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The Crocodile

Win tickets to Army Navy (opening for Grand Archives) at the Croc! {11/18}

Super silly, can't-look-away, of Wayne-ish antics await you in the video above from Army Navy -- it's the official take for the band's recent single "Ode to Janice Melt," and it's about seventeen different kinds of cute! If you dig their sound, you're in luck: Army Navy has the main support slot at this week's upcoming Croc show, warming the stage up for the one and only Grand Archives. And we've got a pair of tickets to give away!


Recommended Friday show: Get your Halloween on with Glenn or Glennda, Steel Tigers of Death, and Strong Killings

Glenn or Glennda photo by Keith Johnson

{photo: Keith Johnson}

If you like to celebrate the Halloween holiday with a show, I can think of no better way to kick off Halloween weekend than with Strong Killings (who's album I am loving right now), Steel Tigers of Death and Misfits-ish gender bending cover band, Glenn or Glennda this Friday at the Crocodile.

This year marks the 10th Anniversary (and most likely, last showing) of Glenn or Glennda, an annual celebration of that is Misfits with our friends Billy and Melissa of Bat Country and a revolving group of our friends from various local bands.

Besides the ghouishly amazing openers, Glenn or Glennda have promised an over the top production that will involve "exploding coffins, puppets, cereal box mascots and a bunch of other stuff that's basically going to turn this whole thing into the most amazing session of punk rock, live-action, Saturday Morning Cartoons ever."  Their set hits the Misfits mark with a variety of covers, but it will also include "Misfits-ized" versions of songs like "Scary Monsters" by David Bowie, "Maneater" by Hall & Oates, "Idle Hands" by Murder City Devils and "Science Fiction / Double Feature" from Rocky Horror.

It could be true that you have to be there to understand. If that's the case, then grab your Value Village Mrs. Roper costume and head to the Crocodile on Friday, October 28 to see these bands for yourselves. 


Recommended Show: The Drums at The Crocodile Tomorrow {10/12}

You know that moment when you hear a single song from a band and you know you're going to love them forever and ever and ever? That happened to me the first time I heard "Let's Go Surfing" from The Drums, off their self-titled debut. These guys kick out some seriously catchy pop beats, complete with squee-worthy vocals, and bouncy bouncy goodness. 

My boy bought me a copy of their new album, Portamento, recently, and guess what? It's just as good as the first one, and just as dance-party worthy. So it is with HIGH fangirl appreciation that I recommend you get yourselves to The Crocodile tomorrow night {Wednesday, 10/12} to see these boys rock the stage with their awesomeness....and don't forget to wear your dancin' shoes. 

The Drums
w/Veronica Falls & io echo
Wednesday, 10/12 
The Crocodile
8pm | 21+ | $12


Latest comment by: Imaginary Amie: "

Yay! Thanks for the report, John!!! I would've been there, but I was celebrating my 5-year Anniversary with a fancy meal out instead. :) Next time, for sure.


Recommended Show: Fountains of Wayne at The Croc this Friday {10/7}

Fountains of Wayne, photo by Violeta Alvarez

This is almost impossible for a Fountains of Wayne fangirl such as myself to believe, but incredibly, the FoW show this Friday at The Crocodile is NOT sold out. What. Therfore, it is my duty to tell you people that The Wayne puts on some of the finest live shows around, and if you don't immediately get online and buy a ticket, you are going to regret it. 

I realize that many of you didn't love Sky Full of Holes (Imaginary Steve might get into a minor fist-fight with you if you tell him that, though...), and I understand that. It's hard to match the power-poppy glory of their self-titled debut, or of Utopia Parkway - and I'm sure we've all heard "Stacy's Mom" more than a few too many times - but you know what? Their other albums are still damn good albums, and these guys still rock the hell out of every single one of their tunes. I always have an insane amount of fun at their shows, and you can bet I'll be near the front this Friday, screaming out the lyrics and dancing my ass off (which will make me incredibly easy to recognize, since only about 2% of people at Seattle shows dance). Join me? 

Fountains of Wayne
w/Mike Viola at
The Crocodile
Friday, October 7
8pm | 21+ | $20 ($23 w/fees) 

Fountains of Wayne photo by Violeta Alvarez, from the FoW web site 

Liz's DJ set from Monday's Crocodile Happy Hour

Photo: Victoria VanBruinisse

{photo by the lovely Victoria VanBruinisse}

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by the Crocodile on Monday!

It was *so so awesome* seeing you and boy oh boy did the double helpings of pizza make my tummy happy. I still have a couple of those wooden tokens for rum drink specials left over; I suppose I've kept them to remind me of the rum vanilla-y goodness for weeks to come.

Word from our interoffice email threads since the event confirms that every member of the DJ crew had an amazing time! Chris Estey, Amie Simon, and Victoria VanBruinisse really outdid themselves putting together their sets.

Some folks who couldn't stay the whole time (or perhaps redeemed one too many of those wooden rum drink tokens) asked for a recap of the set... so here's mine:


Recommended Happy Hour next Monday: imaginary DJ sets and cheap eats & drinks at the Croc

{photo of an imaginary DJ hand by Andy Pixel}

This Monday, August 22nd, please join us in the Croc’s back bar as the imaginaries take over the DJ booth and ply you with our favorite songs, drink specials and cheap eats from 5pm to 9pm!

