Tonight in Seattle:  


Photo of the moment: PWRFL Power, from the TIG-presents show last night

Did you make it to our TIG-presents show at the Croc last night? Did you have fun?


Latest comment by: Rob Miller: "great picture. and great show. i was there and got to talk to Kaz for a story with Sound Magazine. All you imaginary kids should check it out in our January issue!"

Our next TIG presents show...

It's a big fun night of local rock at the Croc, yo!


Latest comment by: Mark Young: "Facts About Funerals is a great band...they are going to be doing many good things in this formation. PWRFL POWER is something you don't want to miss either...Great story/song teller. I will be there... Mark Young"

TIG presents: the Elephants, Facts About Funerals, PWRFL Power, and the Birthdays

TIG presents
Please join Three Imaginary Girls for a great local lineup at the Crocodile!


Tonight! A local show that should not be missed: Shane Tutmarc and the Traveling Mercies, PWRFL Power, Grand Hallway

While I do thoroughly enjoy both PWRFL Power and Shane Tutmarc and the Traveling Mercies, the band I'm most excited about is Grand Hallway.


Latest comment by: veronica: "Just like Dumbledore."

REVERB 2007: PWRFL Power

PWRFL Power. Photos by Eduardo Brambila

at Miro Tea

I’m not sure what they slipped into Kaz's tea, but it sure made him perform well.


Latest comment by: ben: "yup that was me with the kazoo about the millionth time ive randomly been in some show review for doin somethin stupid"

Mt Eerie: Were we at the Vera or Japanacortes?

Mt. Eerie

at The Vera Project

The whole room was in a trance as the song ended, the nearly sold-out audience unsure if the journey was done or not, delaying their applause. Of course, claps erupted once Phil gave the cue.


At the CHBP 2007: Team Gina rules, so does Caffe Vita wireless internet access

Dana and I are here at the Capitol Hill Block Party and so excited to be blogging right here from the center of the action here at Caffe Vita. The pavement and people still look fresh (rather than the sweaty spectacle I imagine they'll be later in the day) and the Hill is alive with the sound of indie rock.


Capitol Hill Block Party 2007: PWRFL Power

PWRFL Power. Photo by igDana.

at Capitol Hill Block Party 2007

His quirky little tunes lyrically cross into some uncomfortable territory, but with his gentle, slightly-accented talk-singing, he pulled it off with aplomb and without making his audience blush.


PWRFL Power wins "Block Star" contest

The winner: PWRFL Power, a solo acoustic act with quirky little songs like "The Tomato Song."


Capitol Hill Block Party "Block Star" finalists named

The eight finalists have been announced, and the competition goes down this Friday, June 15th at the Vera Project. The show is all-ages and free, it starts at 7:30, and the competitors are...


Latest comment by: elle: "I know the judges are pretty big too. DJs from local radio stations and such. "