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Throw Me the Statue

Local goodness (and more!) at 2012's City Arts Fest

Now that this year's City Arts Fest is over, I can take a step back and realize that I have been blown away by four solid days of an amazing array of (mostly) local bands, all giving Seattle some truly amazing sets. Each night showcased what the Pacific Northwest had to offer, and it was difficult to decide what venues to hit and who to see. Packing in as much as I could, I witnessed an incredible display of music spanning from pop to country to rock, and of course, took tons of photos.

The David Byrne / St. Vincent show was housed in the most perfect venue, that being the 5th Avenue Theater. The performance was brilliantly theatrical, with a choreographed horn section and Byrne and Clark's synchronized dancing (!!!) it really was entertainment of the highest caliber. It was almost overwhelmingly unreal. Love This Giant is one of my favorite albums that's come out this year and live, and I'm happy to report that the songs are even more over the top than they are on the record. What became clear about St. Vincent's songs -- especially those like "Cheerleader", "Cruel", and "Marrow" -- was how downright grand they became with the addition of an array of brass instuments. The crowd was pretty packed with David Byrne/Talking Heads fans or at least my section was; and yes, "Burnin' Down the House" was played in amazing fashion.

St. Vincent & David Byrne


Recommended show + free tickets: TMTS and BOAT at the Comet! {4/30}

{Throw Me The Statue and Boat at the Comet}

Come one, come all! Throw Me The Statue and BOAT are playing at the Comet this Saturday, and you're not going to want to miss it -- it's like two great bands that taste great together. This is BOAT's first show back in town since they returned from their East Coast domination tour (hitting all points Brooklyn, NY, Milford, CT and Rock Island, IL) and very special guest (and original member) Z. Duffy will be joining them (Z. moved to Chicago a long time ago) for this one show. Z. was integral in BOAT's sloppy pop early days, and we know Saturday will be a reunited-and-it-feels-so-good lovefest.

And PS, longtime love of the imaginaries Throw Me The Statue will headline the night -- and we've been having dreams that they might debut a new song. Not sure if this is true, but we hope so!

With Boy Eats Drum Machine and Wonderful on the lineup, there's only one thing missing: and that's you! Which is why we have a hot pair of tickets to give away to one lucky reader (and their +1). Just send a note to tig {at} threeimaginarygirls {dot} com with the subject line, "YouReallyShouldBeSmiling" sometime before 3p on Friday, April 29th. We'll pick a winner at random and get your name on the guest list for Saturday night's show. Easy breezy!


imaginary liz's favorite albums of 2009

Still Flyin photo by Steve Louie

For some reason as stressful as it is sometimes to do, I found myself compiling a bunch of year end and decade end lists over the holiday weekend. So many so, I decided to spread out all my lists throughout the week. Today we'll start with the meat of the list -- my favorite releases of 2009.

As long as I've been making lists, it's always been apparent that I'm partial to Pacific Northwest bands... and this year it's especially so. I'm sure I've forgotten something that I love beyond belief.. but here is the list as of *right now*. What are your favorite local and non-local releases of 2009?



Latest comment by: Anonymous: "I J I yeesssss!"

Recommended show: The Brunettes w/Throw Me the Statue & Nurses tonight at The Vera Project

Okay, guys. Here’s the thing: I am writing this recommendation based solely on my love for The Brunettes. We’ve mentioned Throw Me the Statue here on TIG a few times before and I’m sure they’re a mighty fine band, and uh, Nurses sound great too, but my point is – GO. SEE. THE. BRUNETTES. They’re an adorable band from New Zealand and they are chock-full of great lyrics and fun, poppy goodness.

