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Bumbershoot 2013 picks: Words & Ideas

WHO IS EXCITED FOR BUMBERSHOOT THIS YEAR? Why, I yam. Glad you asked! As always, I'd like to remind our Imaginary Bumbershoot attendees that the festival has a ton of stuff going on in addition the music! Like film! And comedy! And my FAVORITE: The Words & Ideas programming. All these things take place at the Leo K. Theatre, which is in the Seattle Rep. 

Here's what's on my dream to-see list this year:

Saturday, 8/31

The Better Bombshell

Who would like to listen to a couple of ladies talk about ladies? I DO I DO. Charlotte Austin and Siolo Thompson put together an anthology about redefining the female role model. Yes, please. 

Why Froyo? Why YOLO? Why now?

I can't even. I'm going for the name alone, people. Also this: "Why is froyo so popular? Why are denizen, frozen-yogurt establishments eclipsed? Why is YOLO a reason to leave a comfort zone? Why not write "You Only Live Once" in cursive?"


Bumbershoot 2013 picks: film, comedy, and theater

I know it's really really hard to fit in ALL of these things in addition to seeing the bands you want to see, but I urge y'all to check out the other stuff Bumbershoot 2013 has to offer! 

First off: the 1 Reel Film Festival at the SIFF Film Center, which gives you a chance to catch a lot of things you might have missed earlier this year. There are Films4Families, Music Videos, Award-Winners, Best of the Northwest … and really, SO many good programs I can't mention them all. Check out the full film schedule for more details. I'm definitely plan to make a few of these ... and here's the rest of what I'll be trying to cram in between band goodness: 

Saturday, 8/31

Theatre Puget Sound Stage 

What's that, you say? Improv made for people who loves shows, movies, comics, music, and games? LOOK FOR ME IN THE FRONT ROW. 

Patton Oswalt and Friends
Comedy at the Bagley

The only question you need to ask yourself about this one is, "How early do I need to line up to get in?" And the answer is: EARLY, my friends. Early. But it's totally worth it. Plus, he's performing again on Sunday and Monday, so you'll have 3 chances to laugh so hard your entire can of Bud Light Lime-A-Rita comes out of your nose. 


Bumbershoot 2012 wrap-up: A fine way to spend my Sunday

Katie Kate at Bumbershoot 2012This is where I do that old person thing and tell all you kids about how I used to go to Bumbershoot every year on my birthday and wander around all four days, and discover bands, and nerd out and love, love, love it. You know, back when it was free, and then like, $5 a day, or $15 for the whole weekend.

And then it just got to be too much—standing shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers, crushing through crowds trying to make my way between stages, the damn stupid “we must empty out the entire Key Arena” rule between shows, so you couldn’t even camp out for two bands in a row. Gawd. Waiting in line for 2 hours to get into Memorial Stadium somehow became less fun too…and my tolerance for bullshit declined sharply after I edged over 35.

But! After not going for many years, I have braved it again for the last three, and honestly it’s growing on me again. Even though they cut it down to 3 days instead of 4, the festival seems mellower overall. Sure there are still a lot of people, but it’s not so many that I can’t deal with it, more or less. And it made me remember what I love about Bumbershoot the most: a combination of seeing old favorites play, and wandering around and a listening to bands that I might not have heard of, or have been intrigued by. And there’s so much other stuff besides the music to love too.

And so, Sunday at Bumbershoot was pretty much the best Bumbershoot day ever, because of the following things:

1:30pm: Katie Kate kicks the newly installed stage at The Promenade’s ass. Like, all the way across the entire Seattle Center. This woman knows how to work a crowd, and work it she did—there were more people dancing to Katie than I’ve ever seen in Seattle. The guy in front of me was popping and locking so much I thought he might implode. At the height of my enjoyment, she threw out a “Read My Motherfucking Tote Bag” …tote bag, and my boyfriend caught it. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO ME. And then she nearly killed me by covering Kate Bush “Running Up That Hill.” What. I love her. So so so much.


