Tonight in Seattle:  

The Vera Project

Bumbershoot 2012 picks: A few more things you shouldn’t miss

Flatstock at the Armory
11am-8pm, all three days

I say this EVERY year, but you absolutely have to take some time out of your music-watchin’ day to browse the aisles at Flatstock and see tons of amazing poster art. Seriously. Go. I’m not kidding.

Record Store
Visual Arts Exhibits at the Seattle Center Pavilion
11am-8pm, all three days

Ok, it’s not really a “store” in that you can’t buy the vinyl contained within, but! But but but. They put together a HUGE collection of records that you can browse through and choose to play—either for everyone inside, or just for yourself—and generally just marvel over how awesome records still are. Step inside this exhibit for sweet listening party bliss.

Read It and Weep (A Celebration of Nicolas Cage)
The Vera Project
Saturday 1:15pm-2:15pm

Three podcast guys dissect and review some of the worst of the worst Nic Cage movies, including Wicker Man, Ghost Rider and … CITY OF ANGELS. Dude. This is going to be hilarious!


Recommended Show (and longtime Imaginary Crush): Harry and the Potters at The Vera Project {7/31}

It’s probably totally weird that I’ve never read a Harry Potter book, that I find the movies utterly forgettable, and that I just plain don’t get people’s extreme HP fandom—but, you guys. BUT.

I’ve been crushing on brothers Paul and Joe DeGeorge of Harry and the Potters since I saw them play at the UW Bookstore sometime around 2003. They are exceptionally cute, very sweet, and just all around awesome guys who play rock-n-roll about all things Harry Potter.

As if that weren’t enough, these adorable rockers put together the Harry Potter Alliance; an organization that inspires social activism based on HP themes, and the Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club: a club featuring monthly releases from wizard rock bands, with proceeds going to literary-based non-profits. To date, they’ve raised over $50,000.

This year is their 10 Year “Bandiversary”, so the boys are rockin’ their way up the West Coast with a Summer Tour, and lucky for us, they are landing in Seattle on July 31 at The Vera Project with fellow dude of awesomeness Hank Green, and The Potter Puppet Pals. Yay!

You might ask if Harry and the Potters are a kid's band, and if so, you then might ask WHY I like them. All I can say to you is that you need to experience the imaginary goodness that is H&tP yourself to truly understand. Get a taste of some “Wizard Rock” by checking out one of my personal favorites below, “Save Ginny Weasley”—and then get some tix to the Vera show, before it’s sold out!

{Harry and the Potters w/Hank Green | Tuesday, July 31 | The Vera Project | All Ages | $10 | 6pm}

TIG 10th anniversary fun this Friday with Allo Darlin' & The Wave Pictures at The Vera Project

Allo Darlin will be in SEATTLE!!!

We are over-the-moon excited about this Friday night, when the Vera Project will be filled with indie-pop giddiness and sweet melodic musings of one of our favorite  bands, Allo Darlin', and stellar opening band The Wave Pictures.  

The night is also a celebration of Three Imaginary Girls 10th Anniversary!  This is the first show in our series of anniversary celebrations and we would love to mark this special event with you, Allo Darlin' and The Wave Pictures.

It's been over two years since Seattle has had our Allo Darlin' fix, when they sold out the Rendezvous on their first visit to the Pacific Northwest back in October, 2010.  Since then, they've recorded and released (just last month) their amazing sophomore effort, Europe.  It's beautiful and smart, with lush engulfing waves of orchestrated pop and moments subtle unassuming diary entries. The album is clever, while steering clear of pretentiousness or preciousness… and white vinyl versions of it will be for sale at the merch booth!

And don't just take our word for it.  KEXP, who knows a lot more about what's what, is in love with them too. If you've listened to 90.3fm/ recently, you've likely heard the first single from the album Europe, "Capriconia."  It's catchy, without losing its ability to tug at your heartstrings (that pull you home!!!) and bring a tear to your eye (don't worry, we wont tell anyone you got so touched).

