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Your Favorite Book

Rockstar New Wave Karaoke Bash: What a way to celebrate the 10th Imagi-versary

{Sean Nelson / by Laura Musselman}

We can't thank you enough for helping us celebrate our 10th Anniversary in Rockstar New Wave Karaoke style last Friday {June 1, 2012} at Chop Suey!!! The evening was so much fun and having you all there really made it all super special.  There were so many amazing moments, some that we can't even believe actually happened!  If we weren't already in love with every one of the performers that took the stage, we are certainly over the moon with them now.

There were so many amazing performances it's impossible to list all the amazing moments here... but here are just a couple off the top of our heads:

Ben Hooker re-writing Duran Duran's "Girls on Film" to "Three Imaginary Girls On-Line."  We still don't know how he did it and really wish it was caught "on film." We are still blushing from the honor of having a Ben Hooker-penned song about us!

Patrick from Your Favorite Book singing "99 Luft Balloons" IN GERMAN!  We're not sure if you noticed, but the words on the karaoke monitor were in English, which means Patrick actually memorized the German version. From seeing YFB shows in the past, we knew he was going to go all the way.  But, blow up red balloons and fill the crowd with them as he broke out into song? While singing in German?

{Jenny Jiminez / by Laura Musselman}

Jenny Jimenez capturing all that is "She Bop" by Cyndi Lauper. The face paint, the outfit, the dance moves, AND a spot on rendition of this classic Cyndi tune.  It was a big undertaking and Jenny nailed it!

Sean Nelson singing "Peace, Love, and Understanding."  Sean not only covered the Elvis Costello song beautifully, he got so into the moment that he left the stage with a hole ripped in the knee of his pants and a bloody knee! We admire his new wave devotion!

{Jenny and Chris of Tullycraft / by Victoria VanBruinisse}

Jenny and Chris of Tullycraft's version of "Come On Eileen."  The overalls, the dance moves pulled directly from a Dexy's Midnight Runners video and the over-the-top vocals. Thank goodness it was captured on video (posted below)!


Rockstar New Wave Karaoke Countdown: Your Favorite Book

Your Favorite Book have been writing songs that pair candid Weakerthans melodies with early Mountain Goats lo-fi acoustic guitar strums since their first release in 2002 (hooray for all the peeps celebrating their 10th anniversary this year!).  It isn't just YFB's original songs that make me weak in the knees, I still grin from ear to ear remembering the time YFB covered a Bright Eyes song for my birthday at our 2007 holiday show (why isn't there a video of that?!).

If that's how YFB marks my birthday, how is Patrick, lead YFB-er, going to celebrate our 10th anniversary with a new wave song?!? All I can say is that he wanted to actually sing his chosen in a foreign language. Yes, it's going to be *that* kind of party!

As Patrick describes it, "The song I shall perform is a heartfelt plea for sanity in a world gone mad, and a not-so-subtle rebuke of power-hungry leaders who think nothing of using the little people as cannon fodder on their way to global domination. I would like to dedicate it to my fellow Germans, and to anyone else who yearns for true peace."

Besides spending the last few weeks preparing for our 10th Anniversary Rockstar New Wave Karaoke Bash {tix} on Friday, June 1st at Chop Suey, YFB has been readying their new album for release in early summer 2012.  Remember the Narwhal is the seventh YFB full length and the first to feature a full-band.

YFB was even kind enough to donate a sneak peek track from the album for our imaginary zine mix cd, which also features rare and exclusive tracks from The Long Winters, BOAT, Tullycraft, Exohxo, Tennis Pro and a ton more favorite bands.  Sidenote: You can pick up a copies of the 10th anniversary zine at the June 1st bash so get there early before we run out (it's limited edition)!

TIG's 10th Anniversary Fun: 22 rockstars singing new wave karaoke songs can't be wrong!

Three Imaginary Girls / Rockstar Karaoke New Wave BashAs you may have heard, 2012 marks Three Imaginary Girls' 10th anniversary of being Seattle's sparkly indie-pop press and we can't think of a more imaginary way to celebrate than with a big bash with some of our favorite rockstars and YOU!

