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Recommended shows TONIGHT and TOMORROW: the premiere of NEW Ken Stringfellow music with FM Collective!

FM Collective

Did I tell you guys about how this has been the best summer EVER? And the fall is looking pretty boss too. There are several reasons that my summer has been so rockin', but a lot of it has been the music -- in large part due to my beloved Posies returning to the PNW and giving me a ton of oppotunuties to see them play live {in various incarnations}. 

And so, my imaginary friends, it is with great pleasure that I gift you the first listen to this lush new tune from Mr. Ken Stringfellow in collaboration with FM Collective, "The One That Matters." This is the kind of song that sighs are meant for. I'm probably being a little dramatic -- but I swear to you, this track is simply beautiful.


Recommended show: Jon Auer at the Volterra Drawing Room {Fri 7/26} - limited tickets left!

Jon Auer at the Volterra Drawing RoomHELLO POSIES FANS! I know you're out there. And I know you'll be excited to know (if you don't already) that Jon Auer will be back in Seattle performing a one night only show in Ballard at The Volterra Drawing Room next Friday, 7/26

For $23 (OH HO HO) you can get GA tickets, and for $100, you can get early VIP access to meet & greet Jon, partake of hosted wine and light appetizers, AND GET reserved seating! Plus, Mr. Auer will play one song of your choice during his set. There will also be a cash bar for the cocktail lovers. 

Volterra's lovely owner, Michelle Q.,  just let me know that there are only 15 tickets left for this amazing event! And amazing, it is. I was there last time, and the setting is intimate and cozy and so much fun. Jon is a fantastic performer, and is always interacting with the crowd and playing fan favorites. It's a perfect way to spend your evening, and I highly recommend you buy tickets ASAP.

{One Night Only: An Intimate Evening with Jon Auer | Volterra Drawing Room | Friday, 7/26 | 7:30pm Doors (VIP will be let in at 7pm), 8pm Showtime} 

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Recommended Show: The Drums + Craft Spells at Neumos {5/9}

You guys! I honestly cannot think of a better pairing than The Drums and Craft Spells -- and they are playing together! In Seattle! At Neumos! On May 9th! It's like chocolate and peanut butter for your ears! (Or something) 

Anyway! Y'all already know how much I love The Drums, so I decided to try to convince you to come with a Craft Spells video this time around. But just in case, you can watch some Drums videos here. Supporting band Part Time also sounds pretty neat. This is going to be an awesome show, so get your tix now! 

{The Drums, Craft Spells, and Part Time | Neumos | Wednesday, 5/9 | 7pm Doors | $13 ADV at Moe Bar &

Recommended show: Let's get indie-popolicious at Vera with Brave Irene and Seapony {Saturday, 11/5}

Brave Irene photo by Caitlin Livingston
{Brave Irene photo by Caitlin Livingston}

This Saturday (November 5th), shining stars of the indie-twee dreamscape will gather at the Vera Project.  Opening the night is generifus, an Olympia, WA outfit who's new album, I Don't Have To Worry, features Spencer Sult (who handles all primary duties) with Eli Moore, Karl Blau, members of LAKE and others helping out.  As the names of the players suggests, the songs are arid, carefree with moments of both easy-listening joy and innocent melancholy. Best of all, you can easily become obsessed with them thanks to the generifus bandcamp page. Make sure to hear "Good Graces," which channels the whispy, aired meandering of Galaxy 500 that I love so.

Anchoring the show in the middle is Seattle's own crown jewel of Charmin-soft dreamy-pop, Seapony.  Seapony songs are sweet and subtle while filling the air with nostalgic fuzz and reverb... and rumor has it Saturday night's set will feature new songs!  If you still include the Softies in your nighttime prayers, you'll love Seapony.

Speaking of the beloved Softies, guess who's topping off the night!!! (+ even more exclamations implied).


Tonight's Recommended Event: E-mails from My Parents

E-mails from My Parents, The Beta SocietyTonight, Wednesday 11/17, my friends over at The Beta Society are putting on a show that could potentionally rival the ever-popular Salon of Shame called E-mails from My Parents.

Rather than read your own embarassing journals, why not share the most embarassing e-mails, voice mails, or even videos from your parents? I mean, they've embarassed you enough, right? Why not turn the tables?