Seriously. Exhibit A:
The Brunettes


Latest comment by: John in Ballard: "Oh they definitely played "Loopy Loopy Love" and it sounded just as sweet and poppy as the name would imply. I'll keep my eye out for those albums the next time I'm ravaging through Easy Street. Thanks Amie. John"

New Throw Me the Statue video: "Hi-Fi Goon"

TIG favorites and indie rock band Throw Me the Statue just released a new video to their single "Hi-Fi Goon", from their recently-released album Creaturesque. The timing of its release, I'm sure, is meant to whet the appetites of people who can't wait for their show on Tuesday at the Vera Project with The Brunettes. Enjoy:

Throw Me the Statue — Throw Me The Statue- Creaturesque

Throw Me The Statue has had a steep learning curve. Releasing their first LP, Moonbeams, on Scott Reitherman’s local Seattle label, Baskerville Hill Records, they recently signed with the Indiana based independent label, Secretly Canadian, for their sophomore full length release, Creaturesque. Weaving together pop, rock, and a slew of influences, Creaturesque is redolent of an estranged lover’s pheromones lingering on a hand-me-down T-shirt.

In an interview with The Line Of Best Fit, Scott Rietherman commented on recently joining the impressive collection of bands on Secretly Canadian. He sees Jens Lekman’s pop presence on the label encouraging as a niche for Throw Me The Statue to fit into Secretly Canadian’s roster. Opening track, “Waving at the Shore,” hearkens to Lekman’s love of horns and handclaps, setting a light-hearted tone at the outset of the album. However, this incredibly upbeat pop song feels like an outlier to the rest of the album, only hinting at the overwhelming mnemonic mood of Creaturesque, during the more introspective verses.


Latest comment by: dabbs: "Um.... they signed to Secretly Canadian ages ago and their debut album, 'Moonbeams' was re-released on that label almost as soon as it came out. "

Chomp down at Light in the Attic's 3rd annual doughnut eating contest

mmm, doughnuts

Here is a little free association test for you: When you hear the expression "competitive eating," what comes to mind?

If the answer wasn't a Mexican Elvis impersonator, well, you're probably not the only one, but it feels kind of appropriate, no?

Indie record label Light in the Attic is hosting their 3rd annual donut eating contest on Saturday, August 1st at 1p at Top Pot Doughnuts (5th Avenue location). This event is free to the public. There are a few fun and exciting changes this year for participants and cheerleaders alike, including the participation of four other record labels (Barsuk, Sub Pop, Suicide Squeeze, and Hardly Art).

The name of the game is doughnut eating, and apparently this will be a tag team-type affair. Volunteers from the audience will be selected at random and teamed up with one of the five label representatives to scoff down as many rings of fried deliciousness as possible.


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Throw Me The Statue coming soon to a city near you

Throw Me the Statue. Photo by Eduardo Brambila

You know what’s funny? When I first heard Throw Me The Statue’s new album Creaturesque, I was immediately struck by the tracks that hearken back to the feeling of mornings spent listening to Built to Spill and drinking too much coffee. Knowing that Phil Ek helped produced it reveals where that sensory memory sprang from. I guess that’s not really funny. But more on that later— Creaturesque will be out August 4th on Secretly Canadian.

In the meanwhile this Seattle band will be hitting the road as co-headliners with New Zealand band The Brunettes in support of the new album. Before they go, they will be playing a handful of Seattle shows. A full list of tour dates and the track listing of the new album is listed below. With all these opportunities and a good cause to support (A Drink for the Kids at Vera), you really have no reason not to see an upcoming lo-fi power-pop Seattle band play at home before they blast off this Sound.


Latest comment by: Imaginary Kiku: "Even in NYC, 21+ is everywhere! But the Mural Amphitheater show should be rad "

Best of 2009 {so far}

I don't know how it happened, but half the year officially is over! That means that we're half way to end of the year list time! I know that for a bunch of us, there are few things we love more than lists and mix tapes (I usually make a mix for friends of my year-end list favorites) -- so it makes sense we should do a mid-year check in and see what's topping our Best of 2009 list. Here's my off-the-cuff list of what albums would vying for Top 10 of 2009 in my book:


Latest comment by: sklein: "Chellise Landing - 'Curtain Crimes'. Perfect album."

Hear the USE/TMTS albums tonight at Solo Bar

Tonight, Solo Bar in Lower Queen Anne (200 Roy Street) is hosting a listening party for two of the most highly-anticipated local releases of the year: Throw Me the Statue's Creaturesque and USE's L O V E W O R L D.


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