Tonight in Seattle:  

Reverb Festival 2007

REVERB 2007: Central Services

Photos by Eduardo Brambila

at Sonic Boom Records

With the addition of Seattle-based solo artist Andrea Wittgens on keys and backing vocals, the band sounded more melodic, more charming, and more... somehow, complete, than I've ever heard them sound before.


REVERB 2007: The Whore Moans

The Whore Moans photos by Eduardo Brambila

at Outdoor Stage at REVERB

They had the crowd bouncing along, including the winos in front of the stage (which yes, I confused them for a band!)


REVERB 2007: Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes. Photos by Kyle Johnson

at The Sunset

The band’s mesmerizing numbers, which mix jangly-pop with a tinge of acoustic folk, won me over.


Latest comment by: Dylan: "I fell in love with Fleet Foxes the moment I heard them. They are so special."

Throw Me the Statue video from REVERB festival

We got some video footage on our fancy schmany imaginary video camera last night, and one of the best moments has to be this acoustic number Throw Me the Statue played mid-set.


Another photo tease from last night's REVERB festival...

After seeing Eduardo Brambila's photos from the No-Fi Soul Rebellion show at Sonic Boom Records last night, I CAN'T WAIT to read the full review.


Latest comment by: Andrea: "I can't wait, you guys are the best!"

REVERB 2007: Throw Me the Statue

Photos by Eduardo Brambila

at Bop Street Records

The band's overall sound was charming yet substantial, melodic with the right splash of earnestness, twinkling without falling toward the fey.