The show is all-ages and doors are at 7.30pm.  Don't dilly-dally, because the opening band is The Wave Pictures, visiting us all the way from London (as well).  They have a freshly-released brand new album, chock full of pop songs that some have described as gawky, sublime pop… but I like to think of them as a sweet blend of Hefner, Clinic, and Jonathan Richman, with the wits of John Peel.  I predict that seeing their set will add points to your indie-coolness klout score.

There's going to be so much imaginary love at the Vera Project this Friday, this show is not to be missed.  I don't want you to truly regret missing this double-bill of UK radness and imaginary anniversary fun, so here's a couple more reasons you should go:


Stranger Suggests: Three Imaginary Girls Anniversary with Allo Darlin’

Allo Darlin photo by Steve Louie
{Allo Darlin' photo by Steve Louie}

We always been in awe of David Schmader for being such an amazing talent; he's good at just about everything: writing amazing works of art, producing and performing one-man plays, and emceeing events (just to name a few). And, we've always loved him because he's a super generous and friendly guy... and now we have another reason to adore him: 

He shares our love of Allo Darlin' and heartily recommends their upcoming show, next Friday (5/11) at the Vera Project!!!

David astutely wrote in The Stranger's Suggests column: London’s Allo Darlin’, led by escaped Australian Elizabeth Morris, who plays ukulele, writes songs about diagnosing relationships via Woody Allen’s cinematic archetypes and making chili, and is brilliant.

We couldn't agree more! We also couldn't be more honored by his kind words about the Allo Darlin' / Wave Pictures show, which also happens to be the first show in our 10th Anniversary celebration series.

Next time anyone crosses paths with David, tell him how brilliant he is (and buy him a beverage, at the very least).

Don't forget, there's still a couple days left to enter to win tickets to the Allo Darlin' show! Enter to win tickets before noon on May 3!


Recommended show + free tickets: Allo Darlin / The Wave Pictures at Vera {5/11}

Allo Darlin on 5/11 at the Vera - Happy 10th Anniversary TIG!Even though I've had almost two months to let it sink in, it still hasn't hit me:  Seattle will get to see Allo Darlin on Friday May, 11 at the Vera Project!!!  And they are bringing their very talented friends (and fellow Darren Hayman collaborators) The Wave Pictures!!!

As we told you before (in an equally excited voice), this night is going to be extra special. In addition to seeing two of the most fabulous British sweet-pop exports perform some of my favorite songs ever, the evening also serves as part of our Three Imaginary Girls 10th Anniversary celebration series. Ten awesome events to celebrate ten awesome imaginary years (more details on other events soon!)!!!

We want you to be there to dance to the inspired post-twee songs of these two amazing bands along with us and Vera has given us a pair of tickets to give away to the show! To enter to win them, email us at tig @ with the subject line "Henry Rollins Don't Dance" before May 3, 2012.  We'll notify the winner (which will hopefully be you!) soon thereafter.

Also, both bands will be debuting songs from brand new albums that are both set to release in April (Allo Darlin's Europe and The Wave Pictures's Long Black Cars).  If you have a hard time waiting, you can sample at least one new Allo Darlin song right now...


The best news of 2012 {so far}: Three Imaginary Girls presents Allo Darlin' at the Vera Project

Allo Darlin photo by Steve Louie

{Allo Darlin' photo by Steve Louie from the Imaginary Flickr Photo Pool - taken at their October, 2010 show at the Rendezvous}

It's barely 2012 and already we have news worthy of a shower of fireworks. Imaginary favorite Allo Darlin' are coming back to town!!!

Three Imaginary Girls is beyond excited to present their all-ages show at the Vera Project on Friday, May 11, 2012 as part of our big 10 year celebration (yes, can you believe it? TIG is turning 10!!!).  Don't delay, tickets go on sale at 10am on Wednesday {1/4/12}!!!


Latest comment by: Mark: "Already got tickets! And I remember when she did "Tallulah" as a ukelele solo at the Rendezvous. So glad they're coming back to make up for the previous cancellation."

