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New Order

Peter Hook and the Light take on New Order classics

Peter Hook and the Light

Taking the stage to the iconic Kraftwerk song “Trans Europe Express”, Taking the stage to the iconic Kraftwerk song “Trans Europe Express”, Joy Division and New Order founding bassist Peter Hook remarked “you’re a long way from Macclesfield”, perhaps a nod to his Northern England beginnings and how far his musical life has managed to take him. Backed by The Light, who consists of Hook’s son Jack Bates on bass, Andy Pool on keyboards, Paul Kehoe on drums, and longtime collaborator David Potts on guitar, Hook and company started off the night covering a number of Joy Division classics. Opening the set with “Exercise One”, they transitioned to the 1978 single “Digital”, and later on to some of the better-known tracks like “Heart and Soul” and “Strange Days”. It seemed the crowd’s highlight of the Joy Division portion of the night was “Warsaw”, perhaps the loudest and most energetic song of the set. With no opening band, the Joy Division set seemed to serve as the warm up act and chronological starting point into to the night of New Order to come.


Recommended Show: Peter Hook & The Light at Neumos {9/25}

Peter Hook and the Light at Neumos Decibel Festival

My New Order fangirl heart is exploding all over the place because the 10th Annual Decibel Fest kicks off tomorrow night, and one of the showcases is Factory Pop, and that means PETER HOOK is playing!!! And not just playing, but playing the whole of Power, Corruption & Lies, along with New Order's debut album, Movement


I can't even. I just. I mean. THIS IS AMAZING. Anyway, incredibly, there are still tickets left. So you better get yours now!  

Also amazing, this video from Jimmy Fallon of Peter Hook playing "Love Will Tear Us Apart" with The Roots! The. Roots. 

Though I'm most excited about New Order nostaglia, check out the rest of the Decibel Fest lineup too, which includes the awesome Sub Pop 25 showcase at the Showbox 9/25, featuring Shabazz Palaces, The Helio Sequence, TheeSatisfaction, and Kingdom Crumbs. And also Moby! And Lorde (who I feel like everybody is talking about right now)! And a whole bunch of other great performers! 

{Peter Hook & The Light (11:15pm-1:25am) with ADULT. (10-11pm) + Nightmare Fortress (9pm-9:45pm) | Neumos | Wednesday September 25 | $30 DAY OFF |  9PM // 21+} 

Latest comment by: Imaginary Amie: "He is playing BASS and singing, but I heard he hates singing and was trying to get Moby to sing more. :) And yes, Moby was doing a very good Ian Curtis impression, both in dance and tone of voice. "

3 High School Albums I Still Love {Vol. 1}

Oh 80s, how I love and hate that I grew up in your giant bang/legwarmer/off-the-shoulder culture. Some things never go out of style (especially according to Urban Outfitters)—even though they probably should—but even though my fashion sense evolved, my taste in music has stayed pretty much the same. Sure, I find bands I like now, but for the most part it’s because they all remind me of the bands I loved when I was a teenager.

Lace up your Docs and dive into a pile of nostalgia as I run through three albums that helped get me through the confusion and terror of my high school years, and which I still play on repeat 20-something years later.

The Cure: Disintegration
Affectionately (?!) titled  “the wrist-slitting album” by my group of constantly black-clad Goth-y friends, Disintegration is a depressing tearjerker of an album, meant for playing just after you’ve been dumped while you write long tomes of terrible poetry, burning that candle you shoved into a cheap Chianti bottle, next to the dead rose you still keep in a vase decorated by torn black lace.

The first strains of the opener, “Plainsong” tinkles in quietly, gradually building to an explosion of gorgeous notes that fall slowly, which make it the perfect sad movie song (major props to Sophia Coppola of sticking it into Marie Antoinette at just the right moment). And then Robert starts in with his mantra of heartbreak, and any hope you have of keeping it together totally crumbles. And that’s how the rest of the album goes: 12 songs of beautiful, amazing tunes focusing on love gone wrong, obsession, and pain. Even the strange “Lullaby”, about a frightening nightmare, is really about having your hopes dashed and your heart torn asunder. And everyone remembers sobbing through “Pictures of You”—while actually looking at photos of their exes, right? "I've been living so long with my pictures of you, that I almost believe that the pictures are all I can feel..." Oh Robert Smith. You get me. You really, really get me.


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Bad Lieutenant, the new band formed by frontman Bernard Sumner (Joy Division, New Order), guest drummer Stephen Morris (Joy Division, New Order), guitarist Phil Cunningham (New Order), and guest Alex James (Blur) has released "Sink or Swim," the first single off of Never Cry Another Tear on their MySpace page.

The song will be made available as a free download beginning August 28th and if you sign up as a member of the Bad Lieutenant mailing list at, you will receive the track as part of a mass mailing. The download will only be available for a limited time, and the album will not be released until October, so act quickly if you like it and you want continued access to it.


Latest comment by: Anonymous: "The ablum is going to be great and the new single Sink or Swim is very good also, anything that Bernard Sumner touches gold, but one thing that is bothering me so much is the album artwork, New Order and anything related to their music comes with great artwork but ...

Sumner and Morris say "New Order Yes!", Hook says "New Order No!"

This divorce is getting ugly faster than Brit and K-Fed ...

The New Order breakup/reunion/breakup saga continues!

Peter Hook issued a statement on his myspace page saying that he will take Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris to court if they try to use the name "New Order" for a band that doesn't feature Peter Hook. Sounds like he's none too pleased with the other 2/3rds of New Order saying they will continue on without his basslines and he ain't taking it anymore!

And just to remind us of better days, here's a "live" performance of "Regret" by New Order featuring the cast of Baywatch!


{Hat tip to NME for this news order}


Latest comment by: saundrah: "Oh jeezzz.... will the dysfunctional ghost of Ian Curtis please rise up and bitch slap these babies.."

New Order call it quits... for real this time?

New Order break up... for real this time?


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1987 Was a Beautiful Year

KEXP uber-DJ John in the Morning just completed a wondrous feat: an hour and a half of music all straight outta 1987. At first I thought myself caught in a timewarp, and then I wondered aloud, "who died?"


Latest comment by: imaginary dana: "Heh, don't thank *us* -- thank John! It's all his fault. :)"

Tales from a Brave Ulysses

Tales from a Brave Ulysses

Tales from a Brave Ulysses

Tales from a Brave Ulysses is a traveling epic through modern art, music, and culture. This week's installment: Power, Corruption, Lies, and Urine in Chicago.