Bumbershoot 2012 picks: A few more things you shouldn’t miss

Flatstock at the Armory
11am-8pm, all three days

I say this EVERY year, but you absolutely have to take some time out of your music-watchin’ day to browse the aisles at Flatstock and see tons of amazing poster art. Seriously. Go. I’m not kidding.

Record Store
Visual Arts Exhibits at the Seattle Center Pavilion
11am-8pm, all three days

Ok, it’s not really a “store” in that you can’t buy the vinyl contained within, but! But but but. They put together a HUGE collection of records that you can browse through and choose to play—either for everyone inside, or just for yourself—and generally just marvel over how awesome records still are. Step inside this exhibit for sweet listening party bliss.

Read It and Weep (A Celebration of Nicolas Cage)
The Vera Project
Saturday 1:15pm-2:15pm

Three podcast guys dissect and review some of the worst of the worst Nic Cage movies, including Wicker Man, Ghost Rider and … CITY OF ANGELS. Dude. This is going to be hilarious!


More Bumbershoot 2012 picks: Words & Ideas

Hayyyy Imaginaries! Now’s the time of year where I remind you that in addition to Bumbershoot’s awesome musical acts, our local festival is also packed with films and performing arts, and my favorite: people talking about stuff that gets you thinking about stuff. Here are a few things in the Words & Ideas program that are thrilling me:

Saturday, September 1

Why Fairy Tales? Why War on Women? Why Now?
Leo K Theatre, Words & Ideas Stage

Lindy West is actually going to be a couple of places for Bumbershoot this year, but I’m most interested in seeing what she has to say (hilariously, I’m sure) about how women are represented in pop culture and politics, so if you have to choose, I think you should be at this one. West joins a bunch of other rad ladies on stage, and I’m sure it’s going to be one of those laugh/cry/throw-up-because-you’re-so-overwhelmed kind of talks.

John Waters – This Filthy World: Filthier & Dirtier
Bagley Wright Theatre

You guys. JOHN FREAKING WATERS is going to be at Bumbershoot! I can’t even. I’m hyperventilating because I’m so excited about this. Watching Waters perform This Filthy World: Filthier & Dirtier and talk about all the things is likely going to be one of the best parts of the weekend. Trust me on this. (and if you’ve never seen a John Waters film, for the love of all that is holy, head over to Scarecrow and rent at least three of them)


Bumbershoot Preview: Head Like a Kite {Monday, 9/5}

Sometimes I feel like Dave Einmo is the busiest musician in Seattle. I miss running into him on the hill, because in addition to being a kick-ass rocker, he's also a damn fine all-around nice guy. But I digress, Einmo has manned Head Like a Kite for more than a few years now (I'd tell you the exact number of years, but Stoli has clouded my memory and I'm too lazy to use the internet), putting out a variety of eclectic sounds and putting on some hella entertaining live shows. The last album, Dreams Suspend Night, is a mash-up of music genres, with some amazing vocals by Asya Smoosh, plus tracks with Tilson from The Saturday Knights (like "Director's Cut" in the video above)-- and one of my very favorites, Her Space Holiday!

Back to the "busiest musician" thing. A visit to the HLAK web site reveals some sweet cover tunes ("Gimme Shelter!" hellyes), and a free download of some tracks. Dave has teamed up with Asya to form Daydream Vacation, which (based on "The Girl Don't Sleep") is poised to put out some shiny poppy hand-clapping tunes. 

I'm really interested to see what he does on the Fisher Green Stage, Monday Sept 5 at 2:15pm. Any guesses on possible special guests? :)


Latest comment by: John (in Ballard) : "I just read this weekend that Trent Moorman is no longer in the band. I saw him on the kit for the Mad Rad show today and he sounded pretty good. It'll be interesting to see how they are without him. I wouldn't be surprised to see Tilson make an ...

