Tonight in Seattle:  

The Lashes

Death Cab for Cutie, Harvey Danger, MxPx, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Smoosh, The Divorce, The Lashes, The Presidents of the United States of America, Visqueen — Live from the Morning Alternative

Live from the Morning Alternative
107.7 The End hasmade a commitment to raise $50,000 for Vera and this compilation CD, Live from the Morning Alternative, is part of the fundraising effort, including the Divorce, Death Cab, Smoosh, and Pretty Girls Make Graves.


The Lashes — The Stupid Stupid

The Lashes -- The Stupid Stupid
We were in love. In fact from that moment on, every time my cohort and I spotted one of The Lashes around town we'd IM each other and drool over their cuteness.


The Lashes, DEK, and Agent Orange

Ben Lashes. All photos: Ryan Schierling

at Graceland

"Hey, fuck you man!" he yelled back. "Sometimes we like to play with our instruments tuned. So fuck you punk rocker!"


Three Imaginary Girls to Host "Silly Love Songs" Karaoke Bash on Friday the 13th!

Three Imaginary Girls, "Seattle's sparkly indie-pop press", will be hosting a rockstar-laden "Silly Love Songs" Karaoke Bash on Friday, February 13, 2004 at the Crocodile Café, featuring love song karaoke performances by some of our favorite local indie-musicians.


Hot Hot Hot or Not Not Not?

Photos: Ryan Schierling

at The Vera Project

Hot Hot Hot: love 'em? Hate em? We saw em at the Vera Project and we... well, read the review to find out what we thought -- as well as what Ben Lashes thought.


Visqueen, with the Lashes

Photo: Ryan Schierling

at The Crocodile

They were the sun, and we were moon.