Tonight in Seattle:  

Sub Pop

Wolf Parade AND Foals tonight!

For a couple of weeks now, Neumo's said they were hosting a show with "Super Special Secret Guests" and the obvious speculation was that it was Wolf Parade. It was kind of a relief that I was both first and correct - mostly because it would have been a terrible thing to have been wrong about. Yes, it's true, Wolf Parade are playing at Neumo's tonight.

The big surprise, though, is that so are Foals.

Tickets, I hear, are going very fast and you can get them here for $17+ some fees. Doors are at 8, show at 9, 21+.

Latest comment by: Dylan: "21+, that show, it ruins me. "

New term coined at SP20?

We decided that a more appropriate term for Green River is "reverse supergroup" as it was a minor band that spawned several other major bands.

Put that in your rock lexicon and smoke it.


Latest comment by: Jon Harthun: "The Byrds produced David Crosby (CSN/CSNY) and Chris Hillman (the Flying Burrito Brothers)... I dunno. I'm sure some better ones will come to mind as I fall asleep tonight. ha. "

Our crazy theory for who is headlining SP20 tonight

Liz and I aren't at SP20 so we have time speculate and we've got a good working theory that there's a magical secret headliner tonight and it's going to be the Postal Service.


Latest comment by: Bryan: "I saw two fourths of The Shins yesterday. At that point, I was convinced they were gonna be playing. Towards the end of the night, Marty walked by, and I thanked him for all the great tunes and asked if they would be playing. He graciously thanked me shook my ...

Sub Pop 20: Fleet Foxes just held a drum-off

"It's on, mother fucker." And he progressed into the first of two drum solos.


Latest comment by: Old Skool: "Josh can definately play drums. Check out him and his brother Zack of Siberian on a few Saxon Shore releases as well as Josh doing some drums for one of the Demon Hunter recordings."

Sub Pop 20: The Seaweed / Helio Sequence mutual admiration society

Brandon Summers mentioned that he'd received an email from a young fan a little while back, she being the daughter of Aaron Stauffer. They then proceeded to play "Blood Bleeds" which they haven't played live in over 2 years, "for Emilie."


Latest comment by: imaginary dana: "I am having loads of fun just reading about all your fun. {grin}"

Own a piece of Seattle music history

The starting price is steep--but what do you expect for a piece of Seattle music history?


Latest comment by: xina: "it actually sold. 3 bidders. winning bid was over $2K. total insanity!"

Happy birthday, Sub Pop! Fave 20 releases of all time

Here, in tribute to the Seattle label's 20 years of not going out of business, are my favorite 20 releases from Sub Pop from the past two decades. I encourage you to check out their catalog and provide yours, too.


Latest comment by: mike: "Jesus lizard/Nirvana 7" All Afghan Whigs Wolf Eyes LP Fugazi 7" Love Battery 10""

Sub Pop's Oral History Thursday Night

The history behind Sub Pop's 20 years of going out of business is being recorded at the EMP Thursday night.


Latest comment by: Al: "This completely made my day and I heard that the top is painted like the classic yellow record labels! "

SP20 updates

Saturday passes sold out last week, and Sunday is getting THISCLOSE to doing the same. Get your ticket here, while you still can.


Latest comment by: Kevin: "Anyone have any idea who the 2 bands are opening Saturday's show at Marymore? "

No Age — Nouns

No Age -- Nouns
Nouns is simple in name, and in a way, simple in execution.


Latest comment by: elle: "Great review, and of a band who is receiving much hype, at least in the indie arena, who actually deserves it. "