Tonight in Seattle:  

Atlas Clothing

The Stranger posts update to Atlas Clothing all-ages show sitch, to jeers and cheers from commenters

Atlas Clothing has made an official statement, which you can read over on Line Out.


Latest comment by: Imaginary-Kiku: "oooh thats very interesting. its weird how some folks who commented seemed to really have a dislike for the owner of the store. but he wasn't in charge of the shows was he? I'm a little confused about the whole things still :\"

Shows at Atlas Clothing Shut Down - Is it The Stranger's Fault?

What do you think? Was The Stranger wrong to publish the article? Surely the visit from the fire department was in direct response to the article, but does blaming The Stranger let Atlas off the hook for the fire code violations in the first place?


Latest comment by: imaginary dana: "I know -- my heart is really breaking for Chelsea's popfest, and I'm wracking my brain trying to think of some place that would be willing to play host to it. If my place were bigger I'd totally invite all the bands over to play! ;)"

Tonight's Recommend Show: Young Sportsmen, Eux Autres, Patience Please, Friskey at Atlas Clothing

Tonight's bill at Atlas is a do-not-miss. Get thee to the south end of Broadway to see my favorite Portland brother-sister duo (Eux Autres) and imaginary Dana's favorite underage Seattle quartet (Patience Please).


Tonight's Recommended Show: In Praise Of Folly, The Americas, I Love You Avalanche, Leaves

Defunct Seattle band In Praise of Folly will reunite for one show only today for a special benefit show for their friend and former drummer, Phil Mayben, who passed away in February.