Bumbershoot Preview: Words & Ideas

As always, us Imaginaries like to remind you that there's a lot more happening at Bumbershoot than just music! If you can pry yourself away from the rock for a few hours, explore some of the Words & Music programs. If I could put together a dream line-up of where to be, it would look like this: 

SATURDAY, Sept 3: 

Words & Ideas Stage
The 3 Most Beautiful People to Ever Win Stranger Genius Awards (and One Ugly One)
- I'm sure the other 3 people are going to be awesome, but the reason I'd be sitting in this audience is to see filmmaker Lynn Shelton talk about her work, the award, etc. etc. etc. And clearly, she's not the ugly one. 

Leo K Theatre

Christopher Rice, author and son of the infamous vampire goddess Anne Rice, talks about what's it like to be the son of Lestat's creator, and how it affected his family life and inspired his own novels (which I honestly haven't read, but I *am* kind of an Anne Rice nerd, and am FASCINATED to find out what he's gonna say about her!). 


Latest comment by: Imaginary Amie: "

Oh man. I didn't even think about this, but now I have to rip through the last episodes of Season 4 BEFORE Monday so I don't encounter any spoilers! :)


Bumbershoot Preview: 80s goodness - Hall & Oates {Monday, 9/5}

OMFG. Seriously, you guys. DARYL HALL AND JOHN OATES ARE COMING TO BUMBERSHOOT!!! These two used to be a staple during my quad rollerskating days, so I feel like there's no way I can miss them. I heard on the internets (via Wil Wheaton) that Oates' legendary 'stash is missing, but I don't even care. I want to wedge my way up front and dance my ass off to their synthy-retro guitar rock.

Even if most of y'all are too young to remember "Rich Girl", "Kiss On My List", "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)", "Maneater", and my favorite, "You Make My Dreams" (in the video above), I urge you to swing by the Mainstage on Monday, Sept 5 at 9:15. If you don't start dancing almost immediately, track me down, and I will buy you a beer (ohmy. that's a dangerous bet to make in a city like Seattle!). 


Latest comment by: imaginary victoria: "

for me, this song is forever entangled with the scene from "500 days of summer" -- (!!!) #danceparty


Bumbershoot Preview: Tennis {Sunday, 9/4}

I've mentioned Tennis before -- and I can't help but mention them again. This adorable husband and wife duo crafted their album Marathon while they were sailing around on a boat, enjoying some q-time together. (can you say awwwwwww?)

Every tune has lovely harmonies, feel-good lyrics, and a bouncy, summertime feeling tinged with retro beats. I can't recommended highly ENOUGH that you head to the Fountain Lawn Stage on Sunday, Sept 4 at 5pm to watch them do their simply beautiful thing.

You are invited: Bumbershoot prefunk photo opening this Thursday at Solo! {8/25}

{Mark Pickerel / by Victoria VanBruinisse}

Got plans Thursday night? No? Good! Get yourself over to Solo in Lower Queen Anne, because there's a Bumbershoot prefunk party going on -- and we're all invited.

On August 25th (this Thursday) from 5-8p, a handful of local photographers (along with the fine folks over at One Reel) will be combining forces to present a happy hour of festival-sized proportions.  We will bask in the glory of the amazing work of James Bailey, Laura Musselman, Christopher Nelson, Jim Bennett, Erin Lodi, Nate Watters, and our very own Victoria VanBruinisse while snacking on tasty food and drink specials as a handcrafted playlist plays on the Solo soundsystem.

What a way to kick off the weekend (because we all know that weekend's *actually* start on Thursday night): happy hour specials and getting our Bumbershoot frenzy on!  After we peruse the art on the walls, let's chat about our Bumbershoot schedules and figure out a strategy to fit in all the must-sees.

Admission is free and the show will be hanging for a few weeks in case you can't join us for the fab opening night festivities.

Hope to see you there!

{Free / 21+ / 5-8p. More information on the Facebook event page here. Photo of Mark Pickerel and the Tripwires from Bumbershoot 2010 by Victoria VanBruinisse.}