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Triple Door

I'm Now: Mudhoney Documentary Film

{I’m Now screens at the Triple Door June 8 at 8 pm and 10:30pm. Tickets are $15, and you can buy them online.}

Unlike so many of the great grunge granddaddies, Mudhoney have never had a reunion. That’s because they never broke up. Mudhoney just kept fighting the fuzzed-out good fight against all things slickly packaged and highly marketable. It’s kind of appropriate that Mudhoney, the O.G. Seattle band that has managed to survive mostly under the radar for the last twenty years, would have a documentary made about them by a local production company, and it would practically be a secret.

But a movie like this should be seen, so we’re going to spill the beans and let you all in on it.


Win a pair tickets to see Stornoway at the Triple Door {Tuesday 5/31}

Last year one of my favorite albums of the year was Stornoway's Beachcombers Windowsill. The aptly named album has a magical soothing effect, conjuring Maxwell House International Cafe-style visions of life in a quiet British seaside town, watching the fog roll in and sipping earl grey.

It was such a treat to see them perform their batch of understated melodies to a sold out crowd at the Crocodile last December (with Head and the Heart opening). This time the Oxford-based band Stornoway returns to Seattle on Tuesday, May 31 for an elegant night of warm and earnest britfolk at the Triple Door with Portland Sparklehorsey songstress Sea of Bees… and we have a pair of tickets to giveaway!!!

To enter, email tig @ three imaginary with the subject line "Dizzy from Zorbing" by 9am on Thursday, May 26.


Latest comment by: imaginary liz: "That's so rad! I'm currently loving "Long Distance Lullaby" tons tons tons. Woodworking on stage deserves mega-bonus points!"

Rickie Lee Jones at the Triple Door

at Triple Door

Perhaps Efterklang will thrill in the clink and clang of forks hitting plates at the Triple Door when the Danish orch-pop quartet plays the room on March 11th. But Rickie Lee Jones was bugged out by the din. "I wish," she said between songs early in her Friday set, "that you'd finish your goddamn dinner." The forks made a staccato difference. Jones played quietly, moodily, sometimes pixie-ish, sometimes, big-voiced and emphatic, sometimes world-weary and smoke-stained.

She's spent her career evading the crosshairs of mainstream pop songsmithing, favoring the fractures and broken-world stories that mark the work of Tom Waits, her long-ago partner in love (before he veered from Heart Attack and Vine to Rain Dogs). She's been a peripatetic indie road warrior, a coquettish singer of standards, and a torch-bearer for the same indie-aesthetic range that includes Cat Power, Vic Chesnutt, Victoria Williams, and umpteen others.


Black Francis at the Triple Door: A bona fide, yet refined, rock show

Photos: Hot Avocados Photography

at Triple Door

The artist formerly known as Black Francis then Frank Black and now Black Francis recently made a stop at the most gracious venue in all of Seattle. Actually, I was worried that I'd be too comfortable in my cush booth seat and refreshing climate controlled room and therefore, unable to fully bask in all that is dark, confrontational, and sinister in my long beloved Sir Black.

As I sipped on my fancy infused cocktail(s) and admired my table of spiffed up friends around the beautifully (and extremely flatteringly) lit table, I wondered if this could possibly compare to the first time I heard Black Francis (then Frank Black) break into "Wave of Mutilation" two feet from my squashed-up-front self at the Showbox. It turned out to be one of those bliss-filled moments I have cemented in my memory as one of the few times I thought I would faint from delirious euphoria. Tonight, as I looked around, the crowd was all calm, cool and collected (as well as orderly and well-dressed). How could the communal level excitement possibly peak to the level deserving of "Holiday Song" and "Where Is My Mind?".


Latest comment by: imaginary liz: "Oh der (fancy infused cocktails)... Thanks Bob!"

Recommended show: Black Francis at the Triple Door this Sunday

I am sure I'm not the only one who has set every alarm clock in her home to go off at 10a on Saturday, which is when tickets go on sale for the two Pixies dates at the Paramount (the all ages shows take place November 12 and 13).

But the nice thing about being in Seattle this weekend (besides the temperatures in the 90s), is that we get a shot of Black Francis live and in person this Sunday night (August 2) in the lovely AIR CONDITIONED Triple Door.

Since finding out that Mr. Francis is playing Boise, ID with Doug Martsch, I'm wondering if there will be any surprise Seattle friends taking the stage with him for a song? Hmm... I bet Kurt Bloch would be a great side kick for "Where Is My Mind." What other pairings would float your cruise boat?

This isn't a duet, but it is the video for the wonderful (easy to sing along to) song "I Sent Away" from SVN FNGRS. He's so cute in a hoodie!


Latest comment by: Jflores: "Hey Liz- Both Easy Street and KEXP are offering Pixies pre-sales TODAY! Check out the site for for details!"

This week's goal: Go to shows

A little late on the uptake, but if you're looking for something to fill your unemployed, or otherwise bored-stiff, time there a couple of really great shows happening this week!

I covered all of this over at KEXP for their weekly Three Imaginary Girls column, and while the Kid's Dance Party for Father's Day is over (and was a super success!) and White Rabbits entertained us with dual drumming last night at the Croc, there are still a couple more excellent opportunities to get your music on.


Photo of the day: Hoquiam at the Triple Door

Imaginary photographer Sarah Joann Murphy took this photo the other night at the Triple Door when Hoquiam (above) opened up for Tallest Man on Earth. Imaginary staffer heather b. is working on a review of the show, but in the meantime we can enjoy Sarah's photos from the night.

Want to see more of what's going on around town in Seattle's clubs (or what to add your own photos)? Head over to our sparkly indie pop photo pool!


Latest comment by: SJMJ: "Yay! Thanks, Liz. It was a truly beautiful evening. Can't wait until Hoquiam's album comes out + TMOE signs with an amazing label and puts out more goodness. "

We gotta rock-a rock-a rock-a nonstop tonight! Jonathan Richman at the Triple Door!

I fell in love with Jonathan Richman's songs in high school. A dear friend had loaned me her copy of The Modern Lovers and it stuck like glue to my cd player. I couldn't get over how amazing the songwriting was, how catchy the melodies were. I was just beginning to form my opinions about pop music, and it caught me at the perfect time.


Latest comment by: sara: "that show was awesome. it was him and tommy, like usual, and while he mostly played stuff from his last three records, there was a fun rendition of "i was dancing in a lesbian bar" and the new, updated version of "old world" that's on his new album. it was very, very ...

Win tickets to see Nicole Atkins at the Triple Door this Friday

Looking for some sophisticated, delicious high-brow plans for this weekend?


José González: mesmerizing songs and (more) photos

Jose Gonzalez photos by Kyle Johnson

at Triple Door

On songs like “Crosses” and “In Our Nature” González and crew channeled 70’s folk, making Swedes sound a lot like America.


Latest comment by: Kyle Johnson: "good review man! Thats crazy how we ended up gettin sat next to eachother haha. one last picture. Since it was my favorite and it didnt end up in either mine or this review "