Tonight in Seattle:  


PWRFL Power performs at Vermillion art gallery tonight (free)

The art show and performance tonight are free, so being broke is not an excuse to stay in.


Grampall Jookabox tonight with PWRFL Power at Vera

It's a hard night of choice in Seattle, with Awesome! at ACT, Husbands Love Your Wives at Easy Street, and The Dirtbombs (!!) at Chop Suey...


Bumbershoot 2008: Day 1

Bumbershoot 2008 photo by Kyle Johnson

at Bumbershoot 2008

Bumbershoot is a musical extravaganza, spanning the three-day Labor Day weekend with more bands, arts, and elephant ears than anyone can possibly capture. We had a posse of imaginary writers (ChrisB, Chris Estey, imaginary elle, imaginary dana, and Cory), and photographers (Chona, Kyle, Nathan, and Andrew) all over Seattle Center, trying to capture the frenzy and mayhem of Bumbershoot 2008. Below you can see and read about our adventures during the first day, which kicked off with local electronic duo Beehive and ended with superstar Beck, and covered over 20 other bands in-between.



Capitol Hill Block Party 2008: PWRFL Power

PWRFL Power photos by Kyle Johnson

at Capitol Hill Block Party 2008

In the crowded, loud and smoky audience at the Block Party, he just didn’t keep me compelled.


All the PWRFL haters can hate, welcome Half Yogurt

Kaz has seen the comments and said he only read the negative ones because they make him smile.


Latest comment by: nobodybrokeyourheart: "the only reason that i would ever hate pwrfl power, is that he is no longer local and thus is probably actually getting paid to play the capitol hill bloc party. sell out."

Pitchfork misses the PWRFL Power point

I'd hate for one review to rob their wide readership of the chance to listen a little more closely. And see for themselves that Pitchfork, in their infinite wisdom, missed the point.


Latest comment by: Gemmi: "PWRFL Power sucks.... sorry... i saw him at battle of the bands for capitol hill block party and i could never understand why he beat out the sutures!"

Northwest goodness at the Georgetown Music Festival

There is plenty of Friday and Saturday afternoon to catch the route 60, 131, 134, or 170 to catch this little festival with a big Northwest line-up.


Daniel Johnston, the Dead Science, and PWRFL Power

Daniel Johnston

at Neumo's

It was truly amazing to witness living legend David Johnston perform his life’s work and show his heart to everyone in attendance.


Top 50 Imaginary keywords this month

For the keyword curious, here's the full top 50 ways folks found TIG in Google last month.


Latest comment by: Joseph Riippi: "I'm gonna have to go ahead and take credit for the "fuck photo" link. Without Music Fuck It"

PWRFL Power, Facts About Funerals, and the Birthdays

PWRFL Power. Photos by Kyle Johnson.

at The Crocodile

A recap of our TIG presents bill at the Crocodile.


Latest comment by: Kiri: "PWRFUL POWER was great! I think he was sick that night, at least that's what he said to me.. "