mixing it up with extreme sports should head to The Funhouse to see the next round of World Championship Extreme Pencil Fighting!

This time, the band Lesbian will be playing live music as well as compete in this battle to the lead! According to WCEPF emcee-ringleader (and Rat City Rollergirls announcer) Jake Stratton they even wrote a song for the event. "They'll play it at the show, and then record it at their upcoming session produced by Tad."

Also, Jake says that DJ Bobcat will be spinning metal all night, "as well playing the entrance music for our pencil fighters."

On a personal note, one of the brave bastards involved is rumored to be "Dashin'" Dan Halligan, those costume for his character "The Librarian" you won't want to miss. Be there or get shaved! (You know, like shavings. From a pencil sharpener. I don't know, it's early.) Sounds like fun!

Now that everybody can read, Bloodhag calls it a day this Friday at the Funhouse

Now that literacy rates have gone through the roof (proof: Obama got elected, health care passed, a new issue of The Baffler is on the stands), book-loving hardcore-playing science fiction dungeon masters Bloodhag are calling it quitola. Just as boldly they lived, these secret masters of fandom are leaving their career playing both punk dung-holes and libraries with full-on style, preparing a special send-off at Seattle's The Funhouse this Friday, April 9.

I loved Bloodhag, even when my own wife caught an H.G. Wells in the face from the paperbacks they were throwing at one of their legendary shows at (among other Pac NW venues) Second Avenue Pizza, because they celebrated writing and extreme hard rock to an evangelical extent. They later went on to record a rare, ultra-cool collaboration with the extraordinary speculative fiction author Thomas Disch, which to me was up there with Kurt Cobain jamming out on a William Burroughs rant (that happened once, too).

Even if Bloodhag's ear-ripping noise isn't your kind of date music, The Funhouse show will be black-hole irresistible and probably packed with lovely nerds on fire for the addition of Captured! By Robots, a "literal non-stop touring machine" from San Francisco. If you've never seen this one-man many REAL robot self-destruct orgasmatron happen before your eyes, now is your chance before its inventor/performer gets killed banging out the barrage. No shit, don't miss it.