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News from the world of remixing...

CSS remixing the B-52s?! I'm so there!


Latest comment by: Jeanine Anderson: "Ha! CSS remixing the B-52s? That is rad."

What would be on your Muxtape?

I made one this afternoon. You can listen to it at What would be on yours?


Latest comment by: Imaginary Shrie: "Damn! Now everyone knows about Muxtape. I thought I was cooler than cool."

Client — Heartland

Client -- Heartland
It was once said that if you stripped away the rough power chords (and slowed them down a bit) and lyrics about sniffing glue from the Ramones songs, you’re left with a pop band like the Beach Boys. The same could be said of Client. Remove the electronic beats and overt sex and a 1960s girl group is left standing – albeit one that writes its own songs.