Head over to Central Cinema from 7-8:30pm tonight and experience dramatic re-enactments of parental tomfoolery, live readings of e-mail, and actual videos from the 'rents. I can't think of a better thing to do on a rainy, cold night - can you? Tix are $7 at the door, and the usual CC food & drink menu will be available.


Imaginary Interview: The Special Places... playing the Holiday Spectacular 2009

The Special Places photo by John E. Hollingsworth

{photo: John E. Hollingsworth}

Day 2 of the countdown to the big huge wonderful Imaginary Winter Holiday Spectacular at Chop Suey on December 23rd {an evening full of big huge wonderful fun including, but not limited to Christmas Belles, free mega-raffle ticket goodness, MC David Schmader!}.

The band that is going to kick off the evening is the Special Places, a Seattle duo who recently started to take Seattle by storm with opening slots at BOAT's album release show and Aussie Darren Hanlon's recent visit. You might know them as 2/5 of imaginary favs Tullycraft, so you can imagine we jumped at the opportunity to sit down with them for their first ever interview as the Special Places. Jenny and Corianton spilled some deets on how they started out and whether or not they are secret (or not so secret) lovers. Now we're doubly looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us at the Spectacular.



Imaginary Interview: Skeletons with Flesh on Them... playing the Holiday Spectacular 2009

Skeletons with Flesh on Them

We're counting down to the big huge wonderful Imaginary Winter Holiday Spectacular at Chop Suey on December 23rd {at which we'd be sincerely honored tol see your fine booty at}!

We are so delighted to have Seattle band Skeletons with Flesh on Them on the evening's bill with The Special Places, The Nightgowns, Wallpaper, and The Redwood Plan. On their 2009 album, All the other Animals, they've combined straightforward sweet pop guitar and songs vultures and lust that keep us on our toes and giddy.

I recently chatted with Scott of SwFoT about where that graphic band name came from and find out if they really are as nice as their songs suggest...



Cut FOOTLAOS! for Laos this Tuesday, December 1st in Capitol Hill


In November, 2008, our dear Visqueen-er, Rachel Flotard joined her friend Justin on a trip to southern Laos to visit his family. While there, among other adventures, she visited local schools, taking all craft supplies, toothbrushes and the like she could stuff in her luggage. The visit had a huge impact on her and she chronicled the stunning details on her blog.

While at the local elementary school, she asked repeatedly what they would like more than anything for their school (besides a soccer ball), they hesitated, and said, “a floor”. During the rainy season, 340 pairs of these tiny, eager feet get wet while *inside* their classrooms.

To quote Rachel, "This outrages our inner Kevin Bacon."



French Miami do their "God Damn Best" on Sunday at the Sunset

San Francisco band French Miami will be at the Sunset this Sunday (8/9/9) and bringing with them their post-apocolypse Modest Mouse song "God Damn Best" which has convinced me to don my best black blazer and chant "Whatcha going to do with all that, whatcha going to do with all that love" over and over.

For the first few bars I was skeptical.  Two listens of the MP3 later, I'm totally down with French Miami. Want more? Watch this video of "Science Fiction" to see a quick transition from Ian Curtis to Ian MacKaye to J. Robbins to wacked out synth.

Latest comment by: Vonnerguts: "The Seattle band By Sunlight are on the bill with French Miami that night. They're very good too."

Bumbershoot preview: Lenka

Lenka photo by Kirk Stauffer

On the Bumbershoot schedule this year, Australian-born, LA-based singer/songwriter Lenka is the closest thing to a pop star on the roster. When Lenka is at her best is when her songs are ridiculously catchy, upbeat and fun. When she played at the Triple Door at the beginning of the year, I wrote:

She’s lovely and her songs are cute and poppy – completely crush-worthy. She came on stage about 8:30 and opened with “Trouble is a Friend” – and playing with a full, four person backing band and in the warm confines of the Triple Door, the song sounded huge.


If this show wasn’t sold out, it was very close and the crowd seemed to be very receptive to her pop songs and several people sang along with the choruses to “Trouble is a Friend”, “The Show” and “Don’t Let Me Fall”....