Tonight in Seattle:  

The Smittens

Indie-pop abounds at the Rendezvous tonight! {6/3}

Math and Physics Club, Smittens

One final reminder about the big indie-pop extravaganza TONIGHT at the Rendezvous! The evening has morphed into a mini-popfest featuring the finest soft-core indie-pop flow:

- Monnone Alone is the moniker for Mark Monnone's post-Lucksmiths project that, as you expect, charms with Aussie DIY magnetism.

- The Special Places will bring on the sweetheart pop that drips with honey and a subtle touch of vinegar to keep things interesting.

- Math & Physics Club will show off their mastery of a super secret recipe of B&S / Lucksmiths-style pop.

- The Smittens from Vermont will round off night with their simplistically coy lolli-pop.

Note that there aren't any advance ticket sales, it's all first-come, first-served to secure your spot in the cozy Jewelbox Theater and doors are at 9:30pm {more info and rad poster artwork here}.

Here's a video sampler of what the night will hold:


Latest comment by: Mark: "What a lot of fun tonight! :-)"

Seattle's very own one-night popfest: The Smittens, Math & Physics Club, The Special Places, Monnone Alone {ex-Lucksmiths}

A mini popfest in Seattle

The best thing about the San Francisco PopFest, besides the fabulous line-up gathered in one city over five consecutive days for the massive delight of p-fest attendees, is fact that all of those PopFest bands sometimes spread their west coast wings and, in the most wonderful of cases, travel north to visit us in Seattle.

On Friday, June 3 at the Rendezvous we have just such a migration from SF as two Seattle (and imaginary favorite) bands share a bill with two indie-popolicious artists from far away to make my one-night-mini-popfest dreams come true.

Opening the night is Monnone Alone, a band consisting of the most charming Lucksmiths' bassist of all time, Mark Monnone {and, sometimes, a couple very talented friends}. There has been a hole in our heart since the Lucksmiths called it quits (or how we like to remember it, put a hiccup in our happiness by hitting the 'pause' button), and here comes Monnone Alone to the rescue.


Latest comment by: Mark: "And there's a replay the next night (4th) in Olympia."

Fox News inadvertently features {an imaginary favorite} gay band on homophobe's show

The Smittens - photo by Steve Louie

It's always a surprise to hear a favorite song as the backdrop of a commercial {a la Los Campesinos! in a recent Budwieser commercial}... but imagine the gasp heard 'round the indie-pop community when it was discovered that ultra-conservative Fox News 'personality' John Gibson featured the Smittens song "Something Sassy" (with guest vocals from Tullycraft's Sean Tollefson) in a promo blurb on his radio show! They probably thought they were safe from anyone finding out as I don't know many twee-pop fans who also dabble in Fox-ness. Alas, Fox's  'sassy' ways have been caught.

But all is not ignoble with this news; I'd like to quickly temper it with this cute and wonderful video recapping the recent wedding of Dana {of The Smittens} and her wife Katie.

Here's the official word from The Smittens {via press release}:


My fave video of the moment: Oh Hell, I Married an Indiepop Girl

I'm not sure what neat Windows(R) software created this video, but even with the program I couldn't have come up with a funnier indie-pop girl / husband sample conversation.

For the love of Morrissey!!!  You'll never be English, get over it.

What should be the next video in this series?  A barista to boyfriend exchange?

Latest comment by: Anonymous: "Amie: The crazy thing is that we've actually HAD that Katrina & the Waves conversation in my house before. HH - we are forever kindred souls. thankss"

Wish I'd Kept A Scrapbook: Tullycraft covers comp

photo by steve louie

{Tullycraft photo by Steve Louie}

Holy indie pop incredibleness! Do you miss Tullycraft as much as I do? It's only been less than a year since their farewell set at San Francisco Popfest (which still gives me chills just thinking about), but just knowing that there may be another chance to sing along to such glorious pop gems makes me happy. Well, this isn't a new Tullycraft record, but the next best thing: all your favorite (well, at least my favorite) indie pop bands together on one comp covering their favorite Tullycraft songs!

