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Fortuna Pop!

Allo Darlin announce North American tour {first stop: Seattle on 5/24!!!}

Today will go down in history as the day my head exploded from late-May calendar excitement. First the amazing Sasquatch line-up was announced, and now, one my favorite bands ever of all everness just announced a North American tour with a Seattle date as their first stop!

I'm sure you, just like me, think about the first time we saw Allo Darlin visit Seattle back in October, 2010 on a weekly basis.  Wasn't that show amazing? One of the best of the year? Aren't your friends {the ones who didn't buy tickets before it sold out} still sad they didn't get to see them?  Yes, yes and YES!

Once tickets are available (I don't think they are for sale yet, plz correct me if I'm wrong), we all need to go get our tickets asap for the all-ages Allo Darlin show at the Vera Project on Tuesday, May 24, 2011. No word yet on who else will be on the bill, but you can be assured that it's going to be FANTASTIC!

For those that might be contemplating taking a couple weeks off in an effort to see as many shows as possible, here's their tour route:


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This is amazing news!  I was just looking at their website yesterday and hoping they would come over, and now I feel happiness just bursting, it's ridiculous!


Imaginary Mixtape {December, 2010 - part 2} featuring Eux Autres, Darren Hanlon, Allo Darlin, Sea of Bees, Math & Physics Club

Imaginary Holiday photo by Jason Tang

{Behind the scenes at last year's Imaginary Holiday Party - photo by Jason Tang}

It's that time of year again: the time of year in which we can listen to "Last Christmas" without headphones and not get chastised by our coworkers. It also gives us a time to sift through our holiday mixtapes and listen to our favorite bands get all holly jolly Christmas for us. Is there any better way to get into the mood for the Imaginary Holiday Office Party on December 16, 2010 at the Columbia City Theater?

You can listen to a stream of the podcast below or download the MP3 version of the podcast on the imaginary bandcamp page.

If you are the type that likes to listen to podcasts in itunes, download the .m4a file here {it's one single file with fancy chapter markers!} and then open it in your itunes {big thanks to Jigsaw Records and Indie Pages for hosting the file!}.


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My Heart is a Drummer - making cuteness with Allo Darlin' and cardboard

Allo Darlin My Heart Is A Drummer

In classic form, I find the perfect Halloween costume the days after the big dress up for the holiday-weekend. Next year expect to find me in a large red cardboard heart possibly carrying a cardboard mandolin and singing "My Heart is a Drummer," the latest single from the {amazing and brilliant} Allo Darlin' album.

Want to be part of the Halloween 2011 Cardboard Posse? Watch the brand new Allo Darlin' video for "My Heart is a Drummer" for inspiration. I can't wait to see how your cardboard bass turns out!


Best love song of all time, or at least for right now: Allo Darlin's "Kiss Your Lips"

It's been a couple weeks since I heard "Kiss Your Lips" by Allo Darlin' (off their debut album on Fortuna Pop) and I can't stop wishing I could hear it on repeat, every moment of the day, every day. It has everything I could ask for in a love song: a Weezer singalong, tale of a teddy bear prize, ba-ba-bas, ukelele, all sung with a British accent. It's all pure Heavenly bliss with a smattering of Camera Obscura sassy everywhichway.

You can listen to it (and the rest of the brilliant album that may or may not be my favorite of the year) over and over thanks to the Allo Darlin' bandcamp page (and purchase the amazing ltd ed. vinyl complete with immediate MP3 downloads for only 10 british pound sterling):

What's your favorite love song of all time... or right now?

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Airport Girl — Slow Light

Airport Girl — Slow Light
If The Go-Betweens and Belle and Sebastian produced a child, this is what it would sound like.