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Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Some of our must-sees for Bumbershoot 2012 {Sept. 1-3}

{Pickwick at KEXP's Bumbershoot Music Lounge / by Victoria VanBruinisse}

There's plenty to dig into at this year's Bumbershoot Music Festival outside of the big-draw acts (Gotye, anyone?) that make the daily ticket price well worth every hard-earned dollar you're going to spend. There's an impressive comedy lineup, KEXP's always-awesome "secret" Music Lounge, endless vendors, and the sunny goodness of the Seattle Center grounds -- and it all awaits us as another Labor Day weekend looms around the corner. You can head on over to the official Bumbershoot site to go over the schedule and fine-tune a personal lineup, of course -- but here's a few of our hot picks anyway, just in case you find yourself with a case of multi-stage overwhemsion.


Bumbershoot kicks off strong this year with some feel-good bands breaking us in on our first day, like JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound (fingers crossed-times-infinity that they do their killer cover of "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart"), Sera Cahoone, and the Barr Brothers, still fresh in our mind from their performance at Pickathon. THEESatisfaction is sure to electro-groove our very souls before we get a good shredding from the Heartless Bastards, and later on we'll gladly close out day one with a bit of Jane's Addiction and M. Ward:

2:30p, Fisher Green Stage: JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound
3:30p, Sub Pop Stage (Fountain Lawn): Sera Cahoone
4:30p, The Promenade: Barr Brothers
5:15p, Sub Pop Stage: THEESatisfaction
5:45p, Starbucks Stage (Mural): Heartless Bastards
9:00p, The Promenade: Damien Jurado
9:30p, Mainstage (Key Arena): Jane's Addiction
9:45p, Fisher Green Stage: M. Ward

There's tons to do in that gap during the dinner hour, including the Stranger's Guide to America, grabbing actual dinner, checking out Flatstock, and seeking out one of a bazillion killer comedy acts before picking back up the tunes.


Chugging along into day two, we'll gladly get take our wakeup call from Eighteen Individual Eyes (and a side of the-good-kind-of-bite from Katie Kate) before we ease into a mainstage set at Key Arena from Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings (hell yes!!). There's a run of favorites and Sub Pop all-stars through the afternoon, with blissy sets from the Young Evils, the Fruit Bats, and Mudhoney; and another day'll easily get knocked out of the park with a closing set from Wanda Jackson and those Dusty 45s:


NYC Popfest 2011 :: recap!

photo by Steve Louie

The fifth anniversary of NYC Popfest kicked off with a sold-out show at the Cake Shop with headliners the Pains of Being Pure at
, who were announced to the opening night bill only a week before the start of the festival. (Talk about a pleasant surprise!) Pet Milk {hailing from Philadelphia} started the night in strong fashion, belting out amiable noisey-garage pop tracks. The impending rumour that May 21st would be the end of the world didn’t stop Pet Milk from playing an upbeat catchy pop number called “Christian Solicitors,” which managed to making us feel like it wouldn’t be a bad thing if they were one of the last bands we ever saw.


Pains of Being Pure at Heart woo The Crocodile

at The Crocodile

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart played a sold-out show to promote new album Belong at The Crocodile last Friday, with many of the Imaginary crowd eagerly in attendance.  Offering a welcome retreat from the Sakura-Con crowds, the show also heralded in the spring concert season that I have long been anticipating.

This was not a concert to thrash about to, and at times it seemed more fitting to be cross-legged under a willow tree with a hot cuppa (Do POBPAH sell thermoses or teasets?  I sense a niche in the merch stand!) than shuffling to-and-fro amid the humid belly of The Crocodile.  The music of POBPAH is cardigan-clad, awkward, and unapologetically poppy - but who cares?  This love is fucking right.


Trying to get a handle on my excitement for the Pains of Being Pure at Heart show {this Friday}


It's been a tough past couple days as I whittle down the countdown clock to Friday night and the big Pains of Being Pure at Heart show at The Crocodile!

