Tonight in Seattle:  

Showbox at the Market

Recommended show: Foals! {TONIGHT}


Foals and Freelance Whales are going to be tearing up the Showbox tonight, and you'd best head on down there to soak up all the awes- oh, wait. It's sold out. Right. Sorry about that.

Well, in case there aren't any tickets released at the door, here's a mini-montage of videosongs from these Sub Pop roster-ers for you watch -- and subsequently kick yourself after viewing, once you realize what a crime against your own humanity it is that you didn't pick up tickets:


Latest comment by: John: "I'll be there! Finally. I've missed Foals the last few times they were in town. "

Photo of the day: Rhett Miller and the Old 97's at the Showbox

{Old 97's / by David J. Lee}

It was quite the Monday night earlier this week, when Rhett Miller and the Old 97's took over the Showbox with a little help from Langhorne Slim. 2011 has started off with a run of great shows: nights with the Head and the Heart, Damien Jurado, Lemolo, Cahalen Morrison & Eli West, and Jose Bold have packed the last twenty-odd days (and that's just naming a few). Not to mention last weekend's Crafternoon, where we listened to the new Radio Dept. album and made some of the cutest Valentine's Day cards this side of the sound.

Coming up, we'll be seeing what's sure to be stellar evenings from Say Hi, Cotton Jones, The Builders and the Butchers, John Darnielle, the Cave Singers, and the annual Dancing on the Valentine spectacular, which is coming our way on February 11th at the Crocodile -- save that date! What's coming up on your dance card in the next few weeks? What have you seen in 2011 so far that's knocked your socks off? Talk about it below, and visit our imaginary flickr pool to fawn over (or add) some photos.

{Big thanks to David J. Lee for the shot of our favorite serial ladykiller above!}


Latest comment by: David Lee: "The Old 97's were great, and the Showbox was filled with what TIG has termed "Rhett-o-sexuals"."

The Naked And Famous invade Seattle

Save the date - The Naked And Famous (NZ's breakthrough band of 2010) has just announced a looooooong list of shows, and they're playing Showbox at the Market April 11th!

It's no secret that I'm stoked - TNAF was astoundingly successful last year and it's been amazing to see their hard work pay off.  To bring you up to speed, in June their single "Young Blood" was the first kiwi single to debut at number one on the NZ charts in sixteen years, and then in September went on to win the coveted APRA Silver Scroll, awarded to the "best-written song on commercial release". Their debut album, Passive Me, Aggressive You was certified gold, and as if that wasn't enough of a success story, the band moved to London at the end of the year, having secured a record deal with Fiction Records, home to such bands as White Lies, Elbow, Crystal Castles, Snow Patrol and The Cure. Whew!

This innovative five-piece has a lot to prove, and you bet they're going to bring a pounding, synth-and-distortion filled show. In the meantime, you can score a free download of their cover of The Mint Chicks' "Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!" here, and watch the gorgeous video for "Punching in a Dream" on Vimeo.



Win tickets to see the Old 97s at the Showbox!

{Old 97s / by Victoria VanBruinisse}

Get ready, ladies and gents. It's time to get your Rhett-o-sexual on.

The Old 97s are going to be at the Showbox this coming Monday {January 24th} and we want to send you and a friend to the show! Come stand in the front row and bask in the glory of all things Rhett. Boys and girls, serial ladykillers, straight out foot-stompin' fans and everyone in-between -- if you've got a heartbeat and a hankering for a good time, you've found yourself the right show.

Don't believe me? Take a minute to dig on our review of the last time we saw these boys come through town. Talk about swooning to the max! And as if a night with the Old 97s isn't enough all by itself, opening the show will be none other than the esteemed Langhorne Slim -- who we've loved unreservedly since seeing his KEXP in-studio back east at the Museum of Television and Radio, c. 2005.


Saturday's recommended {benefit} show: SubPopFest with Mudhoney, Fruit Bats, Shabazz Palaces, and more {12/4}

mudhoney @ kexp parking lot 7.23.08

It's far from hyperbolic to say that *the* place to be this Saturday is the Showbox. SubPop has put together an amazing line-up for an even more amazing cause:  to celebrate the life of Andy Kotowitz {beloved member of the music community and SubPopper} and, more importantly, raise money for the Andy Kotowitz Family Foundation, which supports Andy’s wife, Jocelyn, and young daughter Anna.

The benefit show is this Saturday (December 4th) at The Showbox (Market) and will feature performances by some of the bands Andy was the A&R representative for, including: A-Frames/AFCGT, Fruit Bats, Mudhoney, Michael Yonkers, Pissed Jeans, Shabazz Palaces, Vetiver, and Wolf Eyes. This is an all-ages event, with doors at 7pm. Tickets are $20.


Peter Hook from Joy Division to play all of post-punk masterpiece 'Unknown Pleasures' at the Market/Showbox on Dec 7

[Joy Divison - Unknown Pleasures]

It's the album cover that has inspired possibly the coolest t-shirt in rock music history.

Peter Hook is taking Unknown Pleasures out on the road with his band The Light, and the ten tracks on the album will do for those of us reading this website what a reunion of Pink Floyd doing Dark Side of The Moon would do for our parents, aunts, and uncles. Unfortunately, due to dissolving relationships of his own and many other problems, there is no Ian Curtis to moan into the abyss this time -- but Hook has had experience in both JD and the follow-up band made from its ashes-phoenix, New Order, and is throwing in some tracks from original punk band Warsaw besides.

