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The Very Most

Three Imaginary Girls IndieTune Podcast {August 13, 2009}

Imaginary liz put together a podcast featuring some of her favorite songs of the moment. A bunch of these bands are playing a Seattle show in the coming weeks (mark your calendar!) and some have just been on repeat this summer. Enjoy!

Lacrosse - "I See A Brightness" from the album Bandages For The Heart
Coulter - "Give It A Chance" from the album Sent to Coventry
The Little Penguins - "The Blame" from the album Welcome to the Celebration
The Nightgowns - "Pppps" from the album Sing Something
Tiny Masters Of Today - "Pop Chart" from the album Skeletons
We Wrote The Book On Connectors - "Almost Magical" from the album Ride It Out Like A Turbo Horse
Shotty - "Not Today, After Work" from the album Ah Here We Go
Viva Voce - "Devotion" from the album Rose City
Capgun Coup - "Social Security Number" from the album brought to you by nebraskafish
Japandroids - "To Hell With Good Intentions" from the All Lies EP
The Very Most - "You're In Love With the Sun" from the Summer EP
Andrea Wittgens - "Punchline" from the album In The Skyline
17th Chapter - "Old Folks" fro the album Around The Bend And Then Some
Unbunny - "Dental Hygenist" from the album Uncertain Tracks, 1996-2008

Latest comment by: : "Oh cool, I will be there!"

The Very Most — Spring EP

The Very Most are the next in a line of feel-good pop bands, whose latest Spring EP will keep you warm all year long.


Latest comment by: Jeremy "The Very Most Guy" Jensen: "So glad you enjoyed the EP, Diana! I'm going to be slightly lame and plug a couple things here. Please feel free, moderators, to delete this if this isn't appropriate for TIG. First off, the Spring EP is the first in a series of four ...

Perfect pop songs for your Christmas party!

I've spent the last several holiday seasons attempting to make (or at least thinking about making) a great pop mix of winter/Christmas/holiday songs and I always drop the ball. This year, Indiecater did it for me!


Latest comment by: Jeremy Jensen: "Thanks for the kind words imaginary viva and keenan!"

New band crush: The Very Most

I have a new swoony favorite indie-pop sorta local band crush.


Latest comment by: Sneezy: "There is a new local band I have a big crush on! Venus Verse saw them play at The Comet last week, I love them! They have a new EP, its good!"