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The Long Blondes

The Long Blondes breaking up

It's another week and and another band we (I?) love is splitting up. This time it is The Long Blondes.


Latest comment by: Imaginary Shrie: "Oh my... I loved the strong female vocals of the Long Blondes. Missed already! IGshr*e"

This long weekend of Long Winters (and other) shows... what did you see?

We'd love to hear about any other show-going or firework-exploding madness that ensued during your holiday weekends. Please share!


Latest comment by: keenan: "BOAT were incredible as always. I was reminded at how much I love the Long Winters, despite their only playing one song off of The Worst You Can Do Is Harm (they opened with "Give Me A Moment"). They did, however, play "Scared Straight" and I nearly melted. "

The Long Blondes at Neumo's

at Neumo's

She danced around the Neumo’s stage in a pair of stilettos that could be used as a deadly weapon and controlled the sexual tension of everyone in the room, male or female.


The Long Blondes — "Couples"

The Long Blondes -- "Couples"
The album feels like it is trying to be too clever for its own good. ”Couples” ends up being the sophomore slump we've all come to fear.


Latest comment by: Imaginary Shrie: "Thats unfortunate to hear. I really loved "Someone to Drive You Home". Boooo..."

Win tickets to see The Long Blondes at Neumos!

The Long Blondes are coming to Neumos on Wednesday, May 28th with 17th Chapter and Ms. Led and Three Imaginary Girls is proud to be presenting the show! We'd love to treat a couple lucky imaginary readers to a pair of tickets to the big show.


Latest comment by: LB Freely: "Who are these long blondes and why do I keep getting their e-mail?"

Free Music Friday!

In which we gather up a sampling of free MP3s from the web so you don't have to!


Latest comment by: Imaginary Kiku: "My first Free Music Friday with hi-speed internet! There was some serious 8-bit love going on in a few of these songs c: Disco3000 was just hilarious"

Best of 2007: Erik G's favorite albums

Sometimes I think it takes me waaay too long to come up with my Top 20 albums of a given year. There are a lot of internal debates and arguments that really have no right answer. Really, you reach a point where all the albums are good but how to rank them gets to be quite the challenge. This year was chock full of good music (not matter what the naysayers might groan). I counted something like 175+ albums worth mentioning in 2007, and that is only a tip of the iceberg when it comes to everything that was released in the year. However, I did whittle it down to 20... well, 22 if you count my 2 EP exception (EP's don't count as real albums).

If you're interested in some sub-lists, like my albums "with apologizes" (albums I didn't hear but should have) or "best imports" or "most disappointing" (hint, the band who made it rhymes with Milo Biley), check it out here.

So, here we go:

#21 The EP's - Two EP's made me happy this year, and really, they would be in the top 20, but it seems unfair to me to include EP's versus albums. They're both UK pop, and they're both brilliant in their own cute way.

Los Campesinos! Sticking Fingers Into Sockets (Thanks to igLiz for this band!)


Latest comment by: Erik Gonzalez: "Hey all -- I have one copy of my Best of 2007 CD left and the first person to email me at erik (at) threeimaginarygirl (dot) com will get it mailed to them. It's nothing fancy, just a simple liner and a CD with 23 of my favorite songs from 2007."

The Long Blondes — Someone to Drive You Home

The Long Blondes -- Someone to Drive You Home
Some bands just know how to rock from birth, and the Long Blondes are just such a gifted child.