Tonight in Seattle:  

Police Teeth

Celebrate Friday the 13th with BOAT, Bottomless Pit (ex-Silkworm), Police Teeth, the Bismarck

Happy Friday the 13th {April, 2012 edition}!!!

There are so many reasons to be happy today:

  • - It's Friday!
  • - We've been promised that tomorrow will be a sunny Saturday!
  • - Tonight is the 30th birthday celebration for Tall Chris {of Police Teeth} complete with a line-up of so many great bands at the Sunset!

Tonight's show starts at 9pm sharp with The Bismark taking the stage first, followed by Police Teeth {complete with the birthday boy}, Bottomless Pit {formerly Silkworm and their first Seattle show since 2006!}, and then BOAT topping the night off. 

It's nothing new for us to be excited about a BOAT show, but this time marks their first show with their new drummer and they are going to debut some fresh-from-the-oven new songs.  It's been a while since they played, so there's no telling what kind of celebratory things they have planned or constructed.  As the above {super rad, lovey} video shows, they've been hard at work doing BOAT things.

I can't promise there will be cake {although there should be - hint hint to the cake bakers in this town}, but I can guarantee that much fun will be had. 

Recommended show: Hall & Oates covers and a birthday party at the Sunset {Saturday ~ 1/15}

Hall & Oates covers and Heather Hydra turns 30

This Saturday at the Sunset is going to be off the Maneater hizzay as some of Seattle's brightest take the stage to celebrate Hall & Oates and our dear {imaginary staffer and all around indie-queen} Heather Hydra's birthday!

Will there be fluffy Oates mustaches aplenty in the Sunset at the show? The scent of Aquanet wafting from the bathroom? Have we all been practicing our clapping to replicate the tight synth of "Private Eyes"? Fingers crossed / possibly / I hope so!

I *do* know that bands like Ships and Pony Time and as well as members of Police Teeth, Racetrack, Your Heart Breaks and many more will be taking the stage to tackle the multiple-decades catalog of a band that defined 1980's {and for some, the 1970's} for many a feathered-hair folk.

To get us in the mood, here's a little Rich Girl {she's a B!T*H girl!!!} for us all:


Latest comment by: Imaginary Amie: "hee. That's true! Such a great song. "

Police Teeth — Real Size Monster Series

There's a big heap of trash at the end of the rainbow.


Latest comment by: keenan dowers: "Hooray! What an excellent review! I'm officially a huge fan of the genre name "post-working class punk"."

Tonight's recommended show: Police Teeth album release show at the Sunset

A show to mark this album release is tonight at the Sunset Tavern. Join them and their bill-mates Arbitron to toast the rock rock rock.


Latest comment by: paco jones: "paco jones here of rigor & strife, and not to take any glory away from Police Teeth, i mean they are releasing an album, but if anyone happens to be in the Georgetown area tonight around 9, me and my absolutely fantastic band, will be playing at Jules Maes Saloon. ...

New imaginary podcast ready for your listening pleasure

Good news for people who like good new music: we have a new podcast, ready for you to download and enjoy. Woo hoo!


Latest comment by: Dr. Roger Portland: "Wow. Great playlist! It's a fresh addition to my playlist this week. Police Teeth has become my newest addiction."

Three Imaginary Girls Podcast {November 11, 2008}

This week's podcast features tracks from the Supersuckers, Brent Amaker & the Rodeo, lackthereof, The Old Haunts, Police Teeth, Autolite Strike, The Little Ones, Michael Zapruder, Ivan & Alyosha, William F. Gibbs, Brotherhood of Broken Hearts, Roger Goodman, Quiet by Ten, and Silverhawk.

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Northwest goodness at the Georgetown Music Festival

There is plenty of Friday and Saturday afternoon to catch the route 60, 131, 134, or 170 to catch this little festival with a big Northwest line-up.