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Kimya Dawson

Imaginary Mixtape {August 2010}: Lost at the festival, where could they be?

Imaginary Mixtape Podcast

Lost at the festival, where could they be?
At any ole place where the wi-fi is free.

It's true, our favorite part of the summer is the avalanche of festival possibilities. There's little better in the world than dozens of your new favorite bands playing one after the other on a sunny day in an exotic locale. This edition of the Imaginary Mixtape we share tracks from some of the cutest bands playing the Athens Popfest {August 10-14 in Athens, GA} and take a consoling look back at the amazing Indietracks festival line up {takes place each year at the end of July in the UK - fingers crossed next year we can make the trip?}. But, we start off the podcast looking at some awesome August events in Seattle. Get ready to mark up your calendars!

You can listen to a stream or download the MP3 version of the podcast on the imaginary bandcamp page. Bandcamp prohibits tracks longer than 25 minutes {I think it's some regulation against jam bands?}, so the podcast is split into three sections for those that like to listen via the bandcamp stream.

PART 1: Preview of some Seattle shows and events in August

PART 2: Athens Popfest preview

PART 3: Looking back at the UK festival, Indietracks


If you are the type that likes to listen to podcasts in itunes, download the .m4a file here {one single file with fancy chapters even!} and then open it in your itunes {Thanks to Jigsaw Records for hosting it!}.

Tracklisting: Imaginary Mixtape - August 2010:


Best news of the day: Theo from Nana Grizol in Seattle June 29th

It's no secret that we here at Three Imaginary Girls LOVE Nana Grizol. The magical twitter birds happened to post this news today:

June 29th at the Mine (5113 Russell Ave NW)

Defiance, OH (Theo NG's other band)

Kimya Dawson

Your Heart Breaks

Theo Grizol (his solo sets are so magical!)

Chin Up, Meriwether

8pm sharp, $6-$10

Though it's a Tuesday, we feel this show needs no explanation. Without the horns and the double drums and exploding energy, what's left in Theo's songs are beautiful, heartwrenching tales of friendships and relationships so honest and true that it's hard not to instantly relate.

I recently came into posession of a Nana Grizol Inspirational Pillow Case with the phrase (from the song "Galaxies") "What you now are seeking hope to realize. Don't give it til the weekend it will takes weeks months years it will take you your whole life". Just think about that one for a while and try not to be inspired.


Kimya Dawson is the Queen of my heart and you can win tickets to see her *tonight*

Kimya Dawson is playing tomorrow (12/7) at Neumo's. Doors are at 7, it is all-ages and will be awesome. Kimya Dawson's music is pure, good, and will have me weeping by the end of the first song.


Best photos of the Block Party 2008

We're still reeling from the rock and roll madness that was the Capitoll Hill Block Party this weekend. We have so many great words and photos from all the great shows, which you can read here.

We've pulled out a few of our favorite photos for a quick view of the amazing weekend.

Here are the best of the best, so far, after the jump. Which are your favorites?


Latest comment by: maddie mayhem: "thanks for covering this event. it doesn't look like it was nearly as hot as it was that weekend. well worth all the sweating though. little party... was fabulous."

Capitol Hill Block Party 2008: Kimya Dawson

Kimya Dawson photos by Laura Musselman

at Capitol Hill Block Party 2008

Kimya’s songs are equal parts hilarious and touching, and I found myself both laughing and crying in the hour I watched her.


Latest comment by: elle: "I was a bit surprised that they booked Kimya for the mainstage of a festival like CHBP, although Jon is certainly right it has to do with all the hype she's received associated with the movie soundtrack. Good for her getting out of the limelight; hearing her talk ...

Kimya Dawson & the Old Haunts

Kimya Dawson, photo from K Records

at Neumo's

The Old Haunts almost ruined the show on August 23rd for Kimya Dawson, at least for me. No, the local band didn't trash the stage or run off all the fans, quite the contrary in fact -- they nearly stole the spotlight from the headliner.


Latest comment by: imaginary dana: "That is one damn cute baby."

Short attention span songs

Since the folks at Not Quite Rocket Science began their podcasting a couple months ago, I've been enjoying their comps. Last week's podcast is one of my favorites yet. It is group of their shortie/sweet songs.


Latest comment by: Jangly Mark: "The link does not work!!! Have you got a new link? I'm dying to hear this!!!"

Architecture in Helsinki, Boyracer, Entre Rios, Kimya Dawson, Le Mans, Nixon, Of Montreal, Palomar, Snoozer, The Clientele, The Haywains, The Hidden Cameras, The Maybellines, Trembling Blue Stars — No Parachute: A Compilation Of Indie Music Videos

No Parachute: A Compilation Of Indie Music Videos
Happy Happy Birthday To Me steps out boldly with No Parachute: A Compilation Of Indie Music Videos, a very cheap (eight bucks), very attractively packaged, generous DVD.... a wonderful introduction to a lot of new music.