Tonight in Seattle:  

Head Like A Kite

Head Like a Kite tour the US

Seattle band Head Like a Kite are bringing their wacky Super 8 vintage movies and electro-pop live show all over the U.S. of A. this spring, starting in New York and ending up in San Francisco.


Voyager One, Head Like a Kite, the Heavenly States, Blue Light Curtain

Voyager One. All photos Michael Alan Goldberg.

at The Crocodile

Ethereal and somewhat detached, but in spite of that aloof sound, she manages to really engage the crowd. There’s a warmth there often lacking in the genre that’s very comforting and more than a little sexy.


A Very Merry Imaginary Karaoke Bash!

Ho ho ho! 'Tis about that time to kick off the holiday season imaginarily!


Head Like A Kite — Random Portraits of the Home Movie

Head Like a Kite
Einmo uses reels of old Super 8 movies from his own family as a compelling sonic layer...