Tonight in Seattle:  

Peter Bjorn and John

As Seen On TV: BRMC, PB & J, and a bunch of political guys!

It's rerun week for late night hosts this week, so we get to relive some of our favorites of the past few months. The landscape is littered with political (albeit interesting) candidates this week, but don't fear 'cause next week we're getting a couple of really exciting musical guests.


Latest comment by: imaginary liz: "Of course! Dave vs. *Dr.* Phil? Priceless."

Peter Bjorn and John

Peter Bjorn & John

at Neumo's

I never would have expected the show I got from Peter Bjorn and John. I anticipated a quaint little pop show that would sound more or less like the records they’ve released. What I got instead was an enthusiastic live performance that showcased PB&J’s varied abilities as a band.


As Seen On TV: PB & J, Bob Barker, Modest Mouse, M. Ward, Lily Allen, and more!

Wow -- Wednesday night seems to be the big night for cool folks to appear on TV. I'm especially excited that Bob Barker is making an appearance. I wonder why he's kinda slumming it and not on Letterman or Leno? Is it a network thing?


Latest comment by: stella: "And if you're a diehard Bob Barker/TPIR fan, there are also 2 primetime specials this week feting Bob for his 50 years on television -- Wed and Thurs nights on CBS (I think at 8pm). Bob's retiring next month... Having just come off a jaunt to LA and a post-TPIR ...

The Fratellis cancel Seattle show, igLiz pissed

The Fratellis can suck it back and forth.


Latest comment by: Levi: "The Fratellis are already pretty well disliked in Astoria, OR; this surely won't help."

"It's all okay till they open their fucking mouths"

Imagine if Three Imaginary Girls met Pete and Ray and you'd have Breakfast at Sulimay's, featuring Joe, Moon, and Bill -- possibly the most entertaining music critics I've ever heard.


Latest comment by: imaginary dana: "Yea, I think they were just bemused by the Decemberists (versus the abject horror they expressed about most of the other bands). I was stoked they liked Beirut! And I think they would have liked Amy Winehouse if they had heard the non-Ghostface Killas ...

The Imaginary SXSW 2007 Report: Day 1

Lily Allen. SXSW photos by Kaley Davis.

at SXSW 2007

And so it begins... our first day of SXSW 2007 coverage, with Lily Allen, Peter Bjorn and John, Langhorn Slim, the Broken West, and much, much more.


Peter Bjorn and John — Writer's Block

Peter Bjorn and John -- Almost Gold
The song's chorus is one of the most simply stated confessions of young love since John and Paul decided they wanted to hold your hand.