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Suicide Squeeze

Chomp down at Light in the Attic's 3rd annual doughnut eating contest

mmm, doughnuts

Here is a little free association test for you: When you hear the expression "competitive eating," what comes to mind?

If the answer wasn't a Mexican Elvis impersonator, well, you're probably not the only one, but it feels kind of appropriate, no?

Indie record label Light in the Attic is hosting their 3rd annual donut eating contest on Saturday, August 1st at 1p at Top Pot Doughnuts (5th Avenue location). This event is free to the public. There are a few fun and exciting changes this year for participants and cheerleaders alike, including the participation of four other record labels (Barsuk, Sub Pop, Suicide Squeeze, and Hardly Art).

The name of the game is doughnut eating, and apparently this will be a tag team-type affair. Volunteers from the audience will be selected at random and teamed up with one of the five label representatives to scoff down as many rings of fried deliciousness as possible.


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Reasons to see the Coathangers at the Comet on Saturday

Photo by Bobb Lovett

The first time I heard about The Coathangers, a bad-ass, all girl band from Atlanta, was from music writer (for now?) Christopher Weingarten's 1000 Times Yes Twitter record review project (where he reviews a thousand records this year in 140 characters or less). His review described the band's new album Scramble as "Be Your Own Pet as cartoon-saturated Kill Rock Stars no-wavers, punk rock as beach blanket bingo."

That's enough to perk up my ears, and as my initial hunch was correct, I do really enjoy listening to The Coathangers. Scramble does bring to mind BYOP (whose album Get Awkward was my very favorite of 2008) as well as Kill Rock Stars' best riot grrrl bands like Bikini Kill and Bratmobile. It's often messy, disjointed punk but they also have some surf and garage tendencies. One song on Scramble, "Stop Stomping Around" sounds like a 1960s summer beach hit, with some great girl group harmonies.


Latest comment by: elle: "I'm sorry Chris--I have to say the picture of them above is more interesting than what I heard come out of the Comet Saturday night. "

Past Lives/Triumph of Lethargy tonight at Showbox Green Room

Tonight (a Monday night! How lucky can we get?) Past Lives plays the Showbox at the Market's Green Room, a nicely intimate way to get to know this new challenging, more melodic material from these brother punks.


Reissue, Repackage?

Minus the Bear’s EP They Make Beer Commercials Like This, originally released way back in 2004, is newly remastered, expanded, and re-releasing on label Suicide Squeeze.


Latest comment by: elle: "Wait, isn't Suicide Squeeze a downgrade from Jade Tree? And woo hoo for the new CD coming this autumn! :D"

Suicide Squeeze Records Announces 7” Series

There's few things that get my heart racing like limited edition vinyl delivered right to my home. The folks at Suicide Squeeze Records have put together a 7” Series for 2008 that will do just that.


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Photo of the moment: Minus the Bear

With a threesome like Grand Archives, Helio Sequence, and Minus the Bear, there must be loads of amazing stories to share...


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Photos from the Minus the Bear in-store at Easy Street Records on Monday night

I've heard the midnight in-store at Easy Street to celebrate the release of the brand spankin' new Minus the Bear record was "off the hook," as the kids like to say. According to Jesse from Easy Street, it was their biggest in-store since the Shins played a few months back (and I was there for that one, and it was pretty darn packed).


Minus the Bear — Planet of Ice

Minus the Bear -- Planet of Ice
For all the moments of greatness and exploring new territory, it’s also pretty darn familiar.


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Bringing on the lasers!

Minus the Bear, whose new album Planet of Ice comes out in just under two weeks, will join the ranks of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin on August 21.


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