Tonight in Seattle:  

Voyager One

Saturday's recommended show: Love Hotel at Barboza

Love Hotel (photo by Angela Dawn)
(photo: Angela Dawn)

We are all kinds of nostalgic here at imaginary headquarters as we mark our 10th anniversary and look back on all the amazing bands that have held firm spots in our hearts (and on mix tapes) over the last 10 years.

One band that supplied many nights of fun in our early days (specifically between 2001-2006) is Love Hotel.  Their song, "Ahoy Supercool" was played on a repeat loop for some time and their shows were always a lot of fun.  How could they not be? Love Hotel is made up of four of Seattle's finest who have also flexed their muscles as members of Harvey Danger, The Typing Explosion, Voyager One, and Severna Park.  Members Sarah Paul Ocampo, Aaron Huffman, Mark Dibeh, and Bo Gilliland are so comfortable on stage, playing their sexy-smart pop songs that blend Rilo Kiley with early Liz Phair {and you can listen and download Love Hotel on bandcamp for free!}.

(side note: Can we start a petition to bring Typing Explosion back?!?!?)

And we feel like the luckiest imaginaries in the world, because Love Hotel have decided to get back together, for just one night, at Barboza this Saturday, June 23, 2012!  Also on the bill is a set of equally illustrious openers: Sean Nelson & Shenandoah Davis, and Tomo Nakayama (Grand Hallway).

More than just a night of looking back, this show will remind us all why the Seattle music community is second to none, as a room filled with friendly folks gets to be a part of the fun as buddies take the stage to share their superb pop songs in a cozy room.  Also reminding us, it doesn't have to be a big show to be grand and special nights like this should not be missed.

Best of 2008: Top Northwest Releases of 2008 Readers' Poll Winners

Upset. The word of the our 2008 Best Northwest Releases of 2008 Readers' Poll is upset.

With the Fleet Foxes winning readers and critical polls alike, who would've thought they wouldn't get top honors in our humble little Northwest poll? But they didn't -- they placed a distant second to New Faces, another debut record from some very talented, very young Northwest fellas.

We had other surprises as well, with unsigned newcomers such as Hey Marseilles, the Kindness Kind, and Kaylee Cole cracking the top ten, beating out Northwest heavyweights such as Death Cab for Cutie. We did not expect that. And we love it when you surprise us, dear readers.

We imaginaries like to champion the up-and-comers from the Northwest, and our results indicate that you do as well. We think you all also have fabulous taste, as always. Thanks to everyone who participated in our poll. We couldn't be more proud or thrilled to present the top 50 winners on your behalf...


Latest comment by: platypusrex256: "i've never heard of the new faces =( and i volunteer at kexp!"

Best photos of the Block Party 2008

We're still reeling from the rock and roll madness that was the Capitoll Hill Block Party this weekend. We have so many great words and photos from all the great shows, which you can read here.

We've pulled out a few of our favorite photos for a quick view of the amazing weekend.

Here are the best of the best, so far, after the jump. Which are your favorites?


Latest comment by: maddie mayhem: "thanks for covering this event. it doesn't look like it was nearly as hot as it was that weekend. well worth all the sweating though. little party... was fabulous."

Capitol Hill Block Party 2008: Voyager One

Voyager One photos by Nathan Howard

at Capitol Hill Block Party 2008

V1's beats coupled with the visuals projected behind them was enough sensory overload to get the crowd feeling tipsy.


Voyager One — Afterhours in the Afterlife

Voyager One — Afterhours in the Afterlife
Voyager One creates a lush sound that leaves the listener with feelings of ennui.


Voyager One CD release show

Voyager One photo from MySpace

at Neumo's

A well-rounded local line-up assembled to celebrate the release of Voyager One's new record, Afterhours in the Afterlife.


Latest comment by: Charles P.: "Trent Moorman is indeed a God."

Voyager One rejoins local label Loveless Records

Seattle band Voyager One have announced that they are not only planning to release a new record in the early part of 2008, but also that they will return to Loveless Records to do so.


Attention Portland: free tickets to KEXP's PDXplore show for Saturday night

Win a free pair of tickets to the KEXP-sponsored PDXplore show, featuring a shoegazery good lineup at the Ash Street Salon tomorrow night.


Voyager One, Head Like a Kite, the Heavenly States, Blue Light Curtain

Voyager One. All photos Michael Alan Goldberg.

at The Crocodile

Ethereal and somewhat detached, but in spite of that aloof sound, she manages to really engage the crowd. There’s a warmth there often lacking in the genre that’s very comforting and more than a little sexy.


Best Northwest Releases of 2005: Top 100 Readers' Poll Winners

You voted, we tabulated. Here's a print-ready list of the top 100 Pacific Northwest releases of the year for your post-holiday-gift-certificate shopping pleasure...