On Friday, June 1st at Chop Suey, we're going to host the biggest TIG birthday party of all imaginary time with some of Seattle's most stellar rockstars taking the karaoke mic to sing in the key of new wave, including:

Sean Nelson
Lesli Wood
Megan Seling
Jenny Jimenez
Shane Tutmarc
Alicia Amiri
Cristina Bautista
Anna Banana Lange
Jenny George

and members of:
The Young Evils
Math & Physics Club
Tennis Pro
Mal de Mer
Black Nite Crash
The Mangles
Your Favorite Book
We Wrote the Book on Connectors

It can't get any more astonishing, right?  Well, the rockstars aren't the only ones taking the mic, we want YOU to sing too! Throughout the night, audience members can volunteer to take the Chop Suey stage by storm to karaoke their favorite new wave hit.  Folks will be chosen first come, first served, so get there and turn in your song early (doors are at 8:30pm)!

To add to the birthday merriment, the evening is going to be hosted by imaginary Dana and Adrian LeFluer (of Iron Composer fame), who you might remember stealing the show as emcee at our 69 Love Songs cover night a few years back. 

Get your ticket to the night of new wave love and big imaginary fun now!

As an added bonus for those at the show,  you can be the first to pick up a copy of the Imaginary Zine! A printed old school zine recounting our first 10 years in stories and recounted memories from our imaginary friends. It will have a special screenprinted cover (thanks Seattle Show Posters / 112 Printworks!) and a cd chock full of rare, live, or exclusive songs by some of our favorite local artists, including The Long Winters, BOAT, Exohxo, The Femurs, Tullycraft and MORE!  It's limited to a hand-numbered print run of only 333, so you should make plans to pick up your copy at the show.


Recommended matinee show: Your Favorite Book / Glad Girls / South Sound Bureau Chiefs at the Comet {7/16}

Summer days in Seattle are magical. The days are (usually) warm without being too hot and so long you can fit in relaxing in the rays, getting your artsy fix, and rocking out before the sun goes down.

This Saturday, July 16th, I've a packed itinerary to accomplish all this. As you already know, I'm heading to White Center for the opening night of inspirational posters, graphic collages, and beards (likely with stop by SolarFest in Shoreline earlier in the day).

Once I've filled my arms with artwork, I'll head to the Comet to see one of my favorite Seattle singer-songwriters, Your Favorite Book. Doors are at 4pm and the music starts at 4:30pm with two Unsmashable Records bands, each with a foot firmly in the PNW Americana scene: South Sound Bureau Chiefs opening and Glad Girls taking the middle slot.

Topping off the early evening is my beloved Your Favorite Book, set to take the stage with a bass player (at least on some of the songs) this time around. I've been hooked on YFB's "candid Weakerthans melodies, John Linnell-esque nasal vocals, and early Mountain Goats lo-fi acoustic guitar" since I found the 2007 release, Scotch Hog (have a listen) and seeing him/them live is always a treat.


Fantastic and free and all ages in-stores this Saturday {1/23}: Your Favorite Book in Ballard, DJ YETI's Gospel Fest in Cap Hill

bop street

This Saturday {1/23} is a big night for shows! But my wallet and adoration of these two fine folks will have me hitting a series of (FREE and all ages) in-store performances this Saturday night.

Saturday at 1p: Marathon DJ YETI 'Fire In My Bones' Gospel Fest at Wall of Sound in Capitol Hill
YETI mastermind and all around genius nice fella Mike McGonigal has spent the last few years compiling of rare, raw and otherworldly post-ww2 African-American gospel. The result is Fire In My Bones, a recently released 4 hour 3 CD gospel box set that has gotten rave reviews (from Pitchfork to Christianity Today).

DJ YETI will take to the decks at Wall of Sound (315 E. Pine St) from 1p-6p. The set will also be on sale for the duration of the DJ set for $23.98 (deal!)... and DJ YETI might even have a few extra goodies floating around as well.

Saturday at 9p: Your Favorite Book at Bop Street Records in Ballard
It's no surprise that with my adoration of all things Your Favorite Book I'm headed to this Saturday's (free and all ages) in-store performance of the one-man+guitar+barstool lo-fi folk project at Bop Street Records in Ballard (5219 Ballard Ave. NW).

