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Imaginary Fun Times!

Almost a month ago, on June 10, 2015, Three Imaginary Girls celebrated our 13th birthday!

On that same day, we launched an indiegogo campaign to help usher in the next era of TIG: to raise enough funds to help with a big tech project and to keep the imaginary ship afloat.

With the help of some super kind imaginary friends {huge hugs and massive thanks to you!}, WE REACHED OUR GOAL!

We are so extremely grateful and honored and humbled by the outpouring of support. We really can't thank our (at current count) 66 donors who made our site conversion a reality.

But before our indiegogo campaign ends on July 10th, we want to send out one final call for support to help us hit our stretch goal, which would put us on firm footing for the years ahead.

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All the details about our project costs and a rundown of the thank you gifts {vintage shirts or hoodies anyone?} are on our indiegogo campaign page {go go go!}.

And, if you haven't seen our video yet {at the bottom of this page}, check out {and share} it!

You just might spot some friends: Lesli Wood, Sean Nelson, Head and the Heart, Kurt B. Reighley, Rachel Flotard, John Vanderslice, Chris Estey, Jenny Jimenez, AWESOME, Frightened Rabbit, The Crocodile, Cars Can Be Blue, The Pale / Pale Pacific, Christina Boutista, Tullycraft, Anna Banana, Mash Hall, The Thermals, Jenny George, Ben Gibbard, Nada Surf, Telekinesis, Allo Darlin, Hey Marseilles, Owen Wilson, Head Like A Kite, Thee Satisfaction, Eef Barzelay, Ben Hooker, Mal de Mer, The Young Evils, Aqueduct, Fishboy, Pete Greenberg, BOAT, Math & Physics Club, Exohxo, Minus 5, Rhett Miller, John Roderick, Pickwick, For Better Or For Awesome, and many imaginary staffers… just to name a few.

If you can't contribute but are interested in helping, thank you! Please share this campaign with your friends and help us get the word out.

Monday morning check-in: John Roderick and the warmest day of the year

John Roderick sings a Long Winters song with Boat!

Happy Monday morning!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and was able to make the most of what the experts have claimed to be the warmest day of the year.  My weekend was packed with some mundane blah stuff which was thankfully overshadowed by one hellava Saturday night in Columbia City.  After an amazing dinner at my new favorite restaurant (Island Soul, do not leave without trying one of their coconut corn muffins!), my friends and I headed over to the Fishboy / BOAT / Aqueduct show at the Columbia City Theater.

All the bands went above and beyond, but the highlight of the night was a surprise super special guest appearance. Mr. John Roderick joined BOAT on stage to chime in on "Landlocked," and then stayed on stage for a super-rock rendition of the Long Winters classic, "New Girl." {!!!}   To say it was jaw-dropping would be an understatement. It's been a while since I've heard the Long Winters rock-style, and boy oh boy, I hope this is a sign for things to come (next album, more shows). 

My favorite part of the story? The part in which I found out that BOAT and John hadn't actually ever practiced "New Girl" together.  The band just sprung it on John when he arrived to the show that night {sprung = asked really nicely}. This just furthers my claim that BOAT (with J. Rod on lead vocals now and again) would make a great house band for the next late night talk show. Watch out Roots! 

How was your weekend? What were your highlights?

Huge thanks to Button Dave for capturing the magic and posting to youtube:

(videos after the jump)


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Recommended Saturday show: Fishboy, BOAT, Aqueduct at Columbia City Theater {9/10/11}

Fishboy in Seattle

This Saturday, the Columbia City Theater will burst with niceboy poplicks!  Starting off the night, Fishboy is in town for the first time since the release of Classic Creeps, their foray into anthemic pop with an emphasis on the letter A.  Each song is a detailed character survey that swings from Apples in Stereo to They Might Be Giants with their own distinct DIY Denton, TX spin.  Sidenote: If you'd rather kick it Vashon Island style, you can see Fishboy with Red Pony Clock, iji, and Terrordactyls on Sunday, September 11.

Hometown heroes, BOAT always bring on the fun with their comfy-pop songs.  Lucky for us, they keep up a near GBV pace of song-writing.  It seems like every other month there's at least one new song added to their live sets and talk of an upcoming album or special edition tape.  Who knows what we'll find at this Saturday's merch table.

Headlining the night is Seattle's own Aqueduct, perhaps most beloved for their ability to add a special blend of quirk and coy with a keyboard line and a nod to the finest classic rock rifts.

I've seen all three bands on separate bills and have had a fine time with each outing. Together, Saturday's grouping will be a spectacular showing and well worth the trip (not so far) south.


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A mixtape of Imaginary Liz's Best of 2011 {so far)

Imaginary Liz's Best of 2011 pt 1

Rather than thinking of it as 2011 being halfway over, I prefer to see it as we're all halfway to my birthday {December 24th if it's not on your calendar already}. To celebrate, and take stock of this year's releases thus far, I've put together a mix of my favorite songs of 2011 {so far}.

This year has brought some predictably great albums from friends such as Mountain Goats, Okkervil River, BOAT, Matt & Kim, Telekinesis, Bright Eyes. I feel like I've been waiting for a fresh batch of songs from Brown Recluse for years. I love every note they play and having a two hearty releases in one year {Panoptic Mirror Maze and Evening Tapestry} makes me overjoyed.

Other bands, like When I Was 12 and Dangerous Ponies, I am thankful for crossing paths with for the first time this year.

And then there are the folks that have left me wanting more more more (I'm looking at you Oregon Bike Trails and Forbidden Friends)! Huge thanks to You Aint No Picasso for bringing Oregon Bike Trails to my attention. OBT fellow, singer/songwriter Zach Yudin, from Santa Monica, Ca., is quite the mysterious dude - only having a cassette tape release earlier this year (hand painted, limited to 50!) and a couple other MP3s swirling around the web.

