Tonight in Seattle:  

Teenage Fanclub

Mergefest NW 2010: Superchunk, Teenage Fanclub, and Telekinesis

all photos by lori paulson

at Showbox at the Market

Any night that has Telekinesis opening, and has Teenage Fanclub not even headlining is bound to be epic, and thus was what I've dubbed Mergefest NW 2010.

Telekinesis brought the rock with Michael Lerner and a new incredibly tight band behind him, featuring Cody Votolato (ex Blood Brothers/current Jaguar Love) and Jason Narducy (ex Verbow). With such a loud past behind the current backing band, it was no surprise that Telekinesis sounded HUGE. This was the first local show with the new band, and it couldn't have been easy opening for not only your bosses but also your musical heroes on home turf, but TK pulled if off well.


Latest comment by: imaginary lori: "

Yay! So much amazing!

Awwww, shucks! :D Thanks, Liz! :)


Teenage Fanclub, Superchunk, and Telekinesis at Showbox at the Market October 14th

Welcome to Mergefest, Northwest edition. We're so unbelievably giddy about this show, we can hardly contain our little imaginary selves. From the moment this show was announced, we've been ticking off the days on our imaginary calendars, waiting and waiting for the magic that will occur the night of October 14th at Showbox at the Market, when the reverby swoonful magic of Teenage Fanclub will meet the crunchy and masterful indie rock of Superchunk, supported by our own hometown indie pop hereos Telekinesis. It's gonna be amazing.

On top of that amazement, all 3 bands will be touring new material! Teenage Fanclub just came out with the fabulous Shadows, which our own Chris Estey adored, stating of the track "The Fall" "Like with many great Teenage Fanclub songs, it creeps in the background till you remember what poured the Scotch into the Scotch-taped remnants of your own multi-shattered heart." Superchunk have the ever anticipated Majesty Shredding coming out in September, and Telekinesis are working on a new record right now. I'm sure we'll hear the hits we all want to hear, but we'll also be treated to some new stuff as well.


And, to celebrate, here's a video from each band:


Latest comment by: Steve: "all those three in one night. how can one contain themselves. i'll get to see two in one night and then enjoy TFC on the saturday...gotta try and savour each set..."

Teenage Fanclub — Shadows

(Teenage Fanclub play with Superchunk on October 14, 2010 at the Showbox in the Market.)

It's been a half decade since the last Teenage Fanclub record Man-Made, but their influence has never gone away, even if melancholy power pop bands have come along within that span of time which don't know how much they owe to the Scottish kings. Of course, on early 90s brightly shined gems like Bandwagonesque the band was itself unafraid to remind underground pop-lovers of Big Star or Badfinger or the brimming years of indie bands like Orange Juice and Josef K. from their own region less than ten years before.


Best news of the day: Superchunk and Teenage Fanclub TOGETHER in Seattle 10/14

Today in too awesome for words or real sentences...


And, as if that wasn't enough, our imaginary local favorites Telekinesis are opening!

Mark your calendars. Tickets go on sale 6/19. Be prepared for what is likely to be THE BEST SHOW THAT EVER HAPPENED.

Some videos to get you stoked:

(skip past the first minute of tuning, but yeah, Superchunk still wail!)


"Mad Dog 20/20" by Teenage Fanclub

DGC Rarities Vol. 1

DGC Rarities Vol. 1

Allegedly, such language is banned in Scotland under the “Good Lyric Act of 1973.”


Latest comment by: The Grim: "So, was 1991 the year that Rolling Stone lost all relevance to people under the age of 60? Was Nirvana on the cover with the "corporate mags still suck" T-shirt that year, or was that in '92? I'm holding out for someone's MD 20/20 hold-my-hair-back story to ...

The Imaginary Live Show Rundown

Argo. Photo by Breanne Koselke.

Argo. Photo by Breanne Koselke.

A rundown of great live shows we saw, and ones we think you should see in the coming days, featuring Argo, Boat, Teenage Fanclub, Math and Physics Club, the Athens Popfest, Slender Means, Daylight Basement, and more.