Can you believe all this live music revival goodness will be happening in Seattle next week, December 7, at the Showbox at the Market? There are some people who grumble about the "playing the whole album live" business, but I'm sure even they are intrigued. Especially them, actually. Unknown Pleasures is an album's album, great single tracks regardless, due to its uniformity of sound and over-plus of existential intensity, which these music fans are probably all up in. Unknown Pleasures is the album where the post-punk strip-down happened first, best, and the most -- it is to rock music what Wagner is to opera (and Hook's bass is to alternative dance music as Jimi Hendrix's guitar was to hard rock).

Chris Ott of Pitchfork in his 33 1/3 devoted to the LP called it "the end of pop ... ." The late Tony Wilson, famous for founding the Manchester-based label and club that would give Joy Division their boost into history, is quoted in Simon Reynolds' new book Totally Wired as saying about the "crazed (but) deliciously clever" producer, "Martin Hannett is the kind of man who could hear the sound of the moon moving around the earth." He also claims the band hated Unknown Pleasures due to it being created fully out of absolute hardship and creative suffering, and "if they'd had their way it never would have been released."


Latest comment by: Chris Estey: "

Thanks for the review, Ian. Nicky, by all rights I should be there, but I have lots going on that day/night. I am totally intrigued though and wish I could make it. I would love a report from you on it, if possible!


Friday's recommended show: Dandy Warhols playing the hits at the Showbox {12/3}

Given my love of all things Pacific Northwest and Britpop, it's no surprise that I have a soft spot for The Dandy Warhols. The band expertly blends the brashness and hook-laden landscapes of their UK influences with Portlander moxie. I had forgotten how much I dig on them until I their 2010 retrospective of their Capitol years (1995-2007) crossed my path. It doesn't have all of my favorite Dandy's songs but that's to be expected when they only have 14 spaces for classic tracks.

This Friday, December 3, 2010, The Dandy Warhols will be at the Showbox Market in support of this celebration of their fine Capitol catalog with Blue Giant opening. It's going to be a spectacular scene listening to them cut through the lesser hook'd album tracks and hitting all points "Not If Your Were The Last Junkie On Earth," "We Used To Be Friends," "The Last High" and playing a new recording, "This is The Tide."

Would it be to much to ask that they encore with some tracks from their debut album Dandys Rule: OK {one of my favorite albums of all time} even though it was released on indie label Tim/Kerr {in their pre-Capitol days}? The band is devoting a Portland show to their first two albums where Peter, Zia and Courtney will join up with original Dandy's drummer Eric Hedford for a one-time only performance of select tracks from the first 2 Dandy Warhols albums. This gig will be at the soon-to-be out of business all ages club Satyricon, where the band got their start back in 1994.

Let's all hope for {and request} "TV Theme Song" from Dandys Rule: OK!


Our favorite indie rock Seattle tour guide: John Roderick

John Roderick, Seattle tour guide

We kinda don't know where to begin on this one as it combines so many things we love, our hearts are on the cusp of exploding. A couple more watches and we could be toast (albeit tasty brioche french toast like served at Odd Fellows).

Our dearest man about town and Long Winter, John Roderick, offers a tour of Seattle that exposes his favorite nooks and crannies of our fine city with stops at Odd Fellows, Pretty Parlor, The Crocodile (including a chat with photographer great Charles Peterson), Earthwise Salvage, The Showbox (the night of the Telekinesis show), Shelby Earl recording with Eric Corson, and Le Pichet.

Behold the latest in Rhapsody's Rock Star Guide to the Galaxy -- Destination Seattle - featuring at least four eyewear change ups, three curse word bleeps, a kitty and a Barsuk hoodie (watch it).

What would have been mentioned on your rockstar tour of Seattle?

I like J. Rod's choices, but I'd make sure to show off Remedy Tea, Bimbos (predictable, I know, but you can't deny the power of the no-meato burrito and their happy hour margaritas), Gainsbourg (absinthe cocktails), Molly Moon's Ice Cream, and Judy Fu's Snappy Dragon. Ok, so my tour would basically be a food and drink tour of the city. I'd also include a stop at Velouria and Sonic Boom/Easy Street Records for proper fashion accessories.


Latest comment by: carmen sandiego: "oh, hi gunther and birdy num num! so glad for your bash-y commentary. perhaps you could post the video from a major internet music retailer that features YOUR lovely selves giving a tour, so we can compare? ...oh, that's right. THERE AREN'T ANY. my bad!"

Tickets go on sale for SubPop fest for the Andy Kotowitz Family Foundation {noon today, 11/12}


The music community is still reeling from the passing of Andy Kotowitz, a beloved member of the music community.  It's wonderful to hear that his SubPop family has put together an amazing show to celebrate him and raise money for the Andy Kotowitz Family Foundation, which supports Andy’s wife, Jocelyn, and young daughter Anna.

The benefit show will be December 4th at The Showbox (Market) and will feature performances by some of the bands Andy was the A&R representative for, including: A-Frames/AFCGT, Fruit Bats, Mudhoney, Michael Yonkers, Pissed Jeans, Shabazz Palaces, Vetiver, and Wolf Eyes.  This is an all-ages event, with doors at 7pm.

A line-up like that should not be missed and it will surely sell out quickly. Tickets are $20 and go on sale at noon today {11/12/10} via Ticketmaster.


The Moondoggies and The Cave Singers at the Showbox

Moondoggies photo by Christopher Nelson

at Showbox at the Market

You can guess the ambience in the Showbox on an early November Friday night, especially once you add key details like these: The Moondoggies were holding down the second slot on a 3-band bill, prepping the crowd for the Cave Singers as both bands warm their engines for road swings.

Yes, there was rain – slightly Old Testament at times, pelting First and Pike. Yes, there scads of people seeking dry land and the solace of a locavore night of rock n roll. And the Moondoggies, who refer to themselves as the “Everett Shit Kickers” in their liner note on the stellar new disc, Tidelands, leaned in and let fly to warm the room.