Forbidden Friends, a side project by Thermals frontman Hutch Harris (with Michael Lerner of Telekinesis on drums and fellow Thermals Kathy Foster and Westin Glass backing him up), is still in the 7" only phase, and needless to say I'm counting down to a full album of FF stuff.

In short, I can't recommend the below songs and full releases enough. To help convince you of their brilliance, I made a virtual mix cd!

The tracklisting of my {hopefully very convincing} mix cd is:


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A cute new video from Fishboy that could double as a workout routine


I've been remiss in my indie-pop duties. Apologies to all for the delay in recommending the newest Fishboy album, Classic Creeps. It reveals the lives of 10 unknowingly connected fictional characters across 10 wonderful pop songs {listen to it now}.

To mark its release last week {May 10 on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records}, Eric Edward Fishboy produced a cute video for "Alyson Revere," complete with TMBG Ana Ng style dance moves {which I have to link to after the jump because, it's "Ana Ng" and it's still utterly brilliant}.

Combine the both and you've got a great work out!

What other videos have dance moves that we could use as part of a workout routine?


Recommended show: Fishboy returns to Seattle this Friday at the Mars Bar

photo by steve louieLucky us! It's been less than a year since Fishboy's last stop in our fair city, and now, he's back for more! This time, he'll be solo, accompanied by only his fantastic songs and his wit. Lead Fish-dude Eric Michener writes insanely catchy and clever albums, such as 2007's rock opera Albatross: How We Failed To Save the Lone Star State with the Power of Rock and Roll about trying (and failing) to save the state of Texas with the ghost of Buddy Holly (one of my favorite albums of the last decade). It's like if Neutral Milk Hotel wrote fun songs all in the vein of "Holland 1945" instead of heartbreaking ones. You can stream the entire album here.

Rumor has it Fishboy is working on a new album right now. We got a bit of a taste the last time they were in town at Vera, though I've heard most of those songs have been scrapped. Michener always has a way of keeping his fans on their toes, so you never know what to expect, except a great time filled with fantastic songs. Stop into the Mars Bar on Friday to check out someone we can truly call a Three Imaginary Girls favorite. Show starts at 8:30 (Fishboy's on first) and also playing are the Terrordactyls, the Heligoats, and ten speed.

{Fishboy photo by Steve Louie}

Wish I'd Kept A Scrapbook: Tullycraft covers comp

photo by steve louie

{Tullycraft photo by Steve Louie}

Holy indie pop incredibleness! Do you miss Tullycraft as much as I do? It's only been less than a year since their farewell set at San Francisco Popfest (which still gives me chills just thinking about), but just knowing that there may be another chance to sing along to such glorious pop gems makes me happy. Well, this isn't a new Tullycraft record, but the next best thing: all your favorite (well, at least my favorite) indie pop bands together on one comp covering their favorite Tullycraft songs!

The wonderful folks who are putting the comp together put up an experiment of sorts on the site Kickstarter (a great website for getting funding for projects!) to see if they could raise a little scratch to make this cover compilation huge; to spread the love of Tullycraft to the masses! Only if they raise their amount will you be charged. Think of it like a pre-order: by paying in advance, you get tons of awesome benefits!

Full band list after the jump.


Latest comment by: Steve: "I pledged too and I heard Math and Physics club play their song last Saturday. Just bummed I won't be able to get one of their flexi's."

Athens Popfest 2010 first lineup announcement!

{Robert Schneider from the Apples In Stereo from Athens Popfest 2008}

We here at TIG have been crushing out over Athens Popfest for years. I've been every year since 2006 and Liz went in 2005 and 2007. It's pretty much always the best week of the year, fusing together amazing indie pop, delicious food (seriously, Athens has the best!), and wonderful community. I look forward to the lineup announcement all year long, and the wonderful popfest folks have given us just a taste of what's to come, featuring some of my current favorite bands and lots of TIG favorites (and as always, some newbies I'm so excited to hear)!


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listmania continues: keenan's top 20 favorite albums of the decade

photo by trickshot photography

{Long Winters photo by Trickshot Photography}

Because I'm some kind of masochist and a total nerd, I've been slaving over this list, keeping it brief (harder than you'd think!) at my favorite 20 albums of the decade without duplicating a band (even harder). Side note: I've probably forgotten something I really, really love, so let's just call this how I feel right this minute. These are the albums I know every note and breath of by heart and I love as complete albums with all of my soul. These are albums that in my humble opinion have no skipable track and are works of beauty in their entirety. I'd also like to point out that these are my favorite albums, as I tend to shy away from calling them "the best", as really, it's just my opinion, and who am I to tell you that you're wrong for not liking these records? (Though, if you catch me in a potentially altered state, I may completely negate that and call any number of these THE GREATEST of all time and call you wrong to your face if you disagree.) I digress. Here they are!


Latest comment by: imaginary lori: "I love your list. I'd forgotten my love of Figure 8 until I heard it on the KEXP countdown."

imaginary liz's favorite albums of the last decade

The Thermals by Bobby McHugh

Yesterday I divulged my favorite albums of the year. Today I am ready to let go of my latest obsession: My album recap of how I spent my 00's.

The below listage rant is my own little time capsule to remind myself why 2000-2009 musically ruled. As with my other list posts, I'm certain I totally forgot to add something really important to my end-all-be-all-recap. It's up to you to remind me by posting your favs of the 00's below.


Latest comment by: imaginary liz: "I know -- I totally expected "The Worst You Can Do Is Harm" top WIPTF, but when I studied the track listings side by side the fact that WIPTF has "Shapes,""Stupid" "Cinnamon" AND "New Girl" I realized I couldn't live without that album. Although TWYCDIH has the ...