The performance celebrates Seattle's Your Favorite Book freshly released sixth album, Thank You for the Homicide. The album is the next installment of the early Mountain Goats with a wee bit o Jeff Mangum honey. Currently my favorite track is "Hello Kitty" (listen/download) -- narrowly beating out "If the Sun Sets" which you can download from the YFB website.

The performance starts at 9pm at Bop Street in Ballard.

As I mentioned earlier this week, Saturday also plays host to the highly anticipated Seattle stop of Adam Franklin & Bolts Of Melody (Swervedriver) at the Comet and the Rock Opera-ness of We Wrote the Book on Connectors and Discs of Fury. There's no excuse to not get out and about!

Where are you headed this Saturday night?

{Bop Street Records photo: Hot Avocados Photography}


Latest comment by: ig viva: "I'll be next door at the aa bondy / fences set at the tractor on saturday night -- you should come by when you're done!"

This weekend is chock full of amazing shows -- might we suggest...

The Exploding High Fives

It's the weekend before Christmas which means holiday party season has kicked into high gear.  This weekend there are so many shows to choose from {it's like a mistletoe'd SXSW or something} that my eggnog'd head is spinning. Might we suggest:

***Friday, December 18***

BOAT / The Exploding High Fives / Concours d'Elegance at the Sunset Tavern
A holiday party with BOAT? I'll take that! Also on the bill is The Exploding High Fives who have a song "Since You're Not Here for Christmas" on their myspace which is Ben Folds cute and catchy.  This confirms I'll be in Ballard tonight for this show.

The Head & The Heart / Star Lake Drownings / Your Favorite Book at Conor Byrne
As you may know, Your Favorite Book is one of my favorite Seattle performers. Star Lake Drownings killed it at hour Holiday show last year. Also, YFB shows are rare, so I'm hoping to catch a wee bit of this show tonight.


Latest comment by: imaginary liz: "Yea - those show were also on my radar (if only Friday night could have been spread out over a week!). How was it? I really liked the Exploding High Fives (this was my first time seeing them) and BOAT, of course, killed it. They surprised us with Ron Hexagon ...

In this month's Seattle Sound Magazine...

I'm particularly glad that someone documented the wee electrical fire, the evening's awesome performances, and how cute Santa John Roderick was.


Latest comment by: imaginary serotonein: "the coverage is great, but between declaring Brandi Carlile their artist of the year in their 2007 roundup & this month's cover story on slash fan fiction, there's no chance i'm renewing my subscription."

Best of 2007: imaginary Liz's picks

Los Campesinos!Narrowing down my favorites for this year was HARD! I’m sure I’ll find even more 2007 releases I adore in 2008... but here’s what has been in obsessively high rotation this year.

Note: I still battle with how I can rank EPs versus full albums, or collections of previously unreleased material… but using my current logrhythm, here’s what it came out to today...


Latest comment by: michael: "I combined both Los Campesinos! EPs that came out this year as counting as one album. Yeah, it's cheating a little but meh."

At El Corazon TONIGHT: Indie-Rock Santa, holiday hilarity, and our favorite bands gathered for a good cause

Join us at El Corazon TONIGHT for an evening chock full of holiday hilarity, performances by our favorite bands, Indie-Rock Santa John
Roderick with all proceeds from the evening going to (a local charity benefiting foster children).


Latest comment by: Jason: "Let me tell ya about one imaginary crush. Who (and honestly who) trips over a concert where one bumps into the loveliest gal in the room? Furthermore, who happens to bump into a girl who happens to be born on the exact same day? Oh. . .did I mention that day on ...

TIG presents: Imaginary Holiday Goodness with Tullycraft, Rachel Flotard, Jon Rauhouse, Your Favorite Book and lots of friends

Poster: Seattle Show Posters

Poster: Seattle Show Posters

Join us TONIGHT, Thursday, 12/20 for a night of great music for a good cause at EL CORAZON!


Latest comment by: Jesse: "Flotard, Rauhouse, Pickerel AND Herzog!!! This is truly an all star line up! I am so excited for this that I can barely stand it."