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Head Like A Kite

Grudge Rock: Head Like A Kite Vs. BOAT (Part 1 of 3)

Grudge Rock, created by the brilliant ringleader Jake Stratton, leader of beloved first-ever sci-fi/hardcore band BloodHag), is styled as a 70s game show (Family Feud format) with bands playing and competing against each other. The winning band gets all the door money, but there are fabulous consolation prizes and more.

The show this Saturday, January 16 is GRUDGE ROCK SEASON TWO - EPISODE ONE, and it will be "party-inspired electronic rock music vs. indie pop" with fan favorites Head Like A Kite and BOAT.

This will be the first time the event is hosted at The Crocodile, as it has been running successfully at the Re-Bar and now needs bigger digs. The first WWF-styled boast was sent out by HLAK: "OPEN LETTER TO BOAT: You guys are toast. You can’t match the mental prowess of Head Like a Kite. We’ve got a panda bear that recites “The Merry Wives of Windsor” and Trent can spin seat cushions with one finger. Prepare yourselves for the consolation prize."

Just look at who is sponsoring the show: Pabst Blue Ribbon, Jameson Whiskey, Scarecrow Video, Fantagraphics Books, Pierced Hearts Tattoo & Piercing, Singles Going Steady, Trading Musician, Hardware Salon, Snoose Junction Part Dieu and Verellen Amplifiers. It's $10 (over 21, sorry), with 9 PM and the show starting exactly at 10 PM.

Here's our interview Mr. Stratton about the history of Grudge Rock, to be followed by interviews with both BOAT and Head Like A Kite.


GIVE-ing season arrived this week -- with a 30+ track local artist compilation

Fresh off the presses from our inboxes comes this week's launch of GIVE -- 30 downloadable tracks from a variety of Seattle artists, who are donating their songs to benefit Arts Corps and local area foodbanks. The $7.00 (!) compilation, which was produced, curated, and funded by Caffe Vita, will be available online here. Physical compilations can be picked up at all Caffe Vita locations, Easy Street Records, Sonic Boom Records, University Book Store, The Crocodile, EMP, Neumo's, and Sorrento Hotel. The in-hand compilations will include a physical card with a redemption code for the download, and a prettied-up sleeve to make it a ready-to-give present.

Here's the full track listing -- nearly all of which are exclusive to the compilation:


Latest comment by: John in Ballard: "Yeah this looks like a pretty good compilation...especially for only $7! I think that Tea Cozies song is "corner store girls", one of my favorites from Hot Probs. I can't remember what the TMTS song is, but I'm sure it's good. "

Favorite Bumbershoot photos by Jason Tang

I asked both brilliant and talented photographers Erik Clineschmidt and Jason Tang to list their five favorite Bumbershoot photos. Jason offered these as his favorites. - ChrisB.

Head Like a Kite:

Head Like a Kite photo by Jason Tang

"I almost didn't go to this one because Metric was playing 15 minutes after [their set began].  I'm so glad I did, even if it was for one song!"

Carly Nicklaus of USE:

USE photo by Jason Tang

"They totally killed it!  So much energy and a lot of fun to shoot."

Janelle Monae:

Janelle Monae photo by Jason Tang

"Karma, I tell you. [When security stopped] letting anyone else in to the Metric KEXP lounge show, I figured I might as well kill some time and catch Janelle at the Fisher Green Stage.  Boy, was I in for a big surprise!"


Latest comment by: Willy: "A great singer ! petite annonce "

Tonight at the Crocodile: Mad Rad's beardless era begins

Yesterday, I wrote about what I was sure would be an epic event: The Beard/Off at the Funhouse between Sir Thomas Gray of Champagne Champagne and Terry Radjaw of Mad Rad. By all accounts (my Twitter feed went crazy last night), it was a great game. Line Out has the most detailed recap I've read yet.

Tonight, Mad Rad is playing their first show with a beardless Radjaw. The press release that went out this morning said:

Our pals in Head Like A Kite are murdering it lately, gaining all sorts of much-deserved praise and attentionThe boys in Dyme Def will be returning to the stage, and we are still loving that EP they released a little while back.  And, Mad Rad?  Forget about it, we’ve got some big Northwest history taking place with them this August 14.


Bumbershoot preview: Head Like a Kite

Head Like a Kite photo by Jeanine Anderson

Head Like a Kite has long been an imaginarily favorite band, especially live. The duo of frontman Dave Einmo and drummer Trent Moorman are two musicians who understand music inside and out. Listening to HLAK is a joy because they are often experimenting with textures or different instruments while still going ahead and rocking. There are so many different ideas bursting out of a HLAK song, but Einmo and Moorman still hold it together and make it sound cohesive.

The last record, There is Loud Laughter Everywhere, was reviewed here by my friend Chris Estey, who raved:

The sophomore release from Head Like A Kite sounds like a mix-tape of rare, alternate twelve inch versions of radio smashes from a DJ who has collected a library of great music you somehow never heard before. As HLAK frontman Dave Einmo himself claims, "I wanted to create a record that sounded like big beat remixes of songs that didn't yet exist."


Latest comment by: Chris Estey: "Have to admit, Chris, that I actually enjoy the band live more too, for the reasons you state. Not that I won't want to hear every record, but Dave and Trent's live energy is astonishing."

Photo of the day: Head Like A Kite in-studio fun

HLAK @ London Bridge Studio 6.25.09

Last Thursday, Head Like A Kite had an open house of sorts at London Bridge Studio and invited some friends and imaginaries to come be part of the recording process. Of course we couldn't resist the invite and Jeanine Anderson was on hand to take some shots of the fun.

Nice knobs and of course the requisite elf hat!


Head Like a Kite to entertain your eyes and ears

Head Like a Kite - one of my absolute favorite local bands - will be projecting a brand new feature, "We're So Entangled", behind them on stage Friday night (April 10th) as they rock the Crocodile with their unique blend of pretty pop melodies and electronic beats. The film, based on the song title of the same name from their recent full length, There is Loud Laughter Everywhere, is rumored to feature two Barbie Dolls and a burning dollhouse.


Superb Sleepy Eyes of Death CD release show @ Neumos

at Neumos

Sleepy Eyes has stepped up their show, not just the lights and badass fog assault, but the music too.


Sleepy Eyes of Death CD release party show this Saturday at Neumos

By my standards, Sleepy Eyes of Death is one of the best bands in Seattle. They are incredibly fun to photograph and their music tops anything I can capture with a camera.

Their CD release show for Dark Signals is this Saturday and I for one am counting on an extraordinary night. Come to Neumos for Sleepy Eyes - their incredible live shows are not to be missed, but don't skip a second of openers Loving Thunder and Head Like a Kite


Transmissionary Six to play last show this Friday

Friday night will be a bit more special, and psychedelic than usual, as members of Head Like A Kite, Animals At Night, and Disinterested will be joining the TM6 to make it a noisy as hell exit for this stage of Terri and Paul's musical career.


Latest comment by: LuLu: "Agreed, fell in love with their beautiful music the first time I heard it and keep on listening over and over. They are amazing and talented folk and their presence on the live stage will be missed!"