The wonderful folks who are putting the comp together put up an experiment of sorts on the site Kickstarter (a great website for getting funding for projects!) to see if they could raise a little scratch to make this cover compilation huge; to spread the love of Tullycraft to the masses! Only if they raise their amount will you be charged. Think of it like a pre-order: by paying in advance, you get tons of awesome benefits!

Full band list after the jump.


Latest comment by: Steve: "I pledged too and I heard Math and Physics club play their song last Saturday. Just bummed I won't be able to get one of their flexi's."

San Francisco Popfest: Day 3 {Saturday Evening}

All photos by Steve Louie

at Rickshaw Stop

And on with our San Francisco Popfest coverage coming to a close, here's our post about the Saturday evening show at the Rickshaw Stop featuring the Smittens, The Magic Bullets, My Teenage Stride, Northern Portrait, and our very own Seattle darlings, Tullycraft. Tonight was the night. The crowning glory of indie pop. I'd been calling this night the best show of the year long before it even happened.


Debut of two brand new Smittens videos

I am pleased to announce the debut of The Smittens new video for "One Hundred Roses" off their HHBTM album The Coolest Thing About Love. This song has been ruling my world since I got the record last summer, with its perfectly Magnetic Fields-y chorus "It doesn't mean that I love you any less/It only means that I'm a mess".

Not only that, but we also have the debut of another video from The Coolest Thing..., "Magpies and Eccles Cake", which is a collection of live videos.


Latest comment by: win: "You all are amazing. Congratulations! "

The Smittens — The Coolest Thing About Love

The Smittens are like a trip to the candy store, full of extremely sweet and sometimes overwhelmingly saccharine morsels -- definitely not for the faint of heart, or at least the un-indie-pop-initiated.


Latest comment by: imaginary liz: "I could listen to "Something Sassy" over and over (and I actually have). The rest of the album took a bit longer to grow on me... but after talking to Keenan about it, I listened to it again and I am now much more into it. It will be a blast to see them at the ...

Indietracks lineup announced

Holy bajeezus! It's the week for popfest announcements! The lovely folks over at Indietracks have put out their innitial lineup for their amazing train station festival in Derbyshire, UK for July 24th-26th. They're advertising five stages, free steam train rides, and indie pop discos. This lineup hurts my head, and last night, all I could think was to make a 30 Rock reference, and I just kept saying "I want to go to there!". (Bolded where it causes me great excitement!)

BMX Bandits/ Bonne Idée/ Camera Obscura/ The Carrots/ Cola Jet Set/ Cooper/ Countryside/ Disasteradio/ Downdime/ Eux Autres/ Fitness Forever/ The Frank And Walters/ Hong Kong In The 60s/Kevin McGrother/ La Casa Azul/ Le Man Avec Les Lunettes/ Little My/ The Lovely Eggs/ Lucky Soul/Mighty Mighty/ Nick Garrie/ Northern Portrait/ One Happy Island/ The Pete Green Corporate/ Juggernaut/ Pocketbooks/ Ray Rumours & The No-Eyed/Dears/ The School/ Single/ The Smittens/ Speedmarket Avenue/ Ste McCabe/ Tender Trap/ The Understudies


San Francisco Popfest announce partial line-up

I don't know about you guys, but Sasquatch has never really been my cup of tea. I'm sort of a whiner about huge festivals. But, book a bunch of indie pop bands that I love over a series of smaller venues? I'm there in a quicker than you can shake a tambourine. This Memorial Day Weekend, I'll be headed South instead of East to San Francisco Popfest! I'd basically decided I was going before there was a lineup, because, well, I love popfests. To my surprise the (partial) lineup is even better than I was hoping for!


Latest comment by: aaron: "Festival passes and presale tickets for all shows are now available. Please see our webite, or our myspace,, for links. See everyone soon. Aaron x"