It’s all part of the Crocodile’s weekly happy hour booze and schmooze series, The Office (aptly named since most of the important work in this town gets done at a bar).  For the Three Imaginary Girls happy hour, each of the four TIG DJs has a distinct style and vision for their set.  We’ve planned them out with care for maximum Monday post-work bliss.  

Of course, we’re still firming up our playlists – so if you are planning to join us and have any requests, shout ‘em out in the comments section and we’ll do our best to fit them in!

For more info and to spread the word to all your friends, check out the Facebook event page for the Office and share / like / RSVP!


Latest comment by: Chris Estey: "



Favorite song alert: Joseph Giant - "Up & Down & Out"

Joseph Giant / Seattle

{photo by Robersen Ashman}

Earlier this week I talked about all the City Arts Fest line-up amazingness taking over the city of Seattle from October 20-22, 2011. One band I'm particularly pleased to see in the line up is Joseph Giant, the moniker of Joe Syverson, at the Rendezvous on October 21 with Son of Warren Oats, Smokey Brights, and Bryan John Appleby.

You might recognize Joe from his time spent with Throw Me The Statue, Pearly Gate Music, and Final Spins. Obviously with friends like those, he's a talented guy. But over the course of listening to his self-titled debut album, Joseph Giant proves himself to be more than a sum of his Neil Young / Wilco influences.


Coffee with a Rockstar: The Divorce

The Divorce. Photo by Breanne Koselke.

{The Divorce. Photo by Breanne Koselke.}

Some of Three Imaginary Girls' favorite (and some infamous) moments of the first five years of our tiny lil web existence (from 2002-2007) involve The Divorce.

Over the course of an introductory EP, two full-length albums (2003's There Will Be Blood Tonight and 2005's The Gifted Program), and countless live shows, the Divorce embodied the both the sweet and salty of the Seattle music scene of the time. On stage they were fresh and fearless, belting out beautifully destructive pop songs to packed crowds. Then, in 2007, they decided to call it quits (the 'D' word if you will) and dispurse into different bands and projects.

On Saturday, July 30, 2011, they will once again take the Crocodile stage together to Divorce it up and of course we'll be there. What a better time to chat with the four Divorce fellas (Shane Berry-lead vocals, keyboard, guitar and tambourine, Garrett Lunceford-lead guitar, Jimmy Curran-bass, and Kyle Risan-drums) to find out why they are reuniting now and offer some more insight into the band for those that might have missed them the first time around. To do so, I thought it a great opportunity to resurect our original interview series (circa 2002-2006): Coffee with a Rockstar.

TIG / Liz: I can't believe in all of our Divorce fandom TIG never sat down for a Coffee with a Rockstar imaginary interview with you guys. It's surely a sign of our shyness. This chat is a long time coming and there's a lot to catch up on, but first, we have our ice breaker traditional first question:


Recommended Show: Carrie Akre (her last one in Seattle!) & Star Anna at The Croc {7/7}

The Crocodile is poised to break your hearts this Thursday {7/7} with a double dose of powerhouse female vocalists: the throaty, drop-dead gorgeous voice of grunge-Queen Ms. Carrie Akre (if you don't know who she is, look up HammerboxGoodness, and The Rockfords) and the amazingly raw and pretty tones of Star Anna. AND IT IS ONLY $10!!! What.

Akre is leaving Seattle to head to the midwest, and this is billed as her FINAL Seattle show (we can only hope that isn't entirely true), so y'all better get out there to hear how incredible she is one last time before she's gone. If you've never experienced her live, you have to. She will shake you the core, trust me.

I couldn't be more pleased about this pairing, because it seems like these two ladies are meant to play together - which is another argument for getting your butt down to The Croc, as you might never have another chance at that.

The Crocodile Presents
Carrie Akre (FINAL Seattle show) 
and Star Anna
Thursday, July 7
Door @8, 21+, $10 Adv/$12 day of

{Star Anna is also playing earlier in the eve on 7/7 at the Kenmore Summer Concert series, and plays 7/9 @Wine, Women and Song, 7/10 @the Ballard Seafood Fest, and has a record release party on 7/12 @Easy St in West Seattle. Whew - that woman is busy!}



Ticket giveaway: Sean Nelson does Harry Nilsson / Dave Depper does Paul McCartney {5/10 at the Croc}

Sean Nelson and Dave Depper

{Photos: Victoria VanBruinisse / Ashley Anthony}

As you are already aware, the Pacific Northwest is a breeding ground for amazing songwriters. One afternoon perusing the archives of the EMP or one evening bar-hopping the clubs of Capitol Hill proves as much. But, we are also lucky enough to have a slew of artists who can take a batch of proven songs and cover them in a way that infuses a whole new life and energy into them.

On Tuesday, May 10th one of Seattle's finest {Sean Nelson} and one of Portland's finest {Dave Depper} will each take to the Crocodile stage
to re-introduce us to the songs of a couple of heros and we have a pair of tickets to the show to giveaway. To enter, email tig @ three imaginary with the subject line UncleAlbert before noon on Friday, May 6th.

Opening up the night is the always lovely and talented, Sir Sean Nelson performing his famous Nelson Does Nilsson tribute set. The only thing more beguiling than Sean dressed in his finest suit, is Sean evangelizing the brilliant song-smithing of Harry Nilsson.

Headlining the evening is Mr. RAM Project himself, Dave Depper, a Portland renaissance man who...