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Recommended matinee show: Your Favorite Book / Glad Girls / South Sound Bureau Chiefs at the Comet {7/16}

Summer days in Seattle are magical. The days are (usually) warm without being too hot and so long you can fit in relaxing in the rays, getting your artsy fix, and rocking out before the sun goes down.

This Saturday, July 16th, I've a packed itinerary to accomplish all this. As you already know, I'm heading to White Center for the opening night of inspirational posters, graphic collages, and beards (likely with stop by SolarFest in Shoreline earlier in the day).

Once I've filled my arms with artwork, I'll head to the Comet to see one of my favorite Seattle singer-songwriters, Your Favorite Book. Doors are at 4pm and the music starts at 4:30pm with two Unsmashable Records bands, each with a foot firmly in the PNW Americana scene: South Sound Bureau Chiefs opening and Glad Girls taking the middle slot.

Topping off the early evening is my beloved Your Favorite Book, set to take the stage with a bass player (at least on some of the songs) this time around. I've been hooked on YFB's "candid Weakerthans melodies, John Linnell-esque nasal vocals, and early Mountain Goats lo-fi acoustic guitar" since I found the 2007 release, Scotch Hog (have a listen) and seeing him/them live is always a treat.


Start off the week with free Slurpees and The Kissing Party

Kissing Party in Seattle 2011

For those of us who enjoy a mix of nostalgic shoegazy fuzz and bittersweet  delicate melodies with their FREE SLURPEE, this week is going to rule!  Denver's very own Kissing Party have made their way to our fine city for not one, but two shows this week and, because Monday is July 11 (numerically translated to 7/11), our convenience store friends at 7-11 gift everyone with a free slurpee!

Sure it's only 7.11 oz and just enough to only give you a minor brain-freeze, but a free frozen treat is a free frozen treat. Try a new flavor or mix two together. Go wild on the slurpee tip, man!

But the radness doesn't stop with the slurps. Get your fill of Primitives meets Pains of Being Pure At Heart with a splash of Belle & Sebastian at the the Funhouse on Monday (7/11) as the Kissing Party shares the bill with Death's Three Daughters and The Chimanimani. 

If you miss them on Monday or want to get a double dose (because who can blame you), they'll be at the Comet on Wednesday 7/13.

Favorite band alert: Dangerous Ponies {at the Comet this Wens 4/27}

dangerous ponies in SeattleIn this era of sponsored hype nonsense and corporate grassroots initiatives, it's time to get back to the core of why we get dirty fingernails flipping through record bins and sacrifice respectable sleep patterns and clean laundry to recharge the batteries of our hand-stamped hearts.

Enter the Dangerous Ponies from Philadelphia. A seven-piece who describe themselves as a "queer and allied band, slathered in gold and rainbows." But, they are more than that. Dangerous Ponies are a reminder that great things happen when calculated postures are replaced with giddy enthusiasm.

Combining the DIY-or-Die mantra of the Pharmacy and the elegant cleverness of the Starlight Mints, the songs on the Dangerous Ponies self-released, debut full-length album, would be equally comfortable at a beach dance party, house party sing along, or played from the decks of a Linda's happy hour DJ set between Modest Mouse and Heavenly.

The opening track "We" is a fitting introduction to the band as an indie-dance party carousel ride - weaving between splashes of Tilly and the Wall and Queenish 60's glamrock. From there they dive deep into sweeping theatric mid-song breakdowns and churning indie-rock Built to Spill guitar rifts that lay the groundwork for comparisons to Los Campesinos!, Quasi and Stereolab. (listen to the album for free on bandcamp).


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Cut FootLaos {with bands, booze, and a lot of dancing} for a good cause {Wednesday 12/1}

FootLaos with Rachel Flotard

Last year, Rachel Flotard {Visqueen, Cobirds Unite}visited southern Laos's Ban Na Mouang Village where Rachel's friend, Justin Nonthaveth, has family.  While there, she and her fellow do-gooder friends danced on the newly paved schoolroom floor, installed thanks to funds raised at 2009's FOOTLAOS party.  While there, she also delivered additional new text books, donated soccer balls and any other craft supplies, toothbrushes and such she could stuff in her luggage.

This year, Seattle, let's do it again. Let's gather together to raise funds to make a big difference in the lives of these children by giving their schoolroom walls. Yes, WALLS!

