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An imaginary interview in the Seattle Weekly with... us!

Dalton Webb of the Seattle WeeklyIt's not often that we find ourselves on the other side of the interview table, but we were recently honored beyond belief to have a few questions tossed our way by Sara Brickner of the Seattle Weekly. We talked about about our imaginary M.O. {um, what?} and they even printed some kind words from our local favorite folks D. Crane of BOAT and Abbey Simmons of Sound on the Sound. Added bonus, there's even a cute imaginary-inspired graphic whipped up by Dalton Webb to boot!

The article appears in this week's issue or you can read it on the Weekly website.


Latest comment by: heather b: "nice!!"

Krist Novoselic jumps on blogging bandwagon

Krist Novoselic has joined the local media, blogging for Seattle Weekly.


Latest comment by: shane curry: "Now, now, to be fair, didn't he used to go by "Chris" back in the ol' days of Nirvana? Maybe that's where the confusion lies. ha."

Line Out posts a few words about REVERBfest

I couldn't help but feeling like he served up the reviews with an extra smattering of vitriol because the bands played at a Weekly showcase.


Latest comment by: imaginary anonymous: "progress, but too bad the stranger wasn't willing to mention reverbfest until after it happened. "

REVERB 2007: Awesome

Awesome Photo by Eduardo Brambila

at Outdoor Stage at REVERB

Finally. a rock band that understands major and minor chords, and uses them to their full potential.


REVERB 2007: No-Fi Soul Rebellion

Photos by Eduardo Brambila

at Sonic Boom Records

From rocking the sidewalk to touching. himself on top of the counter to making us all lay down on the ground, No-Fi Soul Rebellion rocked us.


Latest comment by: mark: "i totally think gary should change his name to 'gary gary.'"

REVERB 2007: PWRFL Power

PWRFL Power. Photos by Eduardo Brambila

at Miro Tea

I’m not sure what they slipped into Kaz's tea, but it sure made him perform well.


Latest comment by: ben: "yup that was me with the kazoo about the millionth time ive randomly been in some show review for doin somethin stupid"

REVERB 2007: The Animals at Night

The Animals at Night

at Tractor Tavern

It's certainly a departure from Markel's more rockin' music of the past, much in the same way that Head Like a Kite was a 180 for Sushirobo member Dave Einmo (who was also at the show).



Fleet Foxes photo by Kyle Johnson


Reviews of the bands we caught at REVERBfest 2007, including Fleet Foxes, Siberian, Troubletown, Ms. Led, Throw Me the Statue, Awesome!, PWRFL Power, No-Fi Soul Rebellion, and many more!


Latest comment by: La Empanada: "was that the first band to perform at the outside stage? if So i got pictures..."

REVERB 2007: Siberian

Siberian photos by Kyle Johnson

at Outdoor Stage at REVERB

My personal favorite was the upbeat, somewhat shoegaze sounding track "Belgian Beer and Catholic Girls" (I'm quite partial to both).


Latest comment by: imaginary chona: "the last siberian photo is my favorite. wow!! great work kyle"

REVERB 2007: Troubletown

Troubletown. Photo by Kyle Johnson

at Miro Tea

Troubletown was one of those amazing live musical experiences where you instantly feel connected with an artist you never knew existed.