Tonight in Seattle:  


Star Lake Drownings — Star Lake Drownings

Star Lake Drownings
Seattle quintet, Star Lake Drownings, has the perfect sound for your summer soundtrack. Their self-titled debut has just been independently released and it is a catchy little collection of woozy dream-pop. Their shimmery, atmospheric sound lies somewhere in between My Bloody Valentine and Belly.


Tea Cozies — Hot Probs

Tea Cozies celebrate their CD release on Friday, May 1 at the High Dive with Katherine Hepburn's Voice and Basemint.


The Very Most — Spring EP

The Very Most are the next in a line of feel-good pop bands, whose latest Spring EP will keep you warm all year long.


Latest comment by: Jeremy "The Very Most Guy" Jensen: "So glad you enjoyed the EP, Diana! I'm going to be slightly lame and plug a couple things here. Please feel free, moderators, to delete this if this isn't appropriate for TIG. First off, the Spring EP is the first in a series of four ...

Tonight's recommended show: Mike Giacolino at the High Dive

It seems fitting that the first official record Giacolino releases to the public harkens to his roots: a self-produced, singer-songwriter effort. And it's a gem... and it will be a great to see him at the High Dive tonight.


Latest comment by: imaginary stella: "PS The show tonight starts at 6pm - happy hour! "

Tonight's recommended show: Motorik rocks The Funhouse

In the case of Motorik, one of my favorite local bands based on their spartan, sinewy Killing Joke-infused bat-cave blitzkrieg bop nine track debut "Klang!" I will get to see them live for the first time AND at the Funhouse just across the street from the opening night commencement at the Pop Con.


Countdown to Top of the Croc: Come see my newest favorite band - iji

There are so many reasons to join us at the Crocodile to mark its grand re-opening in imaginary style, but one of the reasons I'm most excited is the chance to see my newest favorite band, iji (pronounced eehee), take the swank new Crocodile stage.


Latest comment by: keenan dowers: "Aw, Liz, you're makin' me blush! For those curious, here's a free digital b-sides compilation: See y'all at the croc!"

Born Anchors — Sprezzatura

Born Anchors
Seattle three piece, Born Anchors, are set to release their first album in April. Titled Sprezzatura, meaning studied nonchalance, the word gives insight into the sound that the band creates on their debut full-length. Comprised of the standard guitar, bass and drums, Born Anchors somehow manage to boil up a sound that is booming and voluminous. Their live set is said to be rather impressive as well. Seattle Weekly's Jonathan Cunningham recently called their performance at El Corazon a "singular version of pop-punk mayhem."


Black Swedes — Tempest

Moody and melancholic, yet catchy, the Black Swedes are bound to make more converts, even for those who hate Oregon and refuse to eat broccoli.


Motorik — Klang!

Motorik is a term that some music critics invented to refer to the 4/4 beat when employed by Kraut rock bands. The band Motorik does use that common time signature (who doesn’t?) but the power trio has a sound that is derived from jumpy basslines and punk guitar parts that weave between one another. We’ve heard it before, but still like it.


Caves — Get on With It

Q: What do you get when you put The Police, Franz Ferdinand, and Corey Hart in a blender and hit pulse?