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The Pharmacy

Bumbershoot 2007: the Pharmacy Interview

The Pharmacy and I had actually left the Sound Transit stage before Menomena went on because we had to hurry. The end is cut off because the security came and told us to stop; they needed to be on stage...


Bumbershoot 2007: The Pharmacy

The Pharmacy photos by Eduardo Brambila

at Bumbershoot 2007

The Pharmacy: the one place at Bumbershoot safe from Mom dancing. How’s that for an endorsement?


Latest comment by: imaginary dana: "If I start "Mom Dancing" then I fully give you permission to mock me. For my own good."

Capitol Hill Block Party 2007: Before and After

I just found these two photos from the Pharmacy's set on photographer Chona Kasinger's Flickr page, and the shots (and her captions) made me giggle.


behind the vera stage



I genuinely feared for my physical being towards the end of The Pharmacy's set, where in a fit of energy, a keyboard was nearly thrown at me from the side. (I saw something flying near me through the viewfinder) Needless to say, The Pharmacy put on a really great set.



Latest comment by: Betsy Boston: "Oh! That's the Seattle band I happened upon one night at PA's here in Somerville isn't it? I don't recall any gear trashing, but then, they were on the road. Incidentally, tomorrow night I'll be seeing Patience, Please at the very same forementioned (and ...

Capitol Hill Block Party 2007: The Pharmacy

The Pharmacy. Photos by Chona Kasinger.

at Capitol Hill Block Party 2007

Any sense of disorder is actually a controlled substance... one of earnestness, energy, and unabashed alacrity that had the audience dancing to their every jagged guitar strum in no time.


A Very Merry Imaginary Karaoke Bash!

Ho ho ho! 'Tis about that time to kick off the holiday season imaginarily!


TIG on KEXP Podcast October 2006

Podcast of our October 2006 appearance on KEXP's Audioasis. Listen to our favorite local picks of the moment, including tracks from Siberian, the Elephants, New West Motels, Night Canopy, the Pharmacy, Strength, the Sea Navy, the Aught-Threes, and Math & Physics Club.

Imaginary Indie Tunes Podcast September 2006

Our September imaginary indie tunes podcast, featuring songs from Trevor Dickson, The Pharmacy, Birdwatchers United, Shorthand for Epic, The Doll Test, The Drug Purse, Stars of Track and Field, Sirens Sister, and Math & Physics Club.

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The Pharmacy — B.F.F.

The Pharmacy -- B.F.F.
Disco funk and punk rhythms burble up here and there, as an avalanche of guitars and keyboards sputter everywhere else.


The Imaginary Live Show Rundown

I am not sure who my fellow showgoers were, but the place was full with what felt like Bellevue-types in tight-black-shirted mall attire and Hot Topic Goths...