There couldn't be a more fun way to make this magic happen than than to CUT FOOTLAOS this Wednesday, December 1st in Capitol Hill. The event spans two venues allowing for maximum booty shaking:

Sole Repair Shop - 1001 East Pike, Seattle
Starting at 8pm, there will be DJs on hand to get everybody dancing -- as well as drinks and munchable treats.


Latest comment by: Imaginary Amie: "One glance at this poster was all it took to plant the "Footloose" song in my head. Oh, geez. "

Tonight's recommended show: Star Lake Drownings at The Endeavors album release show

Three Imaginary Girls Winter Spectacular 08

{Photo: Jeanine Anderson from the Three Imaginary Girls Flickr Photo Pool}

I heart Star Lake Drownings and still glow with honor that they played my birthday party year before last. Our Andrew Boe nailed it when they are a cross between My Bloody Valentine and Belly... and, from personal experience, they put on a show full of coy melodies and entrancing reverb. Looks like they are opening tonight for The Charity Strap and The Endeavors (celebrating their album release) at the High Dive.

Bobby McHugh recently caught Parson Red Heads (playing tonight as part of their month-long residency at the Comet with Battle Hymns) and his photos from their last show make a strong case to head that way tonight as well.

Last I heard the Satchel show at the Crocodile was *this close* to selling out... anyone get tickets to that?

Where are you headed tonight?

Still undecided? Per the imaginary calendar, there's quite a bit to choose from:


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Make your Shoegazer 101 prof proud: Head to the Comet this Saturday {1/23}

Truthfully, I'm even a little star-struck just typing this: Adam Franklin (singer, guitarist and main songwriter for Swervedriver) will be headlining the late show at the Comet with Bolts Of Melody (his back up band) this Saturday, January 23. You  probably remember Swervedriver best from your Shoegazer 101 class Freshman year when your professor pointed all the points of brilliance of Swervedriver songs like "Duel" and "Rave Down."

Even more lovely is that taking the stage before Adam will be some of Seattle's finest fuzzy indie-rocksters: Black Nite Crash, Nightmare Air (actually from Los Angeles), and Bronze Fawn.

If you didn't make it that far in the class (or opted for Paisley Underground 101 instead) - behold the 90s 'gazer-ness:

And if you want to fill in the cracks of your shoegazer / Swervedriver studies even more-- go to where they've filled the site chock full of loads of live tracks for everyone to download and adore.

H is for Hellgate calling it quits, final show July 23

H is for Hellgate photo by Jenny Jimenez
{photo by Jenny Jimenez}

Forget press releases, music blogs, phone calls from my Mom: I find out most everything in life these days by Facebook status updates. Couples get engaged (or break-up), pals travel to exciting places, former high school classmates make more babies, and bands play rock shows... and call it quits. Guess which event this blog post is about...?

Sadly, I just received a Facebook invite of the band break-up variety: Seattle band H is for Hellgate just posted an event to their final show, and we're all invited. From the short-but-sweet invite:

"Jon is moving overseas, so Ben and I are putting down H Is for Hellgate. Please come and celebrate our final performance with us."

Sad, sad news. But should be a great show. It's at the Comet on Thursday, July 23, with support from Bone Cave Ballet, To the Waves, and Oregon Donor. Be there, and bring your hanky -- and some earplugs.

Latest comment by: imaginary dan: "H is for Hot Dog Day! July 23rd is National Hot Dog Day. "

HumCo shout out: Strix Vega at the Comet on Friday

I wanted to give a shoutout to our HumCo readers (707, 4 lyfe- What?) and give ya'lls a heads up about the most excellent Strix Vega making the long sojurn up here from behind the Redwood Curtain.


PartMan PartHorse vs. Sky Cries Mary vs. Kinski – Friday promises a great night of local music

very time I turn around, a new option presents itself for Friday night (tomorrow!).


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It's gonna be a fun Saturday night - what's your plan of attack?

We hope you will join us at the Moe Bar between 7p and 9p for the FREE Dark Was The Night listening party and then you can follow me over to the Jared Mees show at the Comet Tavern.


Latest comment by: Pablo: ""The great looking show at the Sunset Maldives/Or, the Whale/Michael Vermillion YESSSSS - Eric W." Will be there for sure..."