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Photo Essay: SIFF hip-hop documentary The Otherside Premiere

Imaginary Rich hit the SIFF red carpet once again for the premiere of The Otherside last Friday night, and got some great photos of everyone who showed up to support the film, including Macklemore! Below are a some highlights, and you can see the whole set on Flickr here

TJ Santos and Macklemore

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Photo Essay: SIFF Rock Doc Red Carpets! The Punk Singer & Her Aim is True

Imaginary Rich has done it again! His red carpet coverage is UNSTOPPABLE. This time he captured the arrivals for both The Punk Singer and Her Aim is True: two rock-related documentaries that screened at SIFF this past weekend.

We ♥ the spirit showing in these! Thanks, Rich.

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Photo Essay: SIFF Opening Night! Whedonverse meets SIFFverse

WOW. Wow. wow. When we sent Imaginary Amie & Rich to the SIFF Opening Night Red Carpet last night, we didn't realize how AMAZING it would be. I mean, we had an idea -- but holycrap, you guys. It was AWESOME. So much Whedonverse & SIFFverse goodness together! 

Amie live-tweeted and recorded some Vine videos while Rich took on the photos (find his full set here), and both laughed and cheered along with the crowd as the Directors and Stars arrived. Below is a sampling of what we experienced! 

Alexis Denisof and Carl Spence

Seattle-based Director Lynn Shelton

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Latest comment by: Imaginary Rich: "

It was so much fun to shoot! Glad you enjoyed the coverage. :-)


Recommended Exhibit: Amazing photos of The Rolling Stones in 1972 at the EMP

copyright and courtesy Jim Marshall Photography LLC

Mick Jagger backstage at the Forum, Los Angeles, California 1972 | All images © copyright and courtesy Jim Marshall Photography LLC

Since I know next-to-nothing about photography and famous photographers, I had never heard of Jim Marshall before I stepped into the new The Rolling Stones 1972, Photographs by Jim Marshall exhibit. (Obviously, though, I had heard of the Stones). Luckily, guest curator Michelle Dunn Marsh was on hand to tell me all about Jim, share details of the photos, and just generally amaze me.

EMP’s Curatorial Director Jasen Emmons helped it all come together by providing a history of the band—and to compliment Marshall’s photos with a lovely centerpiece from the museum’s collection: the original artwork for Exile on Main Street, which is unbelievably awesome.

But enough about that; let’s get to the actual PHOTOS.


You are invited: Bumbershoot prefunk photo opening this Thursday at Solo! {8/25}

{Mark Pickerel / by Victoria VanBruinisse}

Got plans Thursday night? No? Good! Get yourself over to Solo in Lower Queen Anne, because there's a Bumbershoot prefunk party going on -- and we're all invited.

On August 25th (this Thursday) from 5-8p, a handful of local photographers (along with the fine folks over at One Reel) will be combining forces to present a happy hour of festival-sized proportions.  We will bask in the glory of the amazing work of James Bailey, Laura Musselman, Christopher Nelson, Jim Bennett, Erin Lodi, Nate Watters, and our very own Victoria VanBruinisse while snacking on tasty food and drink specials as a handcrafted playlist plays on the Solo soundsystem.

What a way to kick off the weekend (because we all know that weekend's *actually* start on Thursday night): happy hour specials and getting our Bumbershoot frenzy on!  After we peruse the art on the walls, let's chat about our Bumbershoot schedules and figure out a strategy to fit in all the must-sees.

Admission is free and the show will be hanging for a few weeks in case you can't join us for the fab opening night festivities.

Hope to see you there!

{Free / 21+ / 5-8p. More information on the Facebook event page here. Photo of Mark Pickerel and the Tripwires from Bumbershoot 2010 by Victoria VanBruinisse.}

Photo of the Day: Hobosexual @Columbia City Theater

Hobosexual by Amelia Gyde

Holy hair whip, Batman!

I spied this photo by Amelia Gydé in our Sparkly Indie-Pop Flickr Stream and had to share it with you guys. Check out the rest of her set and photos from this weekend's shows (including some awesome shots by our own Imaginary Victoria from The Head and the Heart show!) and escape the rest of your Monday.


Post that killer photo of you and Santa and win free tickets

Imaginary Holiday - Photo with Santa

We are counting down to the moment that we get to {gently} plop our imaginary arses on the knee of Santa Vanderslice for a pretty photo taken by photographer extraordinaire Laura Musselman at the Imaginary Holiday Office Party next week {December 16, 2010}.

But we know that things haven't always been so indie-rock for all of us... and we want proof! Please share your favorite / best / worst / funniest / cutest photo of you with Santa by posting it in the comments section of the Facebook invite for the Imaginary Holiday Office Party.

We'll reward the photo with the most 'LIKE's by 9a December 13th with a pair of tickets to the Imaginary Holiday Office Party {Thursday, December 16 at the Columbia City Theater}.

We can't wait to see what Santa looked like when he has his photo taken with you!

{I know it doesn't look like I wearing a skirt in the above photo. Short skirts were in that year!}

Photo Essay: The Octopus Project and Starfucker

at Neumos


Photo:  Nicky Andrews

It's hard to believe it's not the weekend yet - if you happened to be at Neumos Tuesday night, there was definitely some Friday-night style action going on!

The Octopus Project played a mesmerizing set, wowing the audience with their ecclectic mixture of home-engineered instruments, whimsical animated stage props, and intricately layered music. The Octopus Project doesn't just make noise, they smash decibels, photons and surrealism together to create an all-encompassing atmosphere of awesome.

Check out some more amazing photos of The Octopus Project and Starfucker after the jump.



Latest comment by: Anonymous: "Hi, love the pics. Just wanted to let you all know that the Boom Boom Satellites will be performing at Silver Platters, Seattle on Oct. 29th. Just saw them perform in NYC and the performance was amazing. See you guys there "

Photo of the day: Head and the Heart at the Mural Ampitheater

the head and the heart

As if we needed another reason to love The Head and the Heart and Seattle and KEXP {who put together the free show last week}, imaginary photographer Victoria VanBruinisse captured all three in one of the most beautiful dreamy shots ever.

Now that we've kinda rested up from the crazy past few days, tell us all about your faves, notsofaves, surprises, and happiest moments of the weekend!

You can peruse all the other amazing photos from this weekend in the Imaginary Flickr Photo Pool {and add yours}!


Our imaginary birthday in photos: Aqueduct, Math & Physics Club, and Skeletons with Flesh on Them

Skeletons with Flesh on Them by Steve Louie
Skeletons with Flesh on Them {Photo: Steve Louie}

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Crocodile last Saturday night for the big birthday show with Aqueduct, Math & Physics Club, and Skeletons with Flesh on Them. It was wonderful to spend the special evening with you... even if none of us could break out the candy in the #8 pinanta {thanks to Skeletons with Flesh on Them for supplying the pinata!}.  It was such a joyous time, it made us wish that we could celebrate a birthday more than once a year. Good thing time flies!

Double thanks go to our photographers Steve Louie and Lori Paulson for capturing the evening in photos.