The tick tock on the clock started months ago when I first heard whispers from the blazingly pretty new album, Belong {listen to a full stream here}, and began fantasizing about how they are going to tear the stage up {in the nicest way possible} with fuzzy pop the next time they visit town {read Chris Estey's spot on imaginary review}.

An added bonus is that Seattle twee-phenom Seapony will be opening up. Their recent signing to Hardly Art Records only confirms my suspicion that they are poised to take over the indie-pop scene.

The show has recently sold-out {score one point for all the shy guys in the room!}, so I'm extra proud of myself for procuring tickets early.

Are you headed to the show too? What songs do you want them to include in the set?

Have other plans/suggestions for this weekend? Details please!


Latest comment by: Jeremy Jensen: "The only time I regret living in Boise is when I hear of shows like these. TPOBPAH made it through Boise maybe a year and a half ago, and they were astoundingly good. I completely agree that Seapony are poised to take over too. Everything I've heard from their ...

imaginary liz's favorite albums of 2009

Still Flyin photo by Steve Louie

For some reason as stressful as it is sometimes to do, I found myself compiling a bunch of year end and decade end lists over the holiday weekend. So many so, I decided to spread out all my lists throughout the week. Today we'll start with the meat of the list -- my favorite releases of 2009.

As long as I've been making lists, it's always been apparent that I'm partial to Pacific Northwest bands... and this year it's especially so. I'm sure I've forgotten something that I love beyond belief.. but here is the list as of *right now*. What are your favorite local and non-local releases of 2009?



Latest comment by: Anonymous: "I J I yeesssss!"

The most pleasant Pains or Cymbals Eat bad burritos

at Neumo's

the pains of being pure at heart

I love living in Seattle and getting to see my favorite New York City bands come through town on tour together. So I was a little disappointed when I found out that Cymbals Eat Guitars had food poisoning on the night of the Seattle show during their tour with Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Of course, POBPAH are enough to draw me out of my apartment, but without Cymbals, the show lacked energy between openers The Depreciation Guild and headliners POBPA.


Recommended Show: Capitol Hill Block Party 2009

Considering the window of weather for outdoor antics is pitifully small in Seattle, it seems we have learned to really pack the few months of sunshine with good times, great oldies and a bunch of great new bands as well. 12 years ago Capitol Hill Block Party began and next week you can take part in its revelry. With a particularly punk-rock lineup, what a good time it will be! With three stages and over 50 bands between July 24th and 25th, not to mention satellite parties to attend, you ‘d really have to strive to not have fun at Block Party. This year the headliners on the main stage are The Jesus Lizard on the main stage Friday night and Sonic Youth on Saturday.

Tickets are still available (but I can't imagine it wont sell out soon - so go get yours soon). And if you're headed there, note that the main entrance has moved to 12th and Pike which should make for a better traffic flow.


Must have V day comp: If you like everything, there's nothing left to love!

Mark the holiday of St. Valentine with some of the finest fresh and new indie-pop in the blogosphere!


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The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and The Crystal Slilts are going to make this a good day

The song on the limited edition vinyl is entitled "Kurt Cobain's Cardigan" and not only does it conjure up visions of that one Sassy magazine cover, it rules... AND it's on the PoBPaH's MySpace. Go listen!


Latest comment by: diana: "oh i love kip. and the pains. and taking the last heineken from their cooler backstage. i think i'm seeing them in NY soon."

New England Popfest Sampler: Download some sweet indie-pop!

We imaginary girls look for any opportunity to thrust free indie-pop downloads your way, celebrate indie-pop music festivals, and talk about the bands Brown Recluse Sings and Pains of Being Pure at Heart.


Latest comment by: christine: "Hello! Thanks for posting the sampler, we think it's swell, too. I would LOVE to report on Popfest for you - honestly, I won't be *too* slanted! There will be reviews on our blog and check out flickr for our ...