Don't miss: two nights with the Cave Singers {12/1 & 12/2}

{The Cave Singers / by Victoria VanBruinisse}

Pull up those bootstraps, kids, because The National isn't the only game in town that's got a double-decker lineup in Seattle this week. The Cave Singers are about to put on two nights of amazing sound-wall that'll knock you clear off your feet! Here's the deets:

Night One, also known as this coming Thursday, December 1st. The Cave Singers pack the one- in one-two by taking the stage for an all-ages night at the Vera Project {7:30p doors / $16 adv / buy tickets!}, with a stage-warming by none other than our pals The Young Evils -- who may very well be working on putting out one of our favorite local albums of 2012 as we breathe and type. It'll be a great room to catch both bands in with a music-focused, booze-free crowd.

If you're heading to the Neptune (or one of the other fine establishments in town) this Thursday, fret not: Night Two will be going down on Capitol Hill at Neumos on Friday, December 2nd. Sound-wise, it'll be a much darker-tinged night with openers The Builders and the Butchers taking the pre-Cave Singers stage spot, and also worth noting: this show is 21+. {8p doors / $18 adv / buy tickets!}


Latest comment by: Jared C: "Hey! Who let the haggard hobo in the yellow trucker cap on stage? "

Recommended show: Let's get indie-popolicious at Vera with Brave Irene and Seapony {Saturday, 11/5}

Brave Irene photo by Caitlin Livingston
{Brave Irene photo by Caitlin Livingston}

This Saturday (November 5th), shining stars of the indie-twee dreamscape will gather at the Vera Project.  Opening the night is generifus, an Olympia, WA outfit who's new album, I Don't Have To Worry, features Spencer Sult (who handles all primary duties) with Eli Moore, Karl Blau, members of LAKE and others helping out.  As the names of the players suggests, the songs are arid, carefree with moments of both easy-listening joy and innocent melancholy. Best of all, you can easily become obsessed with them thanks to the generifus bandcamp page. Make sure to hear "Good Graces," which channels the whispy, aired meandering of Galaxy 500 that I love so.

Anchoring the show in the middle is Seattle's own crown jewel of Charmin-soft dreamy-pop, Seapony.  Seapony songs are sweet and subtle while filling the air with nostalgic fuzz and reverb... and rumor has it Saturday night's set will feature new songs!  If you still include the Softies in your nighttime prayers, you'll love Seapony.

Speaking of the beloved Softies, guess who's topping off the night!!! (+ even more exclamations implied).


Recommended Show: The Shondes at the Vera this Saturday {10/1}

The Shondes are a quartet of femme-led firebrands who mix personally passionate and politically charged melodic punk with ragingly romantic vocals seasoned by klezmer verve and cosmopolitan bounce. Their urgent, explosive new album Searchlights will probably be available at their upcoming Seattle show at the Vera Project this Saturday, October 1st, as the band plays on a bill with Emily B Kingan, Emily Hart, and Aubrey Zoli. As always at the Vera, it's all ages, and eight bucks (seven with a club card), and guaranteed to be one of the most moving rock shows you'll probably see this season.


Recommended show: 14 Iced Bears and Seapony {album release} at Vera Tonight!

I'll be honest: I had never heard of 14 Iced Bears until I fell in love with the Tullycraft song "Twee" and it's lyric "she grabbed her slumberland guitar case and her 14 iced bears ring" and I realized that "The Balloon Song" on The Aislers Set's The Last Match is actually a 14 Iced Bears cover.

Over the course of their first seven years {1985-1992}, the British indie pop band racked up some notable lines on their CV (John Peel sessions and multiple releases on Sarah Records). They earned their place in the C86 scene with fuzzy melodies with slices of punk and darkness, mixing the Black Tambourine, Jesus & Mary Chain, and Big Star together in a pop-art blender. Later, in 2001, they made a brief return with the Slumberland Records release of a compilation of previously released material and live recordings.

With this history and after ten reclusive years, it makes their visit to Seattle's Vera Project TONIGHT {June 2, 2011} fairly spectacular.

Also notable, we finally get to celebrate Seapony's album release! It will be sweet to hear all the lo-fi-twee